• Sure they are pretty good

    If we do not wear the school uniform it will be a big problem.
    The one who created the uniform is not silly or idiot .And even if he is like that how people listen to him and apply his idea, and continue applying it till today??
    That is because he convinced them and explained to them the cause that generated this astonished idea in his mind .
    Uniform make all students similar . No differences between the poor and the rich students.
    Also it is important because students' families buy two uniforms to their children ,then teachers can recognise who is in high hygiene and who is in a Low hygiene between them.Then the can take care of their students and advice their families to monitor them.
    Uniform makes you proud and confident, because people who see you walking on the street on your way to your college will respect you and some of them pray for you to be a successful individual in the future.
    Also ,it is easier for teachers to know in which level you are by looking at your cloths (uniform designers make specific uniform for every level in the school).
    Uniform is the formal and the proper attire for schools .I can not imagine the scene of school boys wearing colorful clothes . That will make a chaotic in general and it is amazing to see students following the regulations and applying the compulsory systems.
    By the way ..I am still keeping my school uniform and I really miss the feeling to wear it and to be similar to my friends' attire
    Uniform in short is the magical love and lovely memories they stuck on our minds forever . Therefore, if you had not worn the uniform of schools that means that you had not tested the most sweetened days in your life

  • Uniforms are good if used right

    Uniforms are a good idea in schools if used properly. I don't think that uniforms should be required in schools. Rather they should be an option for the students. If they choose to wear them then it is easier for them, if not they just need to follow the basic dress code.

  • I Think They Are Good

    I believe uniforms are a good idea. I believe they foster a more professional environment, both in schools and in the workforce. I think uniforms can help people create a sense of mind that makes it easier for them to "get in the zone," rather that be for studying or doing their job.

  • Uniforms are a good idea

    Uniforms are a good idea. Uniforms increase uniformity. Uniformity is good. People in uniform perform better, and follow orders more often. People in uniform aren't distracted by their appearance and personal stylistic approach to their clothing. People in uniform look better, and are cleaner in general .Uniforms are a great idea.

  • Uniforms are a good idea.

    Uniforms are a good idea for the fact that it can save parents money, and make all kids equal. Many children come from different house hold incomes and certain children might have nicer newer clothes then others, and this can cause bulling to start on those who are less fortunate.

  • Uniforms = Structure

    Uniforms should be used in most places where it is important to know who has what role. Especially in schools, where uniforms represent unity, hence the word uniform, or single-form. I find that it is easier to trust people in uniform than people not in uniform, because it gives me the impression that if they mess up, I know for certain that there is a higher power responsible for their actions. Communities such as schools should always make uniforms mandatory. In Hong Kong where I live; I estimate that about 1 in 300 schools allow casual wear, and even that's a pretty generous figure.

    Besides that, uniforms do NOT emphasize on individualism, which is a major source of trouble in many communities.

  • Uniform's a bad idea.

    I am a doctor and my studies show that kid are more happier when kids get to chose what to wear. I even let my kids chose what to wear. When kids come to my office I ask them if they like to chose what to wear and most of them say yes

  • I wear a school uniform

    And may i say, that it stinks. We have a sock rule, and we get an infraction if we are not wearing the right coloured socks. I have perfectly good socks, and my mom had to spend extra money to get socks that i don't need. And the week that we were told to have specific socks, i wore the same pair of socks twice. We have to wear khakis, and they are very uncomfortable. The khakis can't have any pretty print on them, and since most teen pants have them, its harder to find. If we can't get rid of uniforms, then adjust them to the point where they're not ridiculous.

  • No bad idea

    Uniforms are a bad idea in general. It sounds good to have all students in one type of clothing so no one is different or made fun of for that, but than the teachers harass the students if the slightes thing is wrong with their uniform even though they can't do much about it.

  • School uniforms should nit be worn in school

    School uniforms should not be worn in school. That is because some people like to express there feelings by there clothing. Then people cant show who they really are and they will not be able to show who they are. Dont you want to know someone when they are there true self? I know i do.

  • Usually a bad idea.

    There are some times when uniforms are a good idea, but in general I think they are a bad idea. I assume this is referring to school uniforms. I think that school uniforms are only appropriate for private schools. I think public schools should allow students to wear whatever they want, as long as it is decent for school.

  • School uniforms are a bad idea...

    Uniforms lack creativity and diversity. It diminishes free expression. Uniforms are supposed to help with many things, but they do not. Uniforms are supposed to stop peer judgement and save money for poor families. Students are still judged by hair, weight, and hair color. Uniforms are supposed to save money for poor families, but uniforms can actually cost more than normal clothes.

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