Are white males the most dangerous race (im a white male myself)

Asked by: psychohare360
  • I know im a hypocrite but....

    Look at who rampage shooters are most of the time like James Holmes or the Columbine shootings, young middle-class white kids who go postal the moment things dont work out for them. That's why I'm afraid of riding the lightrail all the time expecting a gun pointing at me sooner or later.

  • Aboriginal genocide, WW1, WW2, etc

    World War I casualties. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 37 million: over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.
    World War II fatality statistics vary, with estimates of total dead ranging from 50 million to more than 80 million. The higher figure of 80 million includes deaths from war-related disease and famine. Civilians killed totaled from 38 to 55 million, including 19 to 25 million from war-related disease and famine.

    The evidence speaks for itself, not to mention the Crusades, aboriginal american genocide, lynching and many other MDK adventures religious conservative whites enjoy. Perhaps, whites don't remember history or just their normal ostrich like behavior when they don't want to address important challenges.

    Fortunately, conservatives are dying faster than liberals. =)

  • Genocide against Africans

    The trans atlantic chattel slavery is a prime example of centuries of unchecked brutality, but no one has mentioned it on this thread. The result of the 1884-86 Berlin Conference where white men destroyed ancient sovereign nations in Africa which is the fundamental reason for conflict. Colonialism and the Imperial agenda. The Tuskegee syphilis experiment, systematic mass incarceration of black men in European nations and America. The list goes on. Someone once said that they were not created by God. At times I truly wonder!

  • Statistically white men have murdered more people than most other race.

    Even as I'm typing this there is a news report about a young teenage white man who killed his family members with a semiauto rifle at close range.

    You may see a Black or Hispanic person on the news, you may see maybe 1 or two people being hurt or even killed.

    But every single time a white person does something, its always 5 - as many as 30 or 40.

    White men may not be known for being crooks or ghetto gangsters with du rags and baggy pants, but they are far more dangerous simply by the ratio of how many are murdered by gun.

  • Entitlement breeds frustration.

    Whites are raised to believe that the world is theirs and when things don't go their way, the kill. They will often justify it by pointing at select statistics, but fail to realize these statistics are built upon a system that keeps them on top and everyone else beneath them. Yes, there are great white people, but the majority of them are uneducated and blame the world for their struggles. Blacks only "Complain" because they are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement and brutalized for the same crimes white are in violation of and yet , whites aren't shot immediately upon the slightest provocation.

  • Whites control governments

    Whites work to maintain power. It means that they do whatever is required to ensure their control. We see their blatant actions. Such as shootings. What we miss are the institutional mandates that work inside governments to keep whites in charge. When whites are challenged they innact violence. As the majority or dominate governors they have the right to determine what is crime and who are criminals. For this reason, white crime, and white terror are not properly labeled. We can contribute most human suffering, genocides and deaths to the action or influence of white men.

    Prejudice is a secular ideology. It is a form of absolutism. In this way, white ideology is a secular view which may cause terrorizing of others. Such terror in pursuit of white ideology is no different from other political, religious or secular ideological belief systems. All are beliefs that contribute to terrorist actions.

  • Religion vs Spiritual Sciences

    They took the spiritual sciences from Africa (Ancient Kemet) and changed it to fit their oppressive agenda. People are fearful of God which makes them more obedient instead of being spiritual and more intunned with themselves. Also, our food is killing us with all the GMO's and pesticides and sugar.

  • Religion vs Spiritual Sciences

    They took the spiritual sciences from Africa (Ancient Kemet) and changed it to fit their oppressive agenda. People are fearful of God which makes them more obedient instead of being spiritual and more intunned with themselves. Also, our food is killing us with all the GMO's and pesticides and sugar.

  • We are the WAR RACE

    Whites - In as little as 2000 years, boundaries have been shaped a thousand times by the white race. We have conquered, wrote history and domesticated other civilisations. We have taken life for food, for land, and for nothing. Since the death of the blade and the discovery of a powder, we have made weapons our kin and have been happy to coexist with them. When required, the white race is the most destructive, ruthless, and inhumane race there is and no one alive today has truly seen the levels of creativity or fear that can drive their primal instincts.

  • White males are the most dangerous race

    Because they carry a sense of entitlement, bestowed upon them by history, religion, the culture of the West they tend not to have true empathy so they cannot understand the "other" And when they see a threat to their status as #1 the anger unleashed is unlimited. Please note, there are many deeply caring and empathetic white men. It is the sector that seems to gravitate to power positions who are problematic

  • Nope, we just show less remorse.

    Fact is that wars have been going on for thousands of years no matter what color you are. The difference is that white people learn to profit from it, in more than just gaining land or fighting off tribes. The real question you should be asking is, are white people born with less remorse than any other culture, and able to adapt in ways where that is a social norm. Other cultures have far more respect for people, white people don't care as long as we survive and prosper. White people planned and built the modern world and then led the other cultures to our way of life, through force, but as long as someone benefits we have an uncanny ability to justify it.

  • Every Race does evil but they do tend to follow different patterns

    We are all human and so we are all capable of evil. People of all races and both genders commit crimes. Generally Women commit less crimes because they are less aggressive. I'M NOT SEXIST, it is because males and females have different hormones Testosterone can make men aggressive. Also people of different races commit different types of crimes. This has NOTHING to do with genetics it is a cultural thing. White males tend to commit crimes that require more planning like major robberies or mass shootings. Serial murderers also tend to be white. Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahlmer, and many others were all white. White males are not necessarily more dangerous they just tend to commit different types of crimes than other races. Also other races commit crimes more frequently but the crimes are generally on a smaller scale for example a convenience store robbery.

  • Color doesn't matter in any circumstance.

    Any race is capable of picking up a gun and shooting it. The only reason you see a whole lot of white men committing crimes in America is because 74% people in America are white. In China you would see a lot of Chinese people committing crimes because that's the majority. Also I believe the majority of people who follow Isis are Arabian. Therefore you can't state that there is a dangerous race because it doesn't exist.

  • Statistically, No They are not.

    In the USA blacks are far more likely to commit violent crime than whites per capita.Worst cities for crime and murders are majority black EG Detroit, Chicago, St Louis.Mentioning the crusades does not help your argument beccause they were in direcct retaliation for Islamic invasion of Europe, including the 800 year occupation of Spain by the Islamic Moors.

  • Race is a social concept.

    Scientifically, race does not exist. A darker coloring, or lighter coloring, is an effect of evolution, and is adapted so you can survive better. Have a lighter complexion does not mean you are more likely to attack someone, in the same way being brown haired doesn't make you more intelligent than a blonde. It is phenotype. It is the surface. Remember, on the inside, we are all big bags of meat and blood. That should help!

  • Their is no genetic differences between races.

    Just because a person is a white male. It doesn't make them dangerous. A white make is just a dangerous as a black male. Even females are dangerous. It just depends on the person not their race or gender. It's like saying are all black people thugs. The answer is no because they are all different people.

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