Are we monsters ourselves if we judge those who judge?

Asked by: RubyDarksoul101
  • If we call those who judge monsters then we ourselves are monsters

    My opinion is that those who judge others could be lost in thought and may not know who they really our, is it really are place to judge them, can we really call them monsters for judging if we are doing the same to them. How can we really know that those people are just bad people or if they are lost people who judge just so they can feel like they belong in this world. I know that judging is sometimes good, but it can also be bad, but tell me, do you think that people can be lost an not know what to do or say, can we really judge them for being lost and alone in thought, for example if i was lost and didn't know what i was doing and i decided to judge others just because i am afraid that others will do the same to me, then will you judge me for choosing this path when no body was there to lend a hand and help me choose the right choice. So all i say is are we judging those who judge without even knowing why they do it?

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