Are we unfairly bashing foods that contain genetically modified organisms (G.M.O. foods)?

  • GMOs are safe

    GMOs have been heavily studied with nearly every single credible study, independent and not, showing GMOs are perfectly safe for humans, animals, and the environment. No health issues have ever been linked to GMOs. GMOs are also more effective, yielding better results during harvest, and have decreased pesticide use on farms.

  • Yes, unfair bashing of GMOs

    There is altogether too much demonisation of genetically modified foods from people who have no scientific backing to their opinions. There are scare stories about the harm of genetically modified foods but most scientists and almost all people who are educated on the subject are excited for the potential of this technology.

  • We are unfairly bashing foods that contain genetically modified organisms

    We are unfairly bashing foods that contain genetically modified organisms, particularly since the bashing is based on no good science and mere perception that genetically modified foods are bad. If, and when, these types of foods are proven to be bad then perhaps we can have a meaningful discussion. Until then, eat to your hearts content.

  • No, food with geneticall modified organisms is harmful for the body.

    Studies show a variety of health risks that accompany consumption of food containing GMOs. These include infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, immune system disorders and organ damage. Farmers who grow crops with GMOs have to use more herbicide to control weeds, as the weeds also adapt and develop immunity to the chemicals, requiring stronger formulations and greater usage. Also, the government oversight of GMOs in food is almost nonexistent at this time.

  • Not enough testing

    Genetically modified foods may be an absolute treasure for the time when our available natural foods sources start to run dry. G.M.O. foods may be able to incorporate the required elements of several foods into one, more convenient package. However, there hasn't been the time since their inception to thoroughly test any long-term health problems which they might induce. With much longer testing-time they may prove to be invaluable, but not yet.

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