• Video games by definition is a sport.

    The Oxford dictionary defines sports as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment". Firstly, while many believed a sport should have significant physical exertion, and upon watching a game of say, South Korea's favorite e-sports Starcraft, is quick to jump to judgement that it is no sport at all. Consider this, the level of physical exertion cascades from intensive sports such as basketball to less physically-demanding ones like cuesports, and at the end of the spectrum, we see even pushing buttons or clicking on the keyboard a form of physical exertion, albeit at a scale that seems almost negligible compared to a sweating basketball player. The presence of physical effort fits e-sports into the definition of sport, and thus up to the point of this discussion video games is a valid sport. Follow me to the next part of the Oxford definition: competition for entertainment. To illustrate, the EVO championship which pits players in fighting games with each other has a wide audience. I find myself watching the matches uploaded in Youtube along with thousands of others who share my interests. I am certain that the majority of the audiences are watching the video for entertainment sake for other than the value for enjoyment, I do not see purpose devoid of such in witnessing a virtual brawl. Therefore, video games is a sport, and by definition it is indeed, as the title puts it, real.

  • I believe it is.

    Chess, fishing, walking, backgammon, risk, mahjong, etc. are sports then so should gaming. Gaming does involve using your mind, whether its very little or too much. Even if it's considered lazy, it's still a sport. Though it doesn't seem like much of a sport but gaming is competitive and requires using your mind.

  • Yes bc I said so

    Bc it is a real sport and it’s a good one game that is it a lot better and more fun and then the skill you can do is shshsh shsh has a little more than the average amount and a game of the year and the last week in a grey game with the bay team

  • Yes bc I said so

    Bc it is a real sport and it’s a good one game that is it a lot better and more fun and then the skill you can do is shshsh shsh has a little more than the average amount and a game of the year and the last week in a grey game with the bay team

  • Yes, it is a sport.

    People say that video gaming is just for lazy people that can't do anything in their lives, but it's not. They say that video gaming requires little brain power and all you have to do is shoot people or do a random act of violence but it's not. People say that gamers don't have to train or prepare in video gaming like in gymnastics. In video gaming there are competitions where people or teams meet in Real Life to go compete against each other. They actually do have to take time to practice and learn what to do like a football player would do. By definition it is a sport (Look at the yes above me) also in video games you actually have to use your brain to strategies and think of different ideas and tactics to give you the upper hand in a match. Isn't that what a chess player does, a football coach does, and a poker player does? Also to talk to the No's of the section, MitchV, You can play chess in a recliner and yes, golf is a sport. Also do you think that only fat, geeks play video games, and that it's the easiest thing in the world?

  • No its a competition

    According to Websters dictionary a sport is: a contest or game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other. The key word is PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, this means that video games are not because they take no physical activeness. That is why I think video games are not a sport, but rather a competition.

  • No its an esport

    They is a fine line between what a sport is and what an esport is the E meaning electronic sports is not recognised as a real sport its recognize as an electronic sport and just because the word sport is in Esports does not make it a sport, esports is its own thing and does not come under what is defined as sports.

  • They are not.

    A sport is not something you can do from your recliner. In my opinion, golf isn't even a real sport. My guess is, this is just some weak looser who want to be considered an athlete for playing World of Warcraft or some other game. Thing is, your not actually competing in anything, your just controlling the make believe character that is. Fact is, even poker (not the online version) is more of a sport. At least they face their opponent in real life.

  • No they're not.

    Video games are the lazy version of sports. Is sitting on a couch or chair with a controller in your hand really a sport? If so, our world has gotten really sad. Video games being considered a sport is insulting to every real athlete out there who works their butts off every day to be the best at their sport. Anybody can challenge me on this topic.

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