• Yes they are.

    The government and the President should be more concerned with video game control than with gun control. There thousands of kids ages starting as low as 6 which play violent video games. First person shooting, to robbing cars and killing people e.g Grand theft auto. It is very bad for kids of today and it will be even worse for the future, considering how fast the technology is growing and how real these video games are becoming. Makes kids think their real life is a video game.

  • Pure Insanity.

    It is already pretty scary, being a human, that our kids are playing such inhumanely violent video "games". In fact, the fact that they are called games is itself so bizarrely strange, since they are total representations of what not to do. And killing zombies doesn't make it better. It is about time we, as the most civilized species on our planet, make better use of our time, money, and use of technology such as 3D animation software used to make such games. Young kids are taught that violence is atrocity and are expected for their thoughts to remain on that. And now, those same batch of kids are slaughtering simulated humans and experiencing war-time scenes. And stealing cars? Seriously? That's just plain sad. Ok, so now kids are going to do that as well. So I think its about time our children finally stop their daily simulated murders and begin to understand the true beauty of life.

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  • Look at the facts.

    In recent years, games have become more and more realistic for gamers. This has proven to be bad because violent games already have the blood and gore but now it looks more realistic than ever. This can cause what is real and what isn't to intertwine and confuse those who don't see the difference. Recent studies from Dr. Mario Vance at Rapture Institute did a study having people play violent games and noticed that aggression levels increased dramatically in 90% of the students that participated.

  • YESS very violent

    Video Games are Certainly Violent. Such as grand theft auto. You rob and kill innocent people. When kids grow up they could end up doing that as well since they play to much violent games. Why should parents buy these good for nothing games. Maybe children would end as an outlaw at a age of 6

  • Videogames are violent

    97% of children started as young as 11, beginning to play Violent Video games,in the US,
    up to $11.7 Billion was calculated all over the region, that money was spent of domestic violent video games.
    Violent video games were blamed for school-shootings, bullying and violence toward women.
    There was a story where a man went to sleep after playing Grand Theft Auto and woke up later, thinking he was in a video game and shot many people, soon being arrested and serving a long time in jail and today. He realized it was no video game until he was sentenced to death.

  • In moderation, it can be healthy.

    Long before games, boys used to hunt animals. It comes with testosterone, and it is healthy. It's what builds our roads, and maintains our buildings. At least now, less animals are dyeing. It's actually good for boys to be able to release aggression in a healthy way. But nowadays, it seems way over the top and kids are spending way too much time gaming. Makes me think that there is an underlying issue that was not present a fifty years ago.

  • Not All Video games are violent

    A lot of video game get classified as violent or gory but a lot are just for creativity and role play for people to be social. So from my point of view video games can be violent some time but not always. I Know for a fact that video games can improve our brain and reflexes.

  • They are just violent.

    I think that the games themselves are violent not the kids playing them. The kids are fine, but the games just affect the kid. People should play less violent games and the world won't have all the violence that comes with it. The kids turn violent when they play these games because they don't get emotional blasting off zombies' heads, but once they are finished they won't show emotion kicking the cat either.

  • They lead to tragedy.

    Guns, troubled young men, and violent video games. Together, they form a tragically familiar background story to America's recent shooting massacres in Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown. Researchers are still trying to sort out what kinds of behaviors can (and can't) be attributed to playing games like "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance" and "Killzone 3."

  • Nope, stop complaining.

    First of all blame yourself for buying your kid that violent game. They have an age restriction and at gamestop they don't let you buy the game without an adult and they tell the adult what is on the game. Then you made that decision. So quit complaining. So next time don't come complaining to gamers.

  • Are you seriously thinking about this?

    Ive played violent games since i was seven. Only the people who are not mature enough to play these things and have a sound mind are those who break. Take a look at the amount of kids who play these games and have a great social life. And now for a quote by some famous guy... "Guns do not kill people, only people who wield the weapon kill people

  • Na never too violent.

    My dad lets me play when ever i want. Talk about destiny for example.I play it all the time its rated T and i'm ten and i'm not scared i bit. I Know someone who's 7 years old and he plays it play it and he's not scared 1 bit.

  • Nope, not at all

    I have a child mind at 11 years old. I play COD BO2 and I didn't say I wanted to at this age. But I'm not violent; I've also played GTA 5 and I didn't get a gun and start shooting people. I didn't buy a grenade and explode myself. Video games are just for entertainment; for fun and anybody can play the game if they are allowed to. Just like other people said, stopping them while their friends have the game will tempt them. They won't get gun and kill people just because they can't play. I didn't play for a long time and my friends kept telling me to play. I couldn't play ,but i didn't get a gun and kill people

  • No they are not

    I think parents, guardians, or adult’s should not reduce television or video games because some kids not get to watch or play everyday unlike other kids. Some kids don’t get to play monday thru friday. And no I do not think this is true. Parents should not limit the time their children play unless it is becoming a problem. I do not think video games are too violent because all the games are rated for your child's age. I felt this way because I don't get to watch tv or play video games because I have homework. Violent games like GTA 5 are meant for entertainment and they have age restrictions.

  • Not too violent

    They are not too violent at all. People who have killed others supposedly because of the games they play are just not right in the brain. These cases have nothing to do with video games. Just like those crazy gunners who went to schools and shot people, the gun was legally owned, but the person handling the gun was not mentally stable. Plus games such as GTA and COD are meant for entertainment. Also games like these have age restrictions and warnings so little, impressionable kids do not get their hands on them.

  • I play video games.

    Like the person above me said, holding a kid back from doing things is only going to tempt them to do it even more, also to add, they all come with an age restriction to purchase the game, the government has done enough to prevent purchases from people who are underaged; the parents are responsible and it's their choice if they want their children to play the games, if the parents think it's too violent, then the kids will either find another way to play it, either with limitations or behind their guardians back. Violence is everywhere, even if it's unintentional, from accidents and to slapstick comedy.

  • No way bro

    I have been playing video games violent or not my whole life. I have never been violent after playing a video game and I can get angry easily. I don't think it matters upon the game but the personality of the person playing it. But violent games are not the cause. Unless someone had the wrong sense of mind, games do not cause Human worng

  • No way bro

    I have been playing video games violent or not my whole life. I have never been violent after playing a video game and I can get angry easily. I don't think it matters upon the game but the personality of the person playing it. But violent games are not the cause. Unless someone had the wrong sense of mind, games do not cause Human worng

  • Call of duty

    I've been playing call of duty my whole life and I don't see any changes what so ever. And its nothing bad its just entertaining stuff if you know what I mean (haha) but seriously just chill out and see what other great
    all of duty players have to say of this duces.

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