• Video Games Ruined My Life

    I used to play a lot. It ruined my grades during college. I graduated, but I was a video game addict and could not put it down especially when I was playing my MMORPG non-stop. I lived away from my parents who would usually get mad at me. I didn't have them to stop me. Addicted as I was, I kept playing. I finally got out of the habit after I got a job and had a son. I forced myself to stop at age 24, 2 years ago. It was a very hard habit to break. I wasted a lot of time on video games when I could have done more productive things for years. Thinking back, playing video games was a total waste of time, and I had wasted so much time on it. There's no benefit from playing video games. Do something more productive in real life. Now that I'm off it, I have not regretted stopping. I live a more productive life now. I feel bad for people older than me who are still playing and wasting their lives on them. I refuse to let my son play any video games, games on a cellphone, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

  • Guy

    Playing video games can impact on the academic skills of a child. Not only this but also their social skills, thought span, and most importantly, their view on the real world. Video games should be banned for children meaning kids below the age 16 to prevent these tragedies from happening.

  • Video games are harmful for children.

    Video games are bad for children because they damage their eyes and nerves. There is a lot of violence in these games that affect children's attitudes, behavior and relationships. Kids tend to turn into screen addicts that are detached from the family and the whole world around them when they play too many video games.

  • Video games are bad for children.

    These days video games are very popular/common for children and also adults. There is a lot of violence games out there, and so on the player uses the moves or tips for how to kill someone from the video game and brings it to real life. There have been a lot of incidents about shooting and killing and then what do they say why they killed someone? A lot of the answers will because they saw it in a video game. But it’s not only about violence; it is also about what it does to your body, if you play you play to long and never stop until you sleep, it effects your eyes. Your eyesight will get weaker and your body will always feel very tired. People have also died from playing video games, believe it or not people have played so long that they forget to eat, drink , go to the washroom and they were to in to the game they didn't even want to go to sleep! Also it loses your interest of doing other things, going outside, spending time with your family, doing school stuff and also loses interest of learning new things.
    Parents might think it’s good because they think there playing education games but how popular are educational games, if you think about people are not interested in education games they are more interested about what their friends are talking about or what their friends are playing. If you buy devices like: Wii, X-
    BOX, PSP, DSI, DS, and many more, you’ll have to buy more game cards/CD for these devices which will be very costly. Coming back to violence games, people also get confused in reality and fantasy.

  • Violent video games can harm the child's mental growth.

    Video games not only teach children that killing is okay, they also ruin the child's mental growth. About a year ago my uncle died, my brother's children that play violent video games said, "It's okay guys! We can just revive him." I blame that on all the games that they have been playing. They play games such as, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and other Call of Duty games.

  • yes it does

    When children play video games, they hide indoors and fail to communicate with people, so they'll have less friends to support them in the future. It also decreases their social ability and severs the relationship with relatives as they do not communicate often. It is very easy to get addicted. When that happens, students spend less time revising or doing homework, so their marks will decrease and it will be harder for them to get a job in the future, as this year's unemployment rate is pretty high. Also, when children only stay indoors, they do less exercise and because of addiction sleep less.

  • Video games cause violence.

    I believe that video games are bad is because children are not supposed to see that bad type of behavior because a child's brain is like a sponge whatever it sees it soaks up into their brain and they learn it. Normally it would be based on the type of child but really I believe that it does not matter who the child is, video games make children violent because they see what the people in the game are doing and they copy them. A 15-year-old boys parents took away his Xbox and he ran away then a month later they found his dead body. 2 teenage boys went on a rampage and kill 2 police officers and 1 man after they played grand theft auto.

  • It ruins their lives.

    Too many kids play video games for their whole lives and end up stupid. Later on when they get to high school , they won't do homework at all, and end up with F grades all across their report card. It's half the parents' fault because they buy the kids game consoles and systems, and they let them in the store to buy it. Shame on you parents. Don't get mad at the children if you bought it for them it. Well hurry! Do something before it's too late.

