• Yes we are.

    Diversity should favor good traits specifically, yet we humans have trumped natural selection and are tolerating bad traits as well.

    In the past, it was survival of the fittest, and though that sounds harsh, it is actually good.

    Thanks (not) to the newest "equality" propaganda, we have allowed unfit people to survive as well as fit, and you wonder why the earth is overpopulated with poor people.

    The newest anti-"discrimination" movement is for things like Down's syndrome, low-function Autism, physical deformities, not being able to walk, type-1 diabetes, etc. It costs the world too much to keep these people alive, and since it is now a "good" thing, people with these diseases are having children and passing the diseases on.

    Humans are the ONLY species in the world that tolerates differences. Every other one stigmatizes the different. It is not natural and bad for society to tolerate differences to this degree.

  • Yes. Not All Differences Are Okay.

    While Intolerance isn't okay, being too tolerant can sometimes be worse. Not every "difference" is okay. We live in this feel good world will everyone wants to feel great about themselves... They seek being who they are... Sometimes who they are is a bad thing.

    We can not too tolerant of negative differences, and claim every difference is beautiful in its own way, or that everyone should be happy with who they are... Some differences are very bad, and sometimes we need to change who we are because who we are is bad.

  • Yes, and homosexuality is a good example.

    Tolerance is a good thing. However, it doesn't mean we shouldn't change the bad things about ourselves that can harm us physically and mentally. If you're a homosexual, you should try to be straight and stay away from relationships that involve the opposite gender. If you over eat, you should learn to control your cravings. It's simple.

  • Crazy People Get Surgeries and Praise But Not a Psychiatrist

    Transgender people are just crazy people getting sterilization and implants when they should be getting mental help. They have mental issues that lead to suicides and no matter how many surgeries you get, you are still the same gender as before. You would have to rewrite DNA, which is impossible.

  • Too much Tolerance.

    Everything is about sex and violence. I have tolerated to much on every end. I don't go parading around half naked with my wife and children in the "straight Pride parade" oh wait there isn't one... It seems if we speak out were homophobic even tho i have gay friends... I am just sick of hearing the perverted conversations. Imagine we all excepted pedophila or scatophilia and people who disapproved are called pedophobic or scatophobic seriously people we tolerate to much sex!

  • Society has become too tolerant

    It's coming to the point that I believe a good portion of people are afraid to voice their true options and convictions. We like to believe that we teach our kids to "think for yourself" but in fact, we can't think for ourself because of the fear of offending someone. I'm not trying to encourage being offensive, however, it is enviable that not everyone in the world will agree with our opinion. The possibly of someone not agreeing with us or perhaps even being upset should not stop us from voicing our thoughts. I believe this whole hyper tolerance "agenda" is killing people's beliefs and values. Also, if society is going to be tolerant, it must become tolerant of all believes. I often find society very tolerance of one way of thinking and quick to bash another. It's a double standard I've been noticing. I am not claiming to know everything in my 25 years, but these are just thoughts that have crossed my mind and figured I would share.

  • Extreme Tolerance Equals Decay

    Too much tolerance results in societal decay. People lose their standards and ability to make distinctions between right and wrong when everything is supposed to be considered acceptable or okay. Today, people believe tolerance means allowing anyone to do anything that he or she wants to do and that is not okay.

  • Yes, we are. And that is a good thing.

    Each and everyone is no doubt different, be it physically or genetically. It is a commendable act of society for being more open and accepting individuals from all walks of life. Regardless of the differences between race, language, religion or any other factor, we are all nonetheless human and should be tolerant of the differences we have. Appreciate the unique differences of individuals.

  • Spaceship Adrift; Passengers Unconscious

    Imagine this, if you will.

    You, and nine other people, are from the dying planet X. Your species sent off one billion probes (ten persons each) into space in the hopes that a few will land on life-sustaining planets. The odds of this happening for you are astronomically low.

    But it happens! You land on Earth and before you stretches lush fields of sapphire flowers and emerald grass; rivers scintillating in a star's gaze; an ocean as boundless as your luck.

    This is precisely what happens to each person whom is born. Thus, each person (generally) lives for about ten million people. And you're telling me you just want these people to be left to fend for themselves because you're too materialistic and can't sacrifice a little for the greater good? I have only one other question--how dare you?

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  • No, to put it simply.

    The fact that the supporting side is only made up of opinions and bigoted statements that undermine struggles you can't possibly empathize with speaks for itself. If anything, pulling back on acceptance of diversity in society is pulling us down, and pulling us backwards. If our goal is to move forward, then it's probably in our best interest to start diminishing our prejudices. As others have said, you don't have to agree with someone's choices or the way that they are or live their life, you can't just respect their existence and move on with your life. Getting mad over someone else's happiness when it doesn't affect you is pointless. We're all still human beings, so why should you treat anyone as less than one when they aren't doing any harm just by existing? Yes, the last two arguments stating that over tolerance is dangerous is true, we shouldn't tolerate everything, but queer and trans people are hardly any threat to the foundation of society. If anything, we're holding it up as much as you are.

  • If we are tolerant, what is with

    Racial profiling, wage gaps, hate crimes, transgender homelessness, and unequal marriage laws?
    If we were actually tolerant, there would be some evidence of that. The fact that the above problems are so pervasive is because the intolerance is on such a wide scale.
    Also what would be "too" tolerant? I didn't realize tolerance had a quota. Isn't it just treating people equally regardless of their differences?

  • Fear breeds intolerance

    People are too afraid of what they don't understand or don't like. They think that being tolerant of someone eases lifestyle, appearance or personal beliefs could potentially rub off or taint their perfection. It's very very sad to see the tilt of this poll. It's sad that I'm growing up in a word where 67% think we're too tolerant. We are who we are and as long as our individual differences are ours, and not yours, I don't see where tolerance becomes an issue.

  • Tolerant doesn't mean you have to agree with anything!

    Tolerance can simply mean; you accept that a person may feel or do things differently then you. You do not have to agree with anything. There are laws that protect our freedom. Fortunately we live in a country that allows us to make choices and be who we want to be. JUSTICE does not mean "JUST-US." You don't have to like everyone however, respect would be nice!

    Posted by: JRM

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