• Video games are Brainwashing Teens

    Every argument that I hear against this has to do with the nature of humans to act or not act based on their own will. However, video games allow players to practice and perform violence in a way that is deemed socially acceptable. In many popular games such as WOW and Call of Duty, players are rewarded for performing violent acts with the precision and skill. There are even competitions to prove which gamers are the most proficient at performing these acts. These virtual tasks translate into real world consequences such as desensitization to violence and in some cases reenactment of the behavior shown during the games.

  • Informs teens on violent techniques.

    Lets be honest here fellow debaters. With today's ever-increasing collection of games, todays teens have been more than truly filled in, on the human anatomy. We learn through games that a stab to the heart is fatal, a choke if done correctly is also fatal. Yes gamers wont have the tendency to kill someone out of the blue, but when the human primal surge empowers them, what techniques they learn from games can often lead to more devastating consequences compared to a teen who has no knowledge in harming other people.

    Are video games causing the violence in teens, no, BUT they are making teens more prone to violence which essentially is the same as causing violence.

  • Violent videogames should go

    Violent videogames cause shootings, killing thinking that the thing will respawn just like a videogame, violence against ourselves and killing for no reason. Cartoon videogames are the opposite, cartoon videogames are fun and don't have real graphics making people think they can kill in real life. Violent videogames cause problems, not friendship. In any videogames, you get competitive, and when you are competitive, you become angry and cause problems. That is why I think violent videogames should go.

  • Bound in reality by unrealistic subjects.

    Violence has always been a major issue throughout the course of American History. But in past years crime rates has been skyrocketing. With the development of violent videogames, kids are being exposed to blood and gore that they shouldn't know at the age of adolescence. I think we all agree that even if not much, videogames have contributions to the rates of violence and crime in modernday U.S.

  • Video Games are causing teens violence

    Video games do cause violence in teens because teens takes from what they learn to the real world. Think about the shootings we just had, teens relies on violent games, and do violence in the real world. Some teens just play violent video games for fun as part of their free time, and don't cause violence in the real world.

  • Video Games distract gamers minds

    78% of the people don't know that they have played the games for a long time until they actually see the time. So it does distract the gamers mind plus it makes the gamers forget about the present. Govt. Should pass some law with teens not getting violent video games,

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  • Video Games are virtual

    I play video games, and I live in the real world. I play Grand Theft Auto, Prototype, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, all those "violent" games. I don't want to go out, shoot random people, force glass down a guy's throat, assassinate people in revenge. But I do have fun playing it on the video game.

    Video Games do not cause violence, if anything it could PREVENT violence. If people feel inclined to kill random people, maybe they will be satisfied enough to do it on a video game rather than in real life.

    If we ban video games because it is violent, than most movies, books, TV Shows would be banned as well.

    It makes no sense that video games causes violence just because the game depicts violent scenes. Again, I'm not going to go into New York City, Kill 100+ police officers, 500+ civilians, and steal cars left and right, but it is a lot of fun on the video game.

  • It's a choice

    Kids these days witness all kinds of violence because violence is and always has been in entertainment. Although I'm certainly not justifying the horrible tragedies that have devastated our country related to guns, I do not believe Video Games are the main culprit.

    The James Bond movies are also a great example. James Bond has been around for decades wielding a pistol and is an iconic figure in movie history. Many people today have seen a James Bond movie, yet are not themselves calling people Q and shooting others with a pistol and avoiding the law by being part of a British agency.

    In ancient Rome, murders and bloody fights were a must-see in the coliseum and were very much considered kid-appropriate. Did this cause the kids to grow up and become serial killers?

    From before the 1300s, hangings have also been a part of culture and society. Many criminals or just slight rulebreakers were hanged, much to the gruesome enthusiasm of the audience- consisting of somewhat kids. Many or all found this tradition entertaining.

    The truth is, although violent video games are not okay for younger viewers, they do not cause one to be violent. This is because violence is a part of human nature, and for some reason, we naturally find it entertaining. Yet our conscience is what throughout history has allowed us to survive this instinct. Video Games do not suppress this conscience, they merely satisfy it so that it does not erupt in the real world. Should younger kids be raised around violent video games? No. But should older, more mature teens be able to play these games? Yes.

  • Quite the Opposite

    In the United States, violent crime rates have been dropping steadily since the 1990s, a period of time directly correlating with the extreme rise in the profitability and popularity of video games. Moreover, no academic study looking at the issue has found a correlation between video games and violence, much less a causation finding.

  • They are not

    I am a teen and I know many other teens that play video games. Yet, me and the others have not been effected in a violent way by them. Also, the title did not state what type of video games could influence violence in a teen. I mean, it could be sonic the hedgehog for all we know! Teens daily play video games with shootings and gore in them, however how many actually commit these violent acts in real life? Barely any is the answer. Did a violent video game cause any of the monstrosities that this world has endured? No! Video games do not create violence, they create joy and friendship bonds!

  • It doesn't make teens violent

    Just because they play violent games, it doesn't make them violent. Those violent games keep you entertained when you have nothing to do everyday, and maybe if you're going to the army or navy it might just prepare you for war. I've played a lot of violent games and I'm not getting violent. So what I'm saying is that violent games don't make you violent.....

  • May teach violent, doesn't cause violent.

    Videogames may teach the person on how to do the violent moves or showcase that gunning people down is easy (which its not) but there is no solid proof that videogames actually causes them to be violent. Violence is generally associated with anger and videogames generally do not try to anger the player.

  • Video games don't cause violence.

    If you believe that the games this generation plays causes violence like school shootings, then you are sorely mistaken. These games cause joy, not harm. Of video games are the reason for hate and violence, then what games did Hannibal play? What do the terrorists play? Was it call of duty black ops that made Hitler kill thousands upon thousands of jews.? No.

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  • It depends on the child

    There are many minors out there (including myself) who truly enjoy playing violent video games. Yet I, and many of those minors who play these games, aren't violent. Some use it as a kind of vent for their frustrations and anger. For kids who would see the games as inspiration, though, it just requires restriction on the parent's part.

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