  • They make children unhealthy and obsessed with killing and death

    What happend to the days when kids use to go outside to play on thier bikes or in the sand, when they had a friend over they would play board games or simply with their toys? Now its all video games, every where you look that is all we see! I live with a 8, 6 and 4 year old. They have an xbox 360, ps2, 3 ds's, 2 itouchs, 1 ipad and a computer each. Is that really all neccesary? They have got to the point where they cant function without using one of their peices of equipment. If we go to the store, the ipod touch comes with us, if we go the park the ds's come with us, if we have five minutes to spare before bed, then the xbox goes on. It is ridiculous. They have become gamind obsesses children and they are so young! The games they play are not all age appropriate and it has made the 6 and 8 year old obsessed with killing and blowing people up, it is all they talk about. We were at a soccer game the other day, the 6 year old was getting mad that the he couldnt get ball from another player, so he said "I want to chop your head, smash your body to bits and kill you", this is not something that should be coming out a 6 year olds mouth. When questioned on where he had heard this, he said "I do it all the time on my xbox". Parents need to stop using video games as a babysitter, get off the butts and start interacting with their kids!

  • "Just 5 more minutes mum!"

    When your child is saying that, the game designers are happy. They design games in a way so that you will just complete the next level or just have 5 more minutes. Why? Because they get money. If a child finishes a game loving it, they (or their parents) will BUY the new one. And sony gets more money.

  • Hate the player, not the game

    I've been *cough* "addicted" to video games since I was 4. Look at me now.. I have a 3.9 GPA, fast reflexes, know how to cook, can type without looking down, and I hang around with people much older than myself because of the simple fact that kids my age can't handle anything in a mature manner. All this at age 13.

    I want proof that video games are bad for you, because they improve eyesight, encourage the gamers to try new things (not things like steal a car.. even in Grand Theft Auto it eventually comes back to you), help reflexes and improve temper.

    We are not "addicted" to video games. We just find them more fun than just about anything else. What other activity lets you own a country, drive a boat/car/plane/spaceship, race, be a hero, participate in the stock market (safely), and teach you to type?

    I play a lot of video games and sometimes play violent ones, but I almost cry when I see a dead bird in the street (I can't even watch horror movies).. and a lot of my friends swear and game, but I almost never swear.

    "Video games decrease attention span"

    Wrong. Explain how people can sit down and play video games for as much spare time as they have?

    "My 6-year-old told someone at soccer practice.."

    You're not very smart; the ratings are there for a reason.

  • A Logical View

    There was violence before video games, movies, and television, so don't try and act as though they are the cause of all violence. The Sandy Hook shooter was mentally ill,not every child or person in America is insane. The Civil War wasn't caused by video game violence, neither was 9/11, the Revolutionary War, or the harm commuted upon Civil Rights protesters in the sixties. I don't play video games and want to kill people with a WiiMote, disc, or a NES Zapper. Playing Madden doesn't make me want to be a football player, playing Super Mario Bros. Doesn't make me want to be a plumber, Fifa doesn't encourage me to play association football, and Pokémon doesn't encourage me to become a dogfighter. Get over it, America.

  • Yes, they are violent.

    Lots of people have to get things like glasses because of video games and some people think that if its ok to hurt someone in a game they do it in the real world video games that are violent hurt kids. Sometimes the games encourage kids to be more violent.

  • Nothing any of you have said has happened to me

    I am 17, been playing video games since i was about 8. I play from the time I get home from school to the time I go to bed, except if i have something to do that day. I am a good student, a good son, and have never had a violent outburst, never thought about recreating any violent act I saw in the games. I pay for my games with money I work for ( just a side note). You cannot blame video games for the actions of those who blame them. Video games cannot tell you what to do. They are like a tool, it takes a human to operate them.

