• Managing union employess

    I am the Operations Manager for my company and all of my employees are union. Unions make it impossible to fire people who do not even deserve to be in the work place to begin with. Every union I have encountered promotes and strives for doing the least amount of work without getting written up or fired. Before management I used to work in construction. You can spot the union employees immediately on every job site because they are the ones sitting on milk crates smoking cigarettes all day!!!

  • I am forced to be part of the union where I work and I hate it!!

    While the union takes my money each month to do absolutely nothing for my division, they also actively protect lazy and sick time abusing losers. I used to not have to be in a union and when someone didn't pull their weight, they were fired. That is how it should be but it is not that way with unions. They started out as a noble thing but now they are useless. All the union reps are selfish and only ask for what helps them personally. The head of the union is a joke who has deal with the city to basically screw us and pretend he fought for our contract. Funny though since the contract is worse with each passing one. The union will step up though and help out a lazy piece of garbage who should be fired. I detest unions and I hate that I am forced to be part of one.

  • They are Protected

    I work in a union shop and this is very true. There are hard workers who do a great job, but then there is also a large group who are lazy, whiny cry babies who do anything to get out of doing their work. They are very bold because they know they can't simply get fired and have a lot of protection. I have never seen a good worker need protection because they have noting to worry about. The only ones who get in trouble are the slackers who deserve it! Yet these are the ones who the Union fights for and they almost always get their job back! Its ridiculous and only makes the hard workers more bitter and resent unions. On the flip-side, every slacker within 50 miles wants to work here and we keep getting more and more of these people!

  • Just plain lazy

    I work at a lot of power plants. All the union workers I have ever worked with have been rude and unbelievably lazy. I have literally put in a full days work while I watched a union guy sit all day with his face in his phone. He only got for breaks and lunch.

  • Every union protected employee I encounter has a `tough luck, my union protects me attitude`

    Unions were necessary to protect workers when there was a lack of government regulation in the work force, but that has not been the case for some time. Minimum wages and work environment regulation are just a couple of ways that the GOVERNMENT protects employees. Unions simply allow for a bunch of people who want to put in the absolute MINIMUM amount of effort required to do their job with mediocre performance and no real accountability.

  • Csx union lazy and complacent. Now a surveyor and work with nothing but lazy union workers

    Was training for freight conductor for csx when on the job the conductor and engineer fell asleep. The train then shutdown. They told me no one likes a snitch. Now work as a surveyor and have to deal with lazy union workers who stand around and b.S. On construction sights and with their foremen who can't even read simple construction plans , screw the job up, waste our tax dollars to fix the mistakes, take extra time and go over budget, then complain about there being no money left in state budget for more jobs. Laborer unions are ruining this country.

  • Unions protect lazy scumbags and screw hard worker

    I am currently employee at a union company I was a military man with work ethic get the job done. When working with some of these career union guy they sleep 7 hours a day contain about a simple task that takes 1 hope at the most. Then only get up to prep an overtime job that pays 8 hours or more for a 15 minute job then have the audacity to yell at me to say I am screwing union brothers by working too fast.
    I can not associate myself with this sort of scumbags to reduce my work ethics and moral compass to this level of theft and fraud. This sort of worker would have received bad evaluations and then force separated from the military under failure to comform to military standard.
    Most the union work I work with have no understanding of basic part research for parts replacement upgrade and that they will withhold information to generate overtime for themselves even if it is inapplicable to the problem .
    I will have to put up with this for some time even though I now only work with a few people on the critical jobs that I earned a spot to determine who I work with ie like minded workers with good working standards. Seniority determines alot in unions but if management can force the overtime to go to the work that accomplish the job.
    I recommend an implementation of an evaluation system that reward the persons that actually work and contribute to the company and punishes those who darn draining the company resourses.
    This is the only system unions will work and remove the due payments because union don't pay anything substantial on strike. If that is the case then safe you dues you pay in your own savings account for strike. This is my 2 cents.

  • Yes they do.

    My friend was a City of Tampa employee for years. She was also late for work everday, were talking at least 20 minutes, everyday. She would get written up weekly for this. Then she would go straight to her union rep.
    Management could not fire her. They couldn't fire her for being late or unproductive, because of the union. I have no respect for unions they should be abolished.

  • Yes they do.

