• Yes, we are.

    Cellphones are the go to for many. Even if people are hanging out, they pull out their phone and text other people. Because of texting and cellphones, many people don't know how to relate to others without texting. If you are hanging out with people talk to them. Don't text other people. And more.

  • We are attached

    You're out in public checking social media when your phone dies. What do you do? Go outside. We are way too attached to our fucking phones. You need vitamin D. You can't get Vitamin D by sitting under a blanket and staring at a screen. Go outside and quit being a fucking vampire!

  • I believe we as a society have become too dependent on our cellphones.

    Every where i go. Left. Right. All i see is people on their cellphones. Its depressing really. No ones in the world. You are their, but all i see is you lost in your own devices. Maybe some of you are like me and don't like using your phone and care more about experiencing than staring at a screen. I am not going to lie and say its easy to get lost in your phone. It happens to me sometimes. Just a week ago actually, i got an app called moment that tracks how much you use your phone and i was on my phone for 5 hours i realized and i was like oh my god; i wasted 5 hours of my life on what? Going through my different apps, playing games, reading celebrity gossip, i could have been doing so much more than that. I am 18 years old and i think i am the only one who doesn't use Instagram , snap chat, or Facebook. Facebook not much. I go on Facebook every 6 months or so to keep my family who don't live near updated on my life. I believe strongly cellphones are being used way too much and are affecting us all negatively. Sure they are helpful. Great technology and all but its too great. Cellphones take away from other things. We have enough things that interfere with family or friends. Like work, homework, errands and etc. Don't let cellphones be one of those things. Don't let your cellphone be more important than actual conversation and spending quality time with those you love. Its easy to lose track on your phone. You aren't engaging and giving your attention. Its rude. No cellphones when you are with people. I think that should be a rule. Cellphones are also addicting. Researchers say that some people can't actually be without their phone. They get panic attacks. Something like that. Cellphones change the way we think and interact with each other. Dr. Greenfield says, "Constant screen use in kids is especially worrisome because all that screen time is changing the way they handle boredom and making it less likely that they'll find time to do activities that encourage them to exercise creativity and use their imagination. " I see kids using tablets, ipods, phones, way better than me. Its so sad. What happened to playing with toys? Going to the park? Our social life is changing. Our society is changing because our cellphones are controlling our lives and what we do with it and how we spend it. We lose our social skills because we are always communicating with our phones. Cellphones forces us to be anti-social and limits face to face interactions. Cellphones have affected us in positive ways and in negative ways. The affection of cellphones, depends on how you use them. Use your cellphone wisely. Make your life better and much more than staring at screen.

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