  • Video games are not as bad as you think

    Well I'm only ten years old and I usually play video games for about 30 minutes a day.
    And on the weekends I play for about 40 min to an hour. And I get pretty good grades in school. I think that if you play to much video games then it is bad for you. All my friends play for like 1 to 2 hours a day. And I only play for like 1/3rd of the time that they do.

  • Video games are too complex a genre to be criticized as a whole.

    For someone who doesn't play video games as a hobby, video games may be seen as 'Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty'. However, there are many, many types of video game, so you cannot base your opinion on shooters. Yes, FPS games exist. Yes, they are popular. But there are other games as well. Think about RPGs - or Role Playing Games. These games are essentially interactive films, so the content children are exposed to is nothing worse than a film with the same rating. Then there are platformers, like Mario and Crash Bandicoot. These involve little more than jumping on platforms. There are puzzle games, like Portal. These are tests of intellect, in video game form. Can we assume that they are all the same, especially without playing them (which I am sure most parents haven't)?
    I love the argument that 'a boy committed suicide after playing WoW, saying he wished he could join that fantasy world'. Clearly, that boy was depressed. He would not have gone through with suicide if he didn't have problems in his real life.
    Also, I'd like to note that films and books can contain the same violent content as some video games. The 'Warrior Cats' book series features violent death scenes. The 'Edge Chronicles' books have extremely gory illustrations, including people's organs falling out. The popular game 'Skyrim' has the worst violence I have seen in a video game (I have not played COD), and at the worst there is a splash of blood when you stab someone. The 'Warrior Cats' and 'Edge Chronicles' books are in the children's section of most bookshops and libraries. 'Skyrim' recieved an M rating.
    Finally, I think I ought to point out that there is no proven link between violent games and violent children. Violence in games, like violence in books and films, is a FANTASY. Children don't actually consider their player character to be a role model. And frankly, I'd like to see a teen WoW player murder people with a magical lightning bolt.

  • I don't know what I'd do without technology

    If it weren't for the video games I had when I was younger, I don't know what I would've done with myself. It's hard for me to imagine what people my age are doing at this time of night if they aren't playing video games or using the computer. My parents always told me to go outside when I was a child, but there was nothing to do outside. There were no children in my neighborhood and no where to go. If you don't want your child to be immersed in video games, that is entirely your choice. But at least give him a fun alternative to replace video games.

  • I believe video games are great for children, if used in moderation.

    I believe video games are great recreation for children. Video games can create visual and coordination skills that are necessary for a child to active. There are a lot of educational themed video games out today. However excessive game playing can make a child lazy and not want to do anything else.

    Posted by: RaouICyber
  • They aren't really

    I play 8 hours a day, and I'm still sane (just a bit)
    It improves H&E and makes children more alert
    I have been playing for 14 years now, from old stat based games now to Cs:go
    I think video games are art and are dangerous when you try to Garrot people in real life

  • Not all videogames are violent

    I know it is hard for all parents to know this but NOT ALL GAMES ARE VIOLENT! There are Rating systems for a reason and really it is the parent's neglect whenever kids have violent videogames. I am a parent who never played videogames but let my kid play this game called minecraft where you build with a variety of materials. It a bit educational but in no ways detrimental as I make him play only and hour a day, leaving time for outdoor play and study.

