• Yes, they are a serious media.

    The majority of video game players are aged between 5 years to almost 45 years. Its with no doubt that this age group are the majority in the society and this makes video games a serious media. Over the years advertisements on video games have increased tremendously and this is a clear indication of its seriousness.

  • Yes, video games are a serious form of media.

    Yes, video games are a serious media. Video games have evolved from the "save the Princess" or "hit the duck" premise to involve some of the most intricate storytelling and animation in the creative industry. The "tentpole" video games that have been released over the past 10 to 15 years have only gotten better in the quality of graphics, voice acting, storytelling and game play. The ability to play with other gamers online adds another layer of social interaction and team play. The creation from concept to fully formed product is as if not more complex than some fo the best known animated feature films. Video games are indeed a serious form of media and will continue to evolve exponentially.

  • Some video games are serioius

    A few years ago I wouldn't have said video games were a serious media, but I've seen several innovative uses, such as the Alaska Native game "Never Alone," that have made me change my mind. It seems that video games can be used for in-depth, complex storytelling. Even if they aren't always used for such, the potential is there.

  • Video games are a serious media

    Video games are clearly a serious media given the number of people buying and playing them. More people than ever are playing games that take them almost into a new reality. These games are so entertaining that it is hard not to play them them or taken seriously. Video games are the new media.

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