• Yes definitely yes

    Video games aren't just about killing and shooting people up, Video games are mostly a way for artists to get their points across using them like a video game, in the game Journey it was about you just wondering around beautiful places and admiring everything yes it had a goal, but that goal was just to climb a mountain in the end, the real purpose of journey was to just admire the beauty and talent of the developers. Not only can art in video games be portrayed through view but through music and sounds, the soundtrack to a game called Undertale is truly art, it's not all just bleeps and bloops and just some ratty old tin can being thrown down some stairs it incorporates piano's and violins as well as bleeps and bloops in a beautiful way.

  • As long as its creative, its art!

    When you go into an art gallery you usually expect a bunch of big works of art you haves seen a thousand times before, now if you go in you can see how people will keep you in by making you a part of this new type of art every one loves

  • Yes dey are...

    If you don't know already, Video Games include graphics and most of the time include some kind of music, I may be wrong about this but I am PRETTY sure that music is an art, a fine art, and to make those graphics they need art otherwise the term "graphics" wouldn't necessarily exist

  • Why shouldn't they be?

    The definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination". Are you saying that video games aren't the expression of the creators imagination? If not, then what are they? They need to design, draw and create entire WORLDS for a game, but your saying that this is? Don't know about you, but the Smithsonian thinks games are art as well.

  • Yes i love video games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is because video games are awesome and i love sage and sonic the hedgehog and idk what i'm saying soooo ya lol lol lol lol :) and star stable is awesome and eveyone can play star stables lol lol lo, lol lol lol lol lol lol lo, lol lol lol lol looll

  • I Believe Many Video Games Are Artfully Done.

    If you haven't seen Bethesda's Elder Scroll games (Oblivion & Skyrim) then you need to take a close look at them. The scenery in both games is magnificent and very realistic. At 52 years old I never thought that I would find myself playing video games but I play them often. The artistic nature of many of these games is part of the draw for me.


    Video games are an art in which consist of electrical components that could only be experienced through video games. Video games are kind of like books (with plots). There is the protagonist and there is the antagonist of which whose role is to hinder the protagonist in way they can. Video games for a visual representation of what one thinks and it expresses the depths of the imagination and creative skills, for making a "good" video game isn't easy in the least.

  • Games are like paintings in motion

    A great of example of this is no doubt Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, While Kojima himself said games can't be art.
    Another is Arkane's Dishonored, both games have amazing stories,audios and visuals and this is what makes them art in my opinion, this will be even more obvious in the future

  • Have you ever seen a video game?

    Of course art is subjective to some people, but you'd only have to look at a video game (not even necessarily play it) to see that it's art. There's a lot of work that goes into the story line and more than that the graphics are getting progressively more beautiful. If that's not artistic, I dont know what is.

  • Everything is a type of art.

    Art is what helped Noah create the Ark to survive the flood in the Old Testament. Yes, he was commanded by God, but that was all God did- command Noah. It was art that helped him to create the giant boat and carry the animals of earth to safety. The same goes for video games- the writing, drawing of concepts, voice acting- they are all a type of art. People pursue these careers because they want to use their skills in something they enjoy, which is art.

  • Video games as art is like saying movies or music is art.

    Seriously? 100%? I mean come on. It is just another form of media.You hear about your favourite actors, directors, musicians, etc. but that doesn't make them artists. I did art when I went to middle school, and believe me, THAT was real art. We did drawings and sketches, etc. Children these days are lazy and trying to justify playing video games. I hope my grandson will not fall for these silly habits!

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