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Anonymous says2013-07-08T18:06:24.080
Wow 35 percent of people who voted in the survey are wrong...
Anonymous says2013-07-12T09:44:02.830
I learn lots from games like spelling and maths and how things form and it helps if u want to memerise stuff - i play many types of games - i am a kid
Anonymous says2013-08-10T02:23:09.470
Yes. I wish my parents would have given me mechanical or electrical projects to work with as a child instead of video games. It would have definitely helped me make the transition to adulthood. Instead, I've played video games at every free moment I had until I was 26. Joined the military and just now started college back up. Guess what I have on my desk besides me now? Radio Shack electronic playground, assemble yourself digital multimeter kit, and learning books for electronics. If I have kids I'd let them play some basic games, but nothing as involving as MMORPGs. Ever. I spent over 200 play time days on Final Fantasy X1 which pretty much destroyed my ability to socialize forever. In High School, I thought I was pretty good at carrying on conversations. I played FFX1 for up to 15 hours a day after graduating high school and whenever I went outside, I barely talked to anyone since my brain was just fuzz. Don't let your kids play video games. Believe it or not, if you give them fun kids projects they'll be entertained just the same and have a clearer state of mind in life than if they played video games all day.
Anonymous says2013-09-23T14:35:07.883
Max.Giezen says2014-04-03T14:38:13.387
There are many people saying that gaming and being on the computer much is a waste of time, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted." - Bertrand Russel. And everyone saying that computering is bad and that you have to stop are pure hypocrites. Everyone does something that is bad for you, like they say you have to stop to play on the computer while that guy is just watching television all day or texting someone on his phone. Just let the people be who are on the computer we dont hurt anyone and are not bad for other humans, I go to school, have many friends get good grades and even work in a game selling store. Sorry for my bad english im Dutch.
ImcalmBro says2014-04-09T00:29:08.800
Now before we get too much into it, I am only 18 years of age. Excuse any grammar mistakes you may spot as I am not exactly the most scholarly person in my english class. Now that we have gotten that out of the way I can go through my arguement. I have been doing research on this topic over the last few days and I have to write about 10 pages worth of controversy on this topic. I personally am a competitive gamer who games for a good 4-8 hours a day, what most people would call an "outlier". In my research I have found that over many studies video games can be very beneficial. For example, through experiments scientist have found that heavy gamers have a denser prefrontal cortex. The PFC is basically the processor for your brain that is in charge of stuff such as your decision making. This also concurs with research that expert gamers can process about 6 actions per second, which is about four times the speed of the average person. Not only is the prefrontal cortex denser but so is the left eye field. The LEF of the brain is mainly of charge of things such as Hand-eye coordination. There has been many more studies of these sorts of subjects but I think I'll move on.

The social aspect of video games is often back-handed to the face by the remark of "Violent video-games make children anti-social". This can be justified in some cases but I assure you that neither me or most of my friends are social recluse. Granted, there are some of my friends who are the "smeargle" as I like to call them, of the video game world. I think this is caused from playing games that do not require cooperation. I personally play games that are team oriented, such as SMITE, League of legends, Call of Duty, and the occasional MMORPG. While playing these games 90% of the time I am on voice communication with other people from around the world. I have friends in Sweden, Norway, France, and the U.K along with Israel and Australia. This 90% of the time I am on voice communication, I am socializing with so many people for hours on end. Eventually your friends become a sort of family who you can really open up to. Since I talk to these people for hours on end, I can safely say that non of them are malicious, and they certainly are not very violent. What I can tell you is that they have helped me through some troubles in my life that no one else could. I am personally a VERY social person who has some friends from every "cliq" you could imagine in a highschool.

Aside from the whole "brain and social life" part of this arguement comes the reality of video games keeping me out of trouble. Thanks to video games occupying a lot of my time with fun, I have managed to completely avoid any Alcohol and Marijuana during my entire 18 years of life. Instead of peer pressure easily getting to others, I simply make the decision to say "no" on many occasions, I like to thank video games for that. Sure, video games like Grand Theft Auto have people stealing cars, doing drugs and drinking massive amounts of alcohol. The thing is, you also see some of the consequences of breaking the law.

Sorry for the huge argument. I am just tired of typing and simply don't feel like going on. However, do not think that video games are ALL good. They do have some negative effects such as bad grades. Just remember to do your schoolwork or you will end up with bad grammar like me.
TheFrozenGirl says2014-05-21T00:11:49.223
If you learned spelling and "maths" then how come you cant spell math or memorize