Are US courts approving too many wiretap requests without proper review?

  • Yes, U.S. courts are approving too many wiretap requests without properly reviewing them.

    Yes, courts in the U.S. are approving too many wiretap requests without a proper review. The court that is responsible for reviewing federal wiretap requests approved all 1,456 requests. Courts are required to review such requests strictly because of privacy issues. The fact that not a single one was denied indicates that the courts are not conducting the thorough analysis that is supposed to be required.

  • Yes, Bush's Patriot Act may have been well intended, but has opened the floodgates for improper use of wiretaps.

    With the United States court system being flooded with countless wiretap requests on a daily basis, there is no way that they can properly review every single one prior to granting approval. Even in the best case scenario, some cases of malpractice where someone's fundamental rights as an American are being violated have to be slipping through the cracks.

  • Yes, too many wire taps are being approved.

    In the past fifteen years we have started disregarding our right to privacy in order to feel more safe and secure. US courts have been allowing wire taps with little oversight because they are trying to rule in the name of security. Our focus on security is a problem and this needs to stop.

  • No, There are criteria for approval

    The has standards and laws to accept such requests and note even that there are a lot of terrorist threats United States Of America still go easy in giving approvals on those requests and in the end that the wiretapping do not get personal interest but to protect society and citizens

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