• Yes, women are.

    Growing up, I was always denied experiences that my brothers were not. It is true that my parents were more old fashioned and sexist, but this is typical in many homes and societies. Women in the United States also still make less money per hour for the same job that a man makes.

  • Not in USA but around the world yes

    In the USA women are not less privileged except when it comes to wage earnings and political representation. However, around the world women are extremely less privileged. They don't have the same amount of rights and experiences that their male counterparts can experience. They don't get jobs and have to dress in certain ways.

  • Women are a less privileged section in society.

    Women do not enjoy many of the rights that men do. Although women represent half of the population, there are not as many women in the government. Women are routinely paid less for doing the same jobs as men, and women often have to suffer sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Yes they are

    Women are far less privileged. Look at the statistics. Most lawyers and doctors are men. Women generally have lower salaries than men for the same amount of work. Most lower class and low income citizens are women. Women have less job oppurtunities in careers like becoming a pro athlete and such. Stats dont lie.

  • Depending on perspective.

    In modern societies there is certainly more or less gender equality, and as humans we are all privileged. Women of past generations are less so then those born currently and in the near future, but with the groundwork for equality in place, the lack of privilege as many put it, is towards parity. If a woman allows herself to have less privilege it is easily accomplishable but privilege can be gained with reasonable effort, in similar circumstances to men.

  • No, women are privileged.

    No, women are not a less privileged section in society, because women have many rights today. A woman today can choose whichever path she likes. She can have a career, she can get married, or she can do both. She can stay at home with the kids or continue to work. Men are often kind enough to provide for their wives. Women have lots of privileges and opportunities.

  • Women are not a less privileged section in society.

    Women are not a less privileged section in society. I think women are proving themselves to be able to do any position that a man can do. We should not underestimate them in the world or the workforce. They have already proved that they can fight at the front of the line in the military.

  • Women have the same privileges as men

    No, I do not believe that women or a less privileged section of society. I do, however, believe that women have to work hard and fight for the privileges that men have, but in no way are we less privileged. There many land mines that are placed in the road of women, but if you are determined all of them can be overcome.

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