• A majority are whiners but not all

    I'm a millenial(barely at 32 y/o) success story but I worked very hard to get where I'm at and have overcome extreme hardships both emotionally and financially which have made me the thick skinned tough motivated person I am today. I won't go through my sob story but when I hear the little nonsense that my loser millenial peers whine about, my blood boils #1 because my challenges have been genuinely painful and not just some inconvenience or mere discomfort. My discomfort is typically 20-fold but you don't hear me complaining AT ALL i just work harder if i'm unhappy with my circumstances #2 the silly nonsense that comes out of their mouth reflects on my generation and older peers tend to assume I'm lazy until I prove otherwise which is really REALLY annoying. It takes many weekends and late nights to overcome the stereotype! Thanks a lot occupiers!

  • McDonald's-loving whiners, yes

    I believe we are raising a generation of whiners and many people are becoming losers too! What happened to the old days when this crap was not tolerated. It's really silly, I know. I think it's really ridiculous to be honest, but then again that's just me. Lol. Stupidity I know

  • Yes, and it is the fault of all this Politically Correct Bologna and overuse of Social Media

    Many parents are so scared of offending their children, children who have become aware on an entirely different level thanks to social media. They are afraid of the threat of Social Services that many of these kids wield because of their abundance of knowledge gained through their uses of social media, when they are left to their own devices by parents who are either too busy making ends meet or are self-gratifying their own various needs instead of interacting with their children on an ethical, moral, and parental guiding level.

  • Kids are Whiners

    Sure, we were all scared of things as kids, but changing the pictures in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and blocking R-rated movies from the 80's is ridiculous. How are kids supposed to realize that scary things can exist if we constantly keep them away from it.

    Plus, just try going on Xbox Live without meeting a nine-year old squealing about Call of Duty.

  • Yes, whining and self-pity have become so common that they're considered normal!

    I have been noticing lately that whining, self-pity, drama, and sob stories are EVERYWHERE these days, as though they are perfectly normal, even expected, types of behavior. For example, the other day I was watching a home improvement show on television, and a middle class family was showing the designer around their kitchen and explaining why they needed a makeover. They pointed out such "tragic" circumstances as peeling wallpaper, a crooked drawer, and an oven that could only fit one batch of cookies at a time. The woman then proceeded to wipe tears from her eyes and say through sniffles how hard it was to live with such an awful kitchen. It made me absolutely sick. I wouldn't have had a problem if the family had simply said, "We WANT a new kitchen because we don't like the one we have." That would be honest and mature. But the "water works" and "woe is me's" were totally disgusting. They should be glad they even HAVE a kitchen! There are plenty of people in the world who would be glad to even have a stove, much less a whole kitchen!

  • Yes, we are.

    Yes, I believe we are raising a generation of whiners in this day and age. We live in a society of instant gratification with the technology we have available now. Kids are very used to getting what they want the second they want it and this ultimately creates a generation of whiners.

  • No, the adults are responsible.

    You fail parents are raising a generation of great failure because most of you think it's okay to ignore your child and get a babysitter when it is not a dire reason.
    Because the majority of adults with children now aren't as smart as their previous generation, you are raising a generation of passive socially adapted kids who have no clue what's going on in the world and why.

  • No, I do not think so.

    How people are raised has more to do with the parents, and less to do with anything else. I do not think that just because some parents allow their children to whine and act very spoiled means that the whole generation is doomed to be considered the generation of whiners. Many parents teach their kids how to depend on themselves and work hard.

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