• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

    Our U.S. government is killing people with drones, bombs, special forces (many of them civilians). We can expect the people in those countries to be as outraged about that as we are about the Boston Bombing and 9-11. Seems to me, many of them will want to punish us, just as we have punished them for 9-11.

  • Might not right

    We are creating more terrorists with our arrogant show of force around the world by destroying the principles of our US Constitution via the Patriot Act. Our imperialistic advances are destroying the idea of our own created democracy with fascist behavior that would make the Nazis blush! We should be ashamed of our leaders who refuse to do the right thing and stop being the aggressor to the free nations of the world!!

  • Violence Breeds More Violence

    With our military occupations and forceful attitudes, we are indeed creating more terrorists. It is arguable that we ourselves are terrorists in that a good amount of the time we're the one terrorizing normal people of a country because of the actions of the minority, which is basically terrorism. If we want to fight terrorism we need to promote peaceful expression and education, not go in with bigger guns.

  • It's easy to hate a war-monger.

    The current method for "preventing" terrorism seems to be just arresting/killing any terrorists that are found. This will remove the few terrorists that are found, however these methods are very likely to create new terrorists in their place. When people are killed by drone strikes or are detained indefinitely, none of the terrorists' grievances are solved. Instead, you have one dead/imprisoned terrorist, but all their family and friends are angry that a faceless superpower halfway across the world is exerting their will on a weak third world country. This is almost certain to spawn new terrorists while none of the contributing problems have been solved.

  • It's hard to accept, but YES

    Just look at the past few weeks where a former police officer decided to commit terrorist acts in California because of his views on the government and fellow officers. He created a manifesto detailing why he felt this way and, even though his acts were detestable, it has to be accepted that his actions were a result of his past treatment by his fellow Americans. Besides locally, abroad it can already be seen how the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have created terrorist fighters who seek to disrupt allied forces in their countries.

  • That is completely Hearsay

    There is no reason to say we are creating more of it when we go to try to prevent it. We go out to try to help out other nations get better and people don't want the help. There are plenty of examples of it. But there would still be terrorism going on whether or not we was in other nations. That is completely hearsay in fact if we weren't standing up for our believes in stuff than we would be getting over ran by other nations. Take for example the French would probably of took of Canada spreading their influence and possibly taking over us if he didn't help Canada with their war. So terrorism is not created by trying to stop it. That's like saying let us allow bullying to continue because the more we get involved the more it happens. No, it's because of that which bullying is a way of terrorism that we ignored the issue for so long it led to suicides of children.

  • No, we are not creating more terrorists.

    While some could argue that our aggressive fight against existing terrorists is doing nothing more than creating a new generation of terrorists, I respectfully disagree. We are taking the fight to the enemy, and in doing so are protecting ourselves from another terrorist attack similar to those of September 11th.

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