• I think the slavemasters use mental control rather than physical

    I think in the past with slavery the slavemasters would force people do their work, and it was less efficient because they were unmotivated.
    But i believe today they control them with the media, distracting people with stupid issues, controlling people by fear, programming them how to think in school, this keeps people motivated to work hard, but they are trapped by debt and consumerism.

  • Your time is running out.

    If everybody is like everybody else, then nobody is anybody. Follow your dreams and desires because nobody but oneself can do that. Nevermind what others do or think, they very well may be wrong, or right, but it is up to the individual to create the new strand, not the collective. Be FREE!!!! Be you.

  • We need to stand up for ourselves

    The government of not just the USA is taking advantage of all of us and I'm tired of it. The 9-5 work day, children going to school to learn random stuff only to grow up and become enslaved by the wealthier people in this society! We are told how to dress what to think and how to live. This is not living.

  • For the most part yes.

    Now It's a different form of slavery obliviously. But the Caste system Triangle is ever present along with the Financial Triangle. Except the Financial Triangle is turned upside down, explaining the wealth gap. On the Caste system , it's pretty much parallel to the Feudal system of the dark ages. On the Bottom Rung you have the "Peasants" This is anyone making below the poverty line or anything to do with minimum wage payments, welfare, food stamps. Next is "Serfs" People making 30k-100k a year, you're typical suburban family working tirelessly at a government job or cubicle attempting to make ends meet. Next comes "Skilled labor" 100k-250k , upper level business, very small business owners, lawyers, doctors, professors...Etc, Prestigious jobs. Still have to worry about money, and still work their ass off. Nice neighborhoods, better cars...Etc. Next comes "Merchants" or "Capitalists" 250k-1M, Business owners, CEOs, Nuero-surgeons, Top ring lawyers...Etc. Then "Nobles" Deca-Millioners and beyond. No money issue.

    So yes for the most part the general pop are slaves, and don't get me started on government education or anything to do with Hollywood and the media, it's horrifying

  • Yes we are. 100%

    The Government no longer works for the people. We work for them. A majority of the population works long hours for extremely low wages. It all makes me sick, there's a giant wealth divide, people cant afford their medications, I could write you a book here. Open your eyes, America is not a great country.

  • Yes! Depending on where you sit in earnings

    Most of us are in fact slaves, society has created a system in which we must work to afford food and a roof over our head, those were rights we had before we were civilised so to speak.
    If you don't belive me then do some research on falling off the grid! It's made extremely difficult by your government, in fact id bet there's laws you would have to break to be completely free of working and paying tax.
    So who's not a slave?
    The financial elite, politicians, managing directors ect.
    However.......They are slave drivers in actual fact

  • i think so

    Watch the video and think about it.

    Think about this-

    “Go to work, send your kids to school, follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavement, watch t.V., save for your old age, obey the law, repeat after me: I am free.”

    think about it we have the illusion of free will/choice. We work for the majority of our lives trying to get to a point where we don't have to and then we get there and realize that it wasn't worth it. We have to give our money to another "higher power " to do things we could do ourselves. Taxes and governments are the biggest example of modern day slavery that i can think of where millions of people work to support others and are held there by the illusion of free will.

  • Slave to the economical system

    You are free to travel around the country as long as your not on probation or incarcerated in the the multi million dollar business of being in prison. You are free to have a job and use all your money to rent or maybe buy something to stay alive. You can use your money to pay taxes and into a system that doesn't support you. You can even save money that is constantly subceptble to being fined, garnished, levied, taxed or sued. You can spend your whole life working to earn money just to survive. At the end of you life if you haven't spent all your money on medical bills you can look back and I say "I worked for a living". We are slaves to money which in turn is our economical masters. Welcome to the world of capitolism slavery.

  • Human trafficking is blossoming

    Organ trade, sex trade...

    Just watched a documentary yesterday about parents who've been told at hospitals that their children died, while actually corrupt doctors sold them to rich families who wanted those children for themselves or to organ trade as supply of body parts for the children of those rich people.

    Add the unemployment and work conditions of many people who work their *ss off and never get paid.

  • Wage Slavery, I presume?

    At least that's what many speak of when referencing a figurative slavery. Or maybe a slave to material things, but on both accounts I would say you are wrong. Because now of all times we have the most freedom of job choice, and the most resources at our disposal to live greater more fulfilling lives. The key word being potential- more people fail at breaking the chains they have put upon themselves, but there is nothing keeping us back except our stubborn preference for tradition and lack of willpower.

  • You are ignorant

    You do know there are more REAL slaves today than ever in history right. Approximately 30 million people if I am not mistaken. You have more privileges than you can ever have yet you think you are becoming a slave. Shut up and be happy with what you have because there are real slaves in the world who would love to have the things you have.

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