Are video surveillance cameras in public places a good idea?

  • We SHOULD have Surveillance Cameras in public places

    Do you want to ensure your safety in public? We can make that possible, along with protecting your property, and preventing crimes, with surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras are very helpful in today's world.
    I think we should have surveillance cameras in public places because they ensure public safety. Rarely will anyone attempt to harm you when they know their actions are being recorded on camera. Cameras keep you and your personal property safe. The police can identify criminals recorded with cameras. Through surveillance cameras, the police can both prevent crimes from happening and can quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.
    In addition, surveillance cameras protect against property theft, and vandalism. It is very difficult to get away with stealing something if there are cameras filming you. Surveillance cameras protect personal property.
    Furthermore, surveillance cameras prevent crime. No one will want to attempt a crime. The cameras record almost everything on tape. Therefore, the thief will often get caught. Surveillance cameras will catch the thief before, or during the process of committing the crime. If no one is aware of the crime until after it has been committed, the surveillance footage is always a crucial piece of evidence during a police investigation. Surveillance cameras have, and will prevent many crimes.
    Some people may say that we should not have surveillance cameras in public places. They claim that they invade privacy. That is false. Why be out in public if you want privacy? Just stay at home. Surveillance cameras are meant to keep you and other property safe, not to stalk you.
    We should have surveillance cameras in public places. People that do not agree, should not go out in public. Cameras are there not to invade a person's privacy but to protect the public by deterring criminal activity and by providing material evidence when a crime has been caught on film. That is why we should have surveillance cameras in public places.

  • If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

    When you're in a public space, you're in the eye of the public. So what's the difference in being watched by a closed circuit TV camera? Even if you were caught picking your nose the police aren't going to arrest you for that and no surveillance officer is going put it on national television.


    First of all, there is no doubt that the video surveillance cameras in PUBLIC can prevent lots of crimes. Some people point out about the privacy and liberties! That does not make any sense. I mean what kind of privacy do you want to get in public. Some people said "it's useless", and my question is: at least it not going to hurt anyone.

  • Video cameras in public are a good idea because they deter people from committing crime.

    Having video surveillance cameras placed in public places is a good idea because people are less likely to commit crimes in the area if they know they're going to be being filmed the whole time. Things like shoplifting hardly seem worth it when pitted against the possibility of going to jail.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Having a video surveillance in a public place is a good idea because it can see things that we may not always catch.

    When a crime happens it may be a good idea to have it on tape. The criminal can be apprehended quickly and there wont be an issue finding them as much as there is without. Especially in abduction cases a video would be a great way of tracking down a person quickly and maybe preventing a death.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • We should have surveillance cameras

    Why not? if something were to happen, they could figure it out because it was caught on camera. If you have nothing to hide whats wrong with cameras watching you? Having cameras in public places make people feel safe. if people know that there are cameras around they will most likely not do anything stupid.

  • It is called PUBLIC.

    When we go into public anyone can see you. If you try to break the law, most likely you will get caught. If you are not a criminal you have nothing to worry about. I definitely think we should have cameras. The government could find criminals easier. If you are a criminal then you have something to worry about.

  • the effect on the criminals

    It pushes the criminals to the danger zone, where they will not be able to have the courage to invade others. That again will help to decrease crime rate.
    Some may say this invades our privacy, bu the fact that most of these security cameras are placed in public places completely dissproves the that.

  • Video surveillance cameras can be used by law enforcement to stop crime and in the extreme, help prevent a terrorist attack.

    Video surveillance cameras should not be considered an invasion of privacy. By their very nature, video surveillance cameras are placed in public areas with large numbers of people. No one should have expectations of privacy in public places with large numbers of people around. The cameras can be used to prevent crime or used as evidence in trials for crimes that are committed.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I believe video surveillance cameras in public places are a good idea as they can help to deter crime.

    Video surveillance cameras are beneficial in public places as it means people are less likely to commit a criminal offence as there is a higher likelihood that they will be caught. People feel safer in the knowledge that a potential mugger or attacker will be put of by the presence of a camera. Cameras now have the ability to zoom in to reveal someone's identity which can be beneficial to crime prevention when used in the correct way.

