• It depends on the person

    Just because someone is white and sensitive doesn't mean all white people are sensitive, so my answer has to be no. Not everyone is a sensitive bean here. I know plenty of white people who are sensitive and plenty of people who are not. Why do you even care, though?

  • What the heck kiddos

    Yeah, skin pigmentation doesn't have any effect on personality traits. In all honesty, The way you act and feel isn't based upon your external or physical appearance, but is rather formed when you are growing up and upon the environment you are raised. Sure, some "white people" are insensitive, and other are extremely "touchy," but this is all just a matter of individuality. To say that a whole race is defined by one trait is just an over-generalization.

  • I don't think so

    They are definitly sensitive because they feel pain and don't care about each other and also love to kill people which is fun and I think it is fun when people hurt because I want them to feel like they don't care about each others elbows because why not

  • I do think so

    I live in a white hood and i cant help but notice how much white people are pussys. The crazy thing is they dont even notice it. I once told a black man he was a nigger and he said nothing. The second and i mean the second i called a white man poor he told me my parents were going to die of cancer
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  • Seems less so.

    Look at so many comedians today. If a minority comedian makes fun of white people, even white people chuckle about it. If a white comedian did the same thing toward any minority, in a multiracial crowd, you would have a riot on your hands and the comedian would be demonized as a racist. Look, if Trump does something that others don't like, people feel free to criticize him, but when Obama was president, if you didn't like his policies, you were called a racist. Funny thing is, we have already seen cases where Trump reversed some of Obama's bad decisions and instead of giving a reason Obama's decisions were right, they just play the race card.

  • Kind of a racist question

    Not sure how a person's skin colour would define this... Perhaps more sensitive to sunlight? Burn more easily than people with darker skin tone?

    Is the person who asked this question sensitive for some reason...?

    It just seems kind of sad in general that people feel the need to generalize by colour. Sick and sad.

  • Some Yes, Some No.

    Troll bait. All groups of people have their share of sensitive and non-sensitive people. From the question, it's obvious the asker is a very sensitive person. I would venture to guess they are something other than white. Imagine if the same question was asked of any other "color" group. I'm sure this individual would be the first one crying foul.

  • S s s

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