• Yes there is proof.

    There is scientific proof that show how video games like Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield and other games can actually change the way that kids think about what they do. It may not change alot and it may change nothing, but it will still affect them in a negative way if only because of all the time they spend staring at the tv.

  • Video games make you lazy

    A lot of people say video games have violence in them tidy but all that is true. Some people say that most games are educational, but most of the video games today are either shooting or sword-swinging games that involves killing or sacrificing yourself for the sake of the game.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

    Video games work at a pace different from real life, and although they are, like all junk food for the body or mind, harmless in moderation, they can also be addictive, time consuming, and eventually as they make their way into adulthood, very difficult on finances given the amount of money involved with the hobby.

  • What is bad?

    What is bad, bad as in effecting learning and attention span, than yes, its bad.
    Bad as in it makes them violent? Well, no one can really know, but yes, it can be linked to aggression, so I would say, if not under moderation, its bad.
    Does it effect social skills, well it can, so yeah its bad.

  • Oh really bro?

    Video games are not bad for kids whatsoever. If you think think that your obviously not right. Its the parenting that is making them become violent or in some other case like that. It actually makes the mind make better decisions in life. It also help them become more aware of what is going on.

  • Video games are NOT bad

    It's been proven that playing games can improve aspects of the brain and body. We all know the Wii was the pioneer in motion gaming, and that helped with keeping fit, active, and moving about regularly. Other games can improve parts of the brain linked to puzzle solving, spacial recognition, and a few others, and playing games can and has improved the skill of surgeons, pilots, racecar drivers, and many others. Shooting games are NOT responcible for people becoming killers. In addition to all of this, they can cure some illnesses, such as lazy eye, and finally, they have improved social communication. Http://thumbnails.Visually.Netdna-cdn.Com/gaming-is-good-for-you_5029178bc1ff8.Jpg

  • It lets them have fun

    Kids need to have a bit of fun. With school and homework todeal with, they'll need something to help them relax after being at school all day. I say that video games are just fine, and that we should leave them as is so that kids have something to help them relax.

  • Overall, no it is not.

    Yes, some people are adversely affected by video games, but these people are mentally unstable and would have turned sour anyway. In general, video games are merely a passtime, just like reading or taking up a hobby, and have no particularly bad side affects other than maybe a little eyesight damage (in general!). Video games can also have beneficial side effects, like improved hand-eye coordination and being a medium to vent frustration.

  • Video Games Not Bad for All Kids

    When played in moderation, video games aren't bad for kids, even younger ones. Parents need to control how often and for how long their children play these games, though. Many video games offer beneficial side effects to the players, but few parents realize this fact because the media villifies video games quite often.

  • Not When Used in Moderation

    Video game playing, like anything else, must be used in moderation. If you over eat, you get fat. If you over drink, you get inebriated. Playing video games should be done sparingly, one or two hours per day at most. Age-appropriate games for children aren't bad whatsoever as video games enhance hand-eye coordination and concentration.

  • Video Games Are Not Bad for Kids

    No, video games are not bad for kids, as a general rule. Obviously, children do not need to play M Rated games that are intended for adults. If a child plays games that are intended for children, however, many benefits can occur. Video games can be used to teach spatial awareness, problem solving, and reading skills.

  • As long as they aren't playing too much.

    I see nothing wrong with kids playing video games as long as they aren't playing too much and becoming addicted to them. Video games can be a great source of entertainment, especially for kids; however, the amount of time they should be able to play these games really depends on their parents.

  • No they are not.

    Although some types of video games can be bad for certain children, overall, video games are not bad for kids. A video game can actually teach a child a lot of things, and increase their dexterity as well. As long as a parent takes time to teach the kid the difference between what is fake and what is real, the kid will be fine.

  • Never forever ever

    Video games are not bad, no seriously.

    Do not give me that "BUT SCHOOL SHOOTINGS BLA BLA BLA" stance.

    Yes, the video game market is dominated by violent and shooting games with a prime example being GTA.

    Every kid is dying to get it, after hearing to their friends saying that is really a game where you can do anything you want.

    When we play GTA, the first thing we do is wreck havoc, why?

    Firstly, we all want to try and see the effects of crime in a virtual emulation, because we are all told its a "no-no".

    Secondly, we want to taste the "forbidden fruit" and "release" your curiousity.

    With that being said, play GTA with a CLEAR MIND - know what is right and wrong, some children do not know and start bringing it to real life, they are the bad eggs that give a bad impression of us gamers.

    Please, you adults are already colonising each other, fighting wars and killings millions for honour, glory and duty - did you all need video games for that in the past?

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