Are wolves good (yes) or bad (no) in a general way?

Asked by: MWonderWolf
  • Of course they are good!!

    Wolves NEVER did anything wrong to humans. The only reason they may attack is to defend themselves. Dogs, man's best friend, evolved from them, so if wolves are bad then technically so are dogs, right? We are driving wolves to EXTINCTION for their pelts and pretty much nothing else. The only things they need to kill is their prey, and that prevents overpopulation. If wolves were wiped out, the whole food web would be practically destroyed. They never did a thing to earn the reputation of the "big bad wolf."

  • Leave Wolves Alone!

    Many people believe that the only wolf is the big bad wolf. This guy isn't real. Real wolves are scared of people, and only one fatal wolf attack has been recorded in North America (NA). Anyone can look at the Yellowstone ecosystem and see how it has flourished since the comeback of wolves. Even the tree population was down to less than one percent of what it is now! Real wolves aren't bad. They have made Yellowstone a much better place, so why don't we welcome them into other places? The answer: because people have thick-heads and don't realize the amazing things that wolves can do.

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