• Yes they are

    Because they are better they can have babies they can wear anything like pants skirts are shorts but men can’t wear skirts they will look weird all they can wear is shorts and pants and woman are loving as well as girls too.
    Men are not because
    They stink
    High speed limit
    Kill people

  • No Gender is Superior to the other

    Both genders are very important and one isn't better or worse than the other. Nowadays, it seems like a lot of women argue for their rights and equality and I see no problem with equality among genders, however, some have started to think that women should be superior to men. I am a woman and I disagree with this. Men shouldn't be superior to women and vice versa. Although both genders are different, not one is better than the other.

  • Saying that either gender is superior is sexist if you aren't just joking.

    Both sexes play equal parts to society and the family. You cannot say one is better than the other. This is like if you said muscle or bone is better than the other. Muscle and bone serve different purposes and rely on the other for support. The same goes for men and women, they serve different purposes and rely on each other for support

  • Sexist dumba$$ mothafuckka

    Women are not better than men, and i'm not saying that men are better than women becuase that would be extreamly sexist men can do the same stuff as women and wear skirts if they want too but that would be weird... Men contribute to the birth of children it would be weird of we reproduced asexually

  • Both genders are the same

    This sexism need to stop now. It is getting out of hand. Also women fought in wars and lost their lives for the nation. Somebody i know has a parent who is a pilot for a plane, and somebody said that he couldn't trust her because she's a women, and whoever said that is a first class idiot

  • No gender is more superior than the other.

    Both genders are very capable of doing great things and both play a key role in society. Take for example an arm and leg, both might server different purposes, one might be more skilled at one activity than the other, but both together help a human function as they need to.

  • There both good

    However i have a felling men dont bully as much as girls bully and also there both good and it dosent mater i dont think it is even woth it to argue abolt what gender is better there is no use abolt fighting wether you are a boy or a girl

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