• Yes they are.

    For a bunch of murderers and rapists, boy are they let off easily. They signed up for it and they knew what they were getting into. Us veterans are treated very fairly for a fine bunch of criminals. How about you change the question to "Are US criminals treated fairly?"

  • Eh who cares

    They're just mindless soldiers why care how they're treated, just treat them like any other civilian simple as that, they don't deserve any special treatment, so you invaded a country for oil and killed innocents, good for you, doesn't mean you deserve respect or special treatment, anyone with a gun could have done that.

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  • Oh, yes they do.

    Military service is not like other jobs. There are certain hazards that the service member is quite cognizant of, but I should say that the current crop of veterans -- the GWOT era (Vietnam-era is a different matter entirely) -- are treated more than fairly. I should know. I am a GWOT US military veteran. All of the below, mind you, applies to CURRENT ERA veterans:

    1) Veterans receive a full-ride scholarship, plus some living expenses, to any US public university and private universities that participate in Yellow Ribbon.

    2) Veterans often receive substantial compensation for any and all injuries sustained in-service. While this system is nowhere approaching perfect, it is far superior to civillian workman's compensation programs by many, many magnitudes -- as well it should be.

    3) Veterans-preference consideration in hiring.

    4) Many discounts and considerations offered to veterans visiting businesses, such as a lifetime 10% discount on all goods and services purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. This alone has saved me a thousand dollars just this past month.

    Just to name a few. People who "enlist" in the US military do not always come from the best of circumstances -- a person coming out of high school with great prospects and an acceptance letter to a prestigious university will only rarely forego that in favor or slogging along with the military as an enlistee (many may go on to serve as college-educated commissioned officers, but this population is by its nature the minority in service). This means that the enlistee comes from a lower socioeconomic strata on average than you find in the general, middle-class skilled workforce. If a veteran understands his benefits and can utilize his skills wisely, he is at an immense advantage over the civilian who never served. It's just unfortunate that many veterans simply aren't very wise about their approach.

  • No, veterans are being EXTERMINATED.

    I am a combat Veteran, I have been trying to get my benefits for over 14 years now. It's a waiting game, the VA trys to wait you out until you die. Or they put you on so many meds that you become a zombie and stop fighting for your benefits. The VA is lying and veterans are dying. The VA is a huge corrupt agency just like our government where all upper level managers ( compare to SENATORS) become rich off the backs of veterans. Hell the VA pays their employees bonuses to deny veterans their benefits. Does this sound like fair treatment? Secret waiting list to EXTERMINATE veterans, recently a report of 307,000 combat veterans died waiting to be approved for benefits. Hello and wake the hell up Americans, if our government treats our veterans like this, they won't hesitate to treat other Americans eg. (White Christians) any different.

  • Cant you tell?

    Our Veterans are treated horribly. The government has a holiday for our Veterans yet after their tour of duty their dumped on the streets without care. A lot of people join the army for the food and shelter and your just dumping them back into poverty without a care. I think the government should do something about this for sure.

  • Look at the way the government and the public treat them

    If you look at the way the Government as in national and sometimes state they seem to care more about their paychecks and benifits than the ones fighting to give them those and the saftey to live in this country I remember reading a story about a soldier that killed a HVT and instead of receiving a congrats for doing his job and following orders he was sent off when his years were up without any kind of recognition or rewards.You can also look at the WW2 Vets during the Gov Shutdown

  • I don't think so

    Now, this all depends on where you're coming from with the definition of "treated fairly." I'm going to focus on public opinion and recognition. Soldiers are some of the most strong minded people there are. They put their lives on the line for the sake of not just their country but their comrades standing right next to them. They have a lot of struggles psychologically because they literally watch their best friends die right next to them. They sign up knowing what's going to happen, and they generally develop good relationships with the guys around them. You learn how to be good friends with someone on whom your life may depend someday, or everyday. Games like Call of Duty and representations of soldiers in movies and even popular musical artists generally don't accurately represent them. They're the forgotten heroes who have died or almost died putting their lives out on the line for those around them, while we have a worldwide funeral for a guy who could sing and dance. Who ought to inspire us? Who actually does inspire us? It's sad for me to think about it. I don't have any family or friends currently in the army, and I can't understand the pain of losing someone to war, but I can understand the fact that we don't give them and their families enough respect. So hats off to soldiers whether you think they're doing the right thing or not, because their intentions are good, and they prove that every day with their acts of courage and honor to each other and those they protect. Veterans are the guys who have been through this, and they're the ones who learned the struggles of war and courage to be developed by honorable acts. They have endured much more pain than most of us will ever know. They're the guys we should be inspired by.

  • No their not.

    Our soldiers are not treated fairly. They had fought for us trying to protect out country risking their lives,but they don't even get the medical attention they need.Many soldier's gets PTSD because they might have experience or witness something horrifying. Now those are the real heroes not people who are considered heroes because their famous for showing their body parts or winning the Olympics and then transforming yourself into a women even do you were born as a men.(Bruce) but thats my opinion.

  • They are not

    Veterans are not treated fairly because there is over 172,000 veterans homeless and people on the street don't recognize what the veterans did for them to be walking out in the street , because in seria you can barely walk out of your home without bombs going off we should be thankful for their service, and sacrifice.

  • As a veteran I see how vets are treated.

    The waiting list for needed medical services and disability ratings is too long. Many vets are being screwed out of their benefits by the military who discharges them as healthy or having a pre-existing condition. If you do just a bit of research you'll see this is true. Too often the 1st things to be cut from our budget are veterans programs (which is stupid as 80% of vets vote). Veterans should get benefits as good as those enjoyed by our "public servants"! I just found out that I was poisoned while in basic training at Ft. McClellan (do a search with Ft. McClellan and chemical poisoning in it) yet I can't get the VA to treat me for it. None of us have even been notified that we were exposed and we're dying off but maybe that's the plan.

  • Givem Tricare and retirment

    These men do to much and get payed far too little for all the work they do. They even in most cases get PTSD which really sucks and i would want to have it. They are wounded warriors who have given their lives for our country and i believe they desrve more.

  • Just a Holiday?

    Our veterans should get more than what they have. All they get is a holiday. Yes, It's a good way to show our appreciation, but our veterans just get thrown onto the streets and have no appreciation. Even Veterans with no home and no place to go. Either because they didn't have enough money to afford the bills and the house or something happened like their house burned down or their last family member known about died. So they are all coming home to meet their families and when they decide it's time to go home there is nothing.

  • They deserve good treatment they fought for you stupid

    Respect them please
    how would yo feel if somebody said that stuff about you. And dying and not being able to save ur family and the country yo wouldn't like it .So stop talking that smack. YO .DONT BE RUDE OKAY KAPEESH. PEOPLE WITHOUT VETREANS WE WOULD DIE EASILY BAI

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