    Posted by: J Navarro 62
  • Privacy Is Dead

    "Those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin. Cameras everywhere is not a deterrent as kids egg and TP houses even if it has cameras... All that's needed is a mask. It takes away our freedom to not be watched. It will allow governments to watch us, which may not matter now, but in the wrong hands, can be catastrophic.

  • I don't believe video surveillance cameras in public places are a good idea because it is an infringement on your civil liberties.

    I don't think that video surveillance cameras in public places are a good idea because it is an infringement on your civil liberties. Why film innocent people doing nothing criminal in public places. Next, they'll be putting them in public restrooms.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • They don't work.

    In new York a man got stabbed and was left to die in front of three surveillance cameras. It took the ambulances 2 hours to get to the injured man, and he died before getting to the hospital. The surveillance cameras did nothing to help the man, and are a waste of tax payers money.

  • Why do they think this is right?

    Why should people be able to videotape us, without our rights? This is our world and people need to be respected, we have a voice. We need to use it. They should not be able to record us, at all. We are people. We are not animals or test dummies. We don't deserve to be watched while living our lives.

  • Invasion of privacy

    I think it is wrong that there will constantly be someone watching you . People say we need them and state they don't invade your privacy but how do you expect us to feel when I know that the majority of my life I will be watched. When I share that secrete little kiss with my boyfriend, someone will be watching. When I sit on a bench after a long jog red in the face someone will be watching me and when I trip over and fall dropping my bags of shopping someone behind a screen is likely to be laughing at my mistake. You might feel comfortable with this but I don't and I never will. Thank you for reading my opinion

  • No, no, no.

    I'm going to have to go with no on this one, yes it may provide people with the thought of being protected but you aren't. A person on average is recorded 300 times a day (which personally freaks me out) but as well as this, people who operate those cameras, sometimes abuse their power to watch over people, for example, 'zooming into people's houses' and whatnot. We're just turning into a 'Big Brother Society' (if you don't know what that is check out George Orwell's novel 1984, you'll have a completely different outlook on the world afterwards).

  • Privacy is needed for basic human health

    There's regretful and private situations we encounter in life which should not to be made public record through capture on surveillance systems. I wish for embarrassing moments that take place to be left in the past, not to be recorded or reflected upon at a future time via capture by audio or video recording. I believe the audio/video/digital collection of how we live our lives will be turned against all of us at some point. At that point there will need to be a review of whether the benefits outweigh the costs of mass surveillance. Personally the surveillance state robs me of my basic happiness, individuality, natural rights, inner peace of mind and control over the environment I wish to exist in. The surveillance state has made me extremely depressed knowing that when all information about us can be gathered, scrutinized and evaluated by anyone and everyone known and unknown to us at any moment in any time, all individual freedom then is lost. I've lost my spirited carefree energy, vigor, passion and drive to live out my life since pervasive surveillance has taken all the fun out of it. Life to me has turned into an outdoor virtual jail without bars, walls or physical barriers. Also the 4th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution is not being considered or interpreted properly regarding all this surveillance. The justices have failed to understand the meaning behind the language of the 4th Amendment or they just don't care any longer about upholding the U.S. Constitution or the Rule of Law. According to the 4th Amendment, the people are supposed to be secure in their persons from unreasonable searches. There is no probable cause to have every individual be under a state of constant electronic surveillance. The Founding Fathers if they knew what type of America and world existed today they would be rolling in their graves. I'm hoping a time machine gets invented soon that can transport me back to the past before all this abusive technology became omnipresent.

  • We feel like criminals.

    Why do I have to feel like a criminal? I think most of us feel like they are doing something wrong because the suveillance cameras are looking always at them. I think we need privacy to make our lives comfortable and private so no one will know about our lives.

  • Hello, don't I have a right to go to a park without being filmed?

    Privacy is privacy. I don't have to sit at home all day, because I'm worried about being filmed. Yes, it would help with the issue of crime, but is it really that worth it. The main reason I think this issue is suddenly becoming so big is because of the Boston Marathon. Yes, it's a HUGE tragedy, but there is no proof that more cameras could have prevented it. Also, think about the cost. WE DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR THAT!

  • Too much money and so little privacy

    I believe that we should not put in security cameras because they are a waste of money, electricity, and don't give you any privacy. A 3,000 camera surveillance system costs $200 million to install. We need privacy and freedom, and cameras that watch you almost everywhere you go invades that.

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