• Everything you know is WRONG!

    Because most of the problems with video games are actually with humans. By "humans" I mean "bad parents". Rating systems exist to help parents buy video games for their kids. EC, E, E10+= Yes you can buy these games for your kids. T, M, (the rare) AO18+= No, you can not buy these games for your kids. The system had been in place scene the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo days.

  • I wish this question was more specific.

    Like I said, this topic needs to be a little more specific. If the question was something along the lines of, "Are too much video games good for kids?" But since I don't really have the power or will to change the question, Ill just share my opinion. Video games are solely and purely for entertainment and creativity. And since when is that a bad thing? (Some) Video games expand peoples mind, influences them to think creatively, and forces kids to use their minds to solve problems the game decides to throw at them. Games can give kids the mindset that they can be creative and broaden the capabilities of their imagination.

  • They are good

    Helps children expand their imagination and their creation. In school they can use the things that is in a video game in their English work escpiacally for story writing. The children might even become famous for their fabulous writing and become an excellent Author. I hope this was a supportive

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  • They're all good

    If they got jumped or something like that they would know how to fight back and make quick thinking in a bad position also they can use their gaming mind to make a project at school like for example make a arcade game. They help kids when they need help and kids are ok with one d it's ok

  • Yes they are

    Many of the games are teaching kids evon if they don't know it is to say that many games rot the brain but it may help with hand eye coordination like black opp's it also helps cheach many small thing that may salve life for them so let you kid get at lease 2 hours a day on a device

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  • Video games are great because I said so!!!

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  • Not good at all

    Children waste their time for playing video games and neglect studies and they have health hazards, poor eyesight, poor diet/overeating
    , they also become hyperactive,violent, aggressive and destructive they pressurise their parents for buying them more n more games .
    Some are good but they make children aggressive and destructive.

  • Some are violent or bad

    Video games can encourage bad or violent behavior and innapprpriate for gestures and words and almost all video games are bad for the eyes and brain such as call of duty, world of warcraft, modern warfare and assasins creed. But some are ok for older children there are also educational games which are ok to.

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  • Video games are a no-no.

    Video games are bad 'cause it causes poor eyesight,overeating,and it's not good for your health. Some people said that education games are good for kids,think again,hon!There is teachers and books everywhere ,(not really everywhere,I suppose,but do you get what i'm trying to describe?)so I suppose you can improve your reading or math or English,etc skills by read more books and learn new things.

  • No we shouldn't

    No we shouldn't, in schools in my district we have iPads. And when we are looking at the iPad for 2 hours of homework we are basically killing our vision. What's the difference between playing video games and doing homework for 90000000000000000000000000000000 seconds this is a waste of time and

  • It fills kids heads with bad stuff

    It's true
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  • It's because of humanity.

    I honestly think some video games are fine, but people have been creating violent and mature video games that causes children to kiss their innocence goodbye, and they get addicted to it. Their parents do NOTHING to stop them or set a limit to their playing time and just let their kid play brutal and violent games that inspire them to do negative things.

  • Vidios games are bad

    Vidios games should not be sold to young teenagers . As can see there are is so many people are Getting shot or being violence ever since they are watching these violent games.It is also straining kid eyes and they are getting glasses so PLEASE STOP NOW BEFORE U GET HURT

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  • No they are bad but i still love them

    It makes you fat and all you do is set in front of your TV and eat get fat and shoot fake zombies they rot your brain and if you shoot zombies you get those nasty images in your brain that make you want to BARF! They are very disgusting only some are helpful like the ones I was giving by my eye doctor to help my eyes focus.

  • They are bad

    Because kids can overplay it and they can play it until all they care about the game. They can be locked up in their rooms. Skip school and not even get a education! They could even not even listen to their parents anymore. VIDEO GAMES ARE VERY BAD FOR YOU!!!!

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