• Yes, we are too reliant on our mothers

    The USA is a soft nation, growing weaker by the generation. The current generation exists expectant that all of their whims and desires will be given to them, and they expect it to be easy. One of the ways to facilitate that is to depend heavily on mothers, who are excessively selfless to begin with.

  • Yes, we are too reliant on our mothers.

    Yes, we rely too much on our mothers. This generation has grown up being coddled and not learning to develop important problem-solving and coping skills. This makes people overly dependent on their parents. Parents, in turn, have made this generation overly reliant by being helicopter parents and swooping in to solve everything for their children instead of allowing them to fail.

  • Families support each other in many ways

    When children grow up, they strive to be independent. It is a life long pursuit. People wish to navigate their own course in life - what job to have, place to live, person to marry, People cannot thrive if they are reliant on their parents - especially their mothers. Given that mothers will never stop worrying about their children, it is always best to have a good relationship with your mother: good communication, mutual emotional support, and understanding. People may be reliant on mothers, yet mothers want to be taken care of later in life, in their senior years. Often, the only person you can turn to, the person who will not judge you is your mother. Dads sometimes yell and inflict punishment. Moms will hear your side of the story and will always give you the benefit of the doubt. Mothers do not care if you are reliant on them. They are glad to be there for you. Later in life, mothers will appreciate the care you give them in return.

  • No, we are not too reliant on our mothers. T

    The bond between mother and child is an important one for society. While some people may have closer relationships with their mothers than others, this does not mean there is anything wrong with that bond. As we get older we can repay many of the things our mothers did for us, making the relationship mutually beneficial.

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