    My friend was a City of Tampa employee for years. She was also late for work everday, were talking at least 20 minutes, everyday. She would get written up weekly for this. Then she would go straight to her union rep.
    Management could not fire her. They couldn't fire her for being late or unproductive, because of the union. I have no respect for unions they should be abolished.

  • Culture of complaining

    At UPS I get harassed all day because the other employees say I work too hard. I am not actually working at a fast pace and it doesn't affect them. The workers just complain all day about everything. Seriously im tired of hearing it. Every single thing they throw a fit about and talk about how they are going to the union about this and about that. Most of them just have a hateful attitude. Ie this one guy says "I never say hello or wave at any of the management" It is too bad because I like my job but thinking of leaving for a better work culture

  • No, unions work as much for the employer as for the employee.

    Unions are designed to protect the employee from exploitation by forming contracts with employers. But unions also benefit the employer by stipulating rules that the employee has to follow. There are measures for dealing with chronically late employees, employees who take long breaks, too many sick days and on and on - everything is spelled out in the contract so the employer actually does not have to deal with lazy employees.

  • No, they protect workers

    Unions are created to make sure that individual workers are not exploited, and have recourse if they are. Yes, there are some people who take advantage of this, but the good that comes from unions out weighs the few that are willing to cheat. I am part of a union, and I take umbrage at the idea that I am lazy (was my 80 hour work week last week lazy?). Most of the people I work with work this hard. It's what we do. Don't lump us in with the few people who won't work. I don't see you assuming that all CEOs are lazy or something. Stop repeating lies you hear.

  • Unions Do Serve A Good Purpose

    Unions are a needed part of the work force. Sure, there may be some problems with some unions, but the need for collective bargaining far trumps that. The right to organize was hard fought for, and some even gave their lives for it. So, it is a right that should not be taken for granted.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes they are!

    I came from a background where I had to work for my money. I did join a union then became management. As a union member and especially now i have never met a group of people that are more lazy and entitled. I was told multiple times to slow down because I was union. Thank God that I am not union anymore. I felt that i was compromising my integrity by being a part of something that helped cripple the company that took care of me so well.

  • Depends on who you ask.

    I am a union worker, and I very greatly appreciated the company I work for as well as the union I am member of. But on a daily basis the I see exempt company officials try take away what we have fought so hard for. If not for the union and the contracts we have they would stomp us into the dirt and hire scabs to do our work. Someone hire up once said "we're all a bunch of overpaid unskilled workers" I made 52,000 last year, meanwhile the CEO made 17,000,000. Its all greed. The union abolishes the possibility of favoritism, if my bosses son was hired he would make the same exact hourly wage as the rest of us on that job. 99 percent of the people I work with are very hard workers and are driven to get the job done. There are a couple people who take advantage of it, but they have also worked here for 30 plus Years. Also a major problem I see with productivity is the miscommunication and un organization throughout management. Some days I feel lazy when there's nothing for me to do, but that cant br blamed on the union, only the company for not having there monkeys in a bunch.

  • Unions benefit EVERYBODY

    Unions protect employees. Unions safeguard both against arbitrary and unfair treatment and against personal and political patronage. Unions ensure the existence of a collective bargaining AGREEMENT, which is a contract that stipulates the terms and conditions of employment. These contracts, by the way, ensure that so-called "bad apples" are not protected but rather are dismissed decisively, dispositively, but fairly.

    Unions protect employers. Unions ensure that rogue managers are held accountable and are not allowed to intimidate employees.

    Unions protect society. Unions allow nurses to speak up on behalf of patients. Unions allow engineers to speak up against defective designs. Unions allow doctors to advocate on behalf of patients. Unions also advocate for higher wages, thereby ameliorating the decline of the middle class. When the middle class has money to spend, jobs are created, because an additional dollar in your pocket translates to an additional dollar in somebody else's pocket, an additional dollar in somebody else's pocket, ad infinitum.

    Many people say that unions are no longer needed because, in this "modern age," employers are "enlightened" and do not engage in the malfeasance conduct that ignited the union movement. That is putting the cart before the horse. The fact is that it is the ever present THREAT of unionization that motivates employers to develop positive relationships with employees.

  • Unions do not allow the worker to slack off.

    Unions are put forth to prevent the abuse of the human resources inside a company. In no way does it allow the worker to slack off and not suffer the appropriate consequences (i.E. An employee can still be fired for sleeping on the job). All it does is prevent the employer from over working his employees or making them work in unsafe environments. Unions are not a license to be lazy.

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