• In a sense

    I'm not sure what society you're talking about specifically, but in my society, the United States, I think we've been being brainwashed for a long time, and still are. We've just never been encouraged to think critically about things. We're always told/taught what to think, rather than how to think, which I consider tantamount to brainwashing.

    We're encouraged in schools to stand in reverence and pledge allegiance to the flag before we're even taught why we owe our allegiance to it in the first place. We're told by every president that the United States is "exceptional", without any mention of what it is that we excel at. We're taught early on in our schooling that certain drugs are bad (marijuana, LSD, psylosybin, etc.) but are not told why they are bad, and nary a word is said of the harms of socially acceptable drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, oxycotin, or even pharmaceutical drugs that are often used in excess for recreational purposes, like children's cough syrup. Even in the media, we're often presented with a biased view of events, and they are often put through an ideological filter, and rather than presenting only facts the opinions of the reporter are reported along with it.

    I recognize that the above may sound dramatic because I'm calling it "brainwashing", but I concede that it is fairly mild brainwashing compared to what has gone on in the past or what still goes on in other parts of the world. But it's simply a fact that there is still some brainwashing that goes on in modern Western society, and it continues unchecked because we are all accustomed to it and it is so deeply fixed into our society that we never even notice it. But the fact that we do and believe things based on social conditioning rather than critical thought is a positive indication of brainwashing that still takes place in society.

  • Because we are told to do things by the government.

    The government tells us to vote for them, support them, and they want to control us. Also, the are using subtle techniques to make us veer away from things that they don't want. UKIP are saying that the EU is corrupt and we should leave, yet the truth is the opposite. Also, you have to pay money for things like the NHS, and if you can't afford it, the government might say that if you do something for them, they will give you the money. Said thing may traumatise you and make you slowly but surely their slave.

  • We are being influenced to not think

    The government has developed a system that allows it to seep ideas into your brain that let them do what they want. They have a system in place that everyone takes a hit from. Until we are beaten and battered and silenced. We have become indifferent to the problems of the world and of society. We are given an artificial society to live and breath.

    We are afraid; afraid of the truth. We do not want to leave the artificial society because it is ingrained in your prerogatives. The idea that Americans and Freedom are the key is ingrained in your brains. We find solace in these ideas; or whichever ideas you cherish. Those ideas are what keep us from revealing the true society we live in; from pulling the curtain.

    If someone tried to reveal the truth to one succumbed, the succumbed would revert himself to a right brained thinking that involves your emotion to your opinion; and involves your emotion to your consideration. Your emotions are connected to the ideals that are holding you back. This debilitated you from considering a truth that does not coincide with your ingrained ideas.

    This is the system that has been set up. This is why they are not afraid that we have access to the truth. We defend ourselves from the truth. The elites know that the general public don't believe the what people like me say; they activated there ingrained defense mechanism. We have been brainwashed. We do not have independent thought; we do not have influential thought.

  • Society is utter craps. Just craps.

    It is rude to be too quiet or too loud. You can't have too much fat mass or you are obese, or too little, or you are anorexic. You need to be perfect in every aspect of life or you are a failure. Happiness means success. Success means money. School is conditioning for the "real world" where you work until you die. There are two kinds of people: the good, educated lot and the bad lot, and you should never ever interact with the latter. You should always be yourself because it is trendy. Intelligence equates to knowledge of certain things and grades in school. You should respect your elders because they are older than you. You should keep the beliefs your parents placed on you when you were too young to understand anything. You need to be religious to be a good person. Love means sex. You need to follow the same guidelines for life, which is to go to school, get a job, raise a family, go to an old folks home when you grow elderly, and finally expire. Your outward appearaance means more than your thoughts and personality. Some types of people deserve to be persecuted more than others. There is nothing more beyond the life you live and what you see. Seriously, the Illuminati have done their job.

  • Our lives are too scheduled!

    It is normal to get up in a morning. Everyone goes to work and school at a similar time and comes home at a similar time. It is a shock if someone gets up late or early or comes home late or early. Society brainwash us to feel we should be doing something at a certain time rather than when we actually want to do it.

  • Brainwashing vs. Culture - What's the difference?

