• Yes, the are.

    US nuclear submarines have some inherent risks in them, but overall they are safe. Nuclear submarines are kept in good condition and are not taken out if there are major problems. The team is also trained to handle the submarine and knows how to fix and repair problems that come up.

  • US nuclear submarines are safe

    US nuclear submarines are safe. It is a complete mystery why every time the word nuclear appears, people tend to think it is not safe and best scores of people will die. Can anyone .21, just one, example where a US nuclear submarine failed and resultedIn a death? Time to grow up people.

  • Yes, we keep our nuclear missiles safe

    Whether it is in a bunker and silo under ground or on a submarine somewhere abroad, the United States military does its best to maintain the safety of our nuclear weapons and of those working around those nuclear weapons. There is no reason to think that nuclear submarines are any right to either's safety.

  • No, US nuclear submarines are not safe

    No, US nuclear submarines are not safe. The vessels pose a threat to other vessels in the sea. There have not been many accidents involving these types of sea vessels, however, there are bond to be some accidents if more of these vessels are put into the sea. The US needs to take extra care to make them safe.

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