• We are distracted drivers

    With the advances of today's technologies, such as cell phones, it is hard to remind oneself to keep the eyes and mind on the road at all times. When the cell phone rings, it is hard to ignore it knowing there may be an important conversation on the other end. If our full mind is not on the road, we are not giving it our full attention.

  • We are far to distracted as drivers

    We are far to distracted as drivers, and it is resulting in the needless injury and death of many people. I fail to understand how drivers can sit and have their heads down looking at a phone texting away while they are behind the wheel of a multi-ton piece of machinery. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  • Yes, the technological advances in cell phones are creating more and more distractions.

    As cell phone technology improves, the number of potential distractions for drivers also increases. First, we started to talk on our phones while driving. That was bad enough. However, then texting and driving became an issue. Now, with smartphones, there are even more things that people can do that will distract them from driving.

  • Distracted drivers is problematic

    Drivers have become too distracted lately. There a multitude of things that distract us, including cell phones. However, people no longer just talk on phones, but use the device for sending text messages, checking and sending e-mails, and playing games. All serve to distract drivers from concentrating on the road.

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