    I think when asked this question, a lot of people jump to conspiracy theory mode - WE ARE BEING BRAINWASHED THAT SOCIALISM IS GOOD or GIRLS NEED TO BE BLONDE AND BEAUTIFUL AND COOK FOR THEIR MAN - but to be honest, I think the truth is much more nuanced than that. Jumping to these conclusions is mindless and takes no mental effort or discipline - it's like eating french fries, it's the easy thing to do.

    I think, when you look at the big picture, we are all being brainwashed or "nudged" in much more subtle ways at every moment of every day. We live in the Information Age (or maybe have already conquered it) - political figures, teachers, celebrities, CEO's, startups, advertisers ALL have spent years and years OPTIMIZING their messages. Through psychological experimentation and/or experience, all of these parties have become increasingly better at communicating what they want to the public. It is becoming increasingly hard to define one's self outside of the bubble that these parties are nudging us into. It's NOT a conspiracy theory, or the Freemasons or the Illuminati. It's all these subtle changes in culture overtime.

    I think it's also important to note that not all "nudging" is bad - an advertisement for a quit-smoking drug may use some psychological technique to get you to use their medication. If you use it and actually quit smoking, then is that good? Is that good brainwashing? Perhaps all of these "brainwashing" techniques fall on a spectrum of "good" to "bad". I personally would love to be brainwashed into eating healthy all the time.

    Now is more important than ever apply critical thinking as often as possible. Question everything and challenge everything. A lot of people have a lot to gain by aligning your opinions with theirs.

  • Yes, especially with NK.

    Seriously, NK is not what you think it is. There is no evidence of camps, that is all in the US.

    From a young age, no matter what country you are from, we are all brainwashed to fit the Neo-Supermacist ideas. Girls are pressured to be slim, blonde or they don't get a life. Boys are supposed to be soldiers, tough, or they too don't get a life.

    Don't you see it? WWII never ended Hitler's ideals. It was carried by the allies (except the USSR) who then used it to create an army to defeat the Warsaw Pact, China, NK and other Socialist/Communist countries.

    Don't take the media for your news! We have a brain, so we must use it!

  • Its sad how far America has fallen

    People are taught from birth to think a certain way by t.v. and the education system. Unfortunately most people don't know or care and mindlessly repeat what they're told without a second thought. Even worse is the fact that they attack anyone who goes against what they have been taught without thinking that it might be true. Alot of people also conform to fit in even if they think differently from anyone else

  • Yes indeed I'm afraid.

    Nobody has their own opinions, thoughts or morals these days society is just one big judgemental cancer repeating what other people have said and told them is true and how to think. Very frustrating in my opinion, we're animals on a rock in space and we're all equal... Theirs no right or wrong just do what you want and be nice to each other, it's all a big scam for people to become richer somewhere down the line anyway.

  • Yes indeed I'm afraid.

    Nobody has their own opinions, thoughts or morals these days society is just one big judgemental cancer repeating what other people have said and told them is true and how to think. Very frustrating in my opinion, we're animals on a rock in space and we're all equal... Theirs no right or wrong just do what you want and be nice to each other, it's all a big scam for people to become richer somewhere down the line anyway.

  • It depends on how you are defining brainwashing.

    It depends on how you are defining brainwashing.

    This is from Merrian-Webster.

    Definition of BRAINWASHING

    1. a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

    2. persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

    Is cultural imprinting really any different than forcible indoctrination?

    Cultural imprinting is the process whereby almost everyone in a particular culture acquires the customs and beliefs of the majority in that culture, especially those born into that culture.

    Is cultural imprinting the same as brainwashing as defined as forcible indoctrination?

    I guess that depends on your perspective. Children usually have no choice to reject the beliefs of their culture as children. Most will keep those beliefs even as adults.

    This is why it will take a very long time, if ever, to eliminate religious beliefs that are all based on superstitious dogma.

    Unless all people learn to question the validity of their beliefs, they will be victims of cultural imprinting or cultural brainwashing.

  • You're brainwashing your self!

    As children and still as adults we are told to follow our dream and when we become of age only we can decide for our selves what to believe, what religion to follow if any or who to vote for as an example. Those who believe brainwashing to be true are allowing it to happen to themselves. Spend less time thinking about how you are being brainwashed and more time on your own choices, that come from you and try not to think what influences it. Brain washing may not be real but influencing is.

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