• Oh yes we are!

    We are way too easy on criminals today. I guarantee you that if we would get stricter and lay down the law with the people, the crime rates would go down immensely. For example, I think if you commit murder, you should be sentenced to death also. No matter what the occasion was. Even if it was an accident.

  • Yes, we are.

    Criminals are dangerous to innocent civilians and they should be treated more seriously than they are now. There is no reason that a rapist or child molester should have the opportunity to go back into society and make someone another victim. They are generally messed up in the mind and are not of value to our society.

  • Yes we are too easy on them.

    Criminals while sentenced get a place to sleep, to eat and a roof over their head. Many of which did not have such luxuries and may have even committed a crime just to get access to them. Indeed there are way too many luxuries given towards criminals who deserve far less.

  • Yes we are too easy on criminals

    I think we are way too easy on criminals. They commit a crime and we feed them, clothe them and give them a place to stay. They even get a T.V. And pick of movies to watch. Mind you, they may not be able to come and go, but you get the same treatment if you are ill and put in a mental hospital. I think the punishment should fit the crime. Also, the chain gang was great, minus the abuse. (No person should be abused)

  • No, we are not.

    I do not believe we are too easy on criminals. Some of them have committed minor or small crimes and yet are in prison for years. Even worse there are times that we are wrong and put the wrong person in prison. It is my opinion that we are all people and deserve a chance to change and prove we can be good citizens.

  • It depends on what you mean by criminal.

    Today we have a huge problem with overcrowding in our prisons and that has led to mixing non-violent inmates (mostly drug offenses, as white collar crimes rarely end up with serious jail time) with violent inmates (carjackers, muggers, assault(ers), batterers, murderers, armed robbers, etc) who at first terrorize these new inmates and them indoctrinate them into a violent society filled with gangs and constant danger. Obviously not all prisons are like this, however I have an experience to share. One of my cousins was a drug dealer and got arrested one night. Long story short, our county is very harsh on drug offenses and he was sentenced to 7 years and still has a felony on his record. He got out 5 years later (21 years old) and had a high school diploma and some kind of technical degree. About the same time (maybe a year earlier), we had a shooting at a gas station involving two gangs. The kid they caught was charged with attempted murder, however he would up serving about three years (he must have been like 18-20 something). Long story short, last year, this same kid, about 1 mile away from the first shooting, shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her brother. He killed her, the child and crippled her brother for life. This guy is now serving life behind bars, and hopefully that animal will never leave that cage ever again. My cousin on the other hand, struggles to find a job due to the fact he is a felon (in spite of his skills) and often has to deal to make it by. Instead of punishing people who pose no serious threat to others, why not get and keep violent inmates off our streets.

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