• Women are better.

    SO many reasons why.

    1. When we get hurt by a man, we bounce right back up and still treat the next relationship with respect and compassion. Men, on the other hand get hurt by one woman and use it as an excuse to treat all future partners like complete garbage.

    2. We nurture our children and are always there to watch them grow. Men, on the other hand (especially nowadays) leave the woman to fend for herself and her children and most don't even care about being in their own child's life.

    3. We generally have more compassion and respect for any person, place or thing in comparison to men.

    4. We are survivors. No matter how badly we are treated by society, individuals and circumstances, we always find a way to put a brave face on and fight another day, despite our emotions. (Reminder: We are emotional because we care more. Simple as that).

    5. We can do everything men can do even though we get paid less and get abused more. We are athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers. But we can do ONE thing that men would never be able to do in a million years: Give birth to actual human beings, and in case you've forgotten, that includes giving birth to boys, who become men.

    6. We are better with memory, analyzing, multi-tasking and creative thinking.

    7. We don't cheat on our partners unless we are not being treated well, and if we do, it eats us up inside. As opposed to men, who cheat mostly because of opportunity or lust, which is ridiculous.

    8. We manage money better. Of course there are those splurge days where we want to go shopping, but most of us make sure that we have enough money to save, eat well, pay our bills and provide for our children. Unlike men, who would welcome any chance to spend money in bars, strip clubs and sex.

    9. We are cleaner and naturally healthier.

    10. We are better listeners.

    11. We have an easier time expressing our emotions and thoughts.

    12. We are better looking and sexier.

    13. We treat people and animals better.

    14. It is less likely for a woman to be a serial killer, pedophile or rapist. Meanwhile, women can't even walk the streets without being scared that she is going to get raped, killed, and left in a dumpster.

    15. We adapt better to change.

  • Yes women are better

    Women are smarter, more focused and they have a better graduation rate. The people that think women are less than man are macho and are self-centered. Women look out for the teAM AND NOT JUST THE PLAYER. If men did not have a head start women would have already destroyed men

  • Yes, women are better than men.

    They just are. Women are better listeners are least likely to be hurt in a car accented, and graduate the most from college. There are just to many things we have going. Also we are cleaner live longer and eat better. Maybe this is made by how society treats us yes but even based on that assumption it still does not deny how most women are better than most men in most things.

  • Women are infinitely better

    Men base literally everything they do on how it appeals to their masculinity because they are secretly insecure, dependable, little creatures who want to pretend they're in charge but actually just want women to make all the decisions for them. They disguise this by beating it into culture that women should be submissive and are naturally dependent but all this is really just a reflection of male dominant societies intentionally beating women into this "place" with statistics of domestic violence and rape. Men are 100% dependent on women because we are the only ones capable of making them feel like "men". Women on the other hand, are smart to manipulate this into getting them to do those "big, strong" chores like installing my bathroom windows. They're disgusting.

  • We are EQUAL

    Women are good at some things, men are good at some things, and both genders can fail badly at some things. I just voted yes not to be negative, but we are all Equal. Why do you think both genders exist? Other creatures can reproduce asexually, so why not just have women, or just have men? Because both play a part in life, and I don't care if you're a CEO of a huge company, or a homeless person, whatever your gender, you have worth as a human being. I don't care what your opinion is if it's wrong. We are equal, and that's that. I'll respect your opinion, as long as your opinion doesn't disrespect my existence.

  • The future is obvious, women will rule

    Women are smarter, live longer, are better in social skills, have the ability to give birth and can manipulate men. Shouldn't it be obvious that men are inferrior...Waiting for the future when women have priviliged rights compared to men. That will be soon when we look at the statistics in schools. Women excell in every category, even in math...

  • Women Are Better

    Other than obviously physical strength, women are better and more important than men in every other way. Women are smarter and have a higher college graduation rate. In the future women will likely be the dominant gender. Women also tend to make better leaders. This is no real purpose for men other than to help reproduce.

  • Woman over men

    Because they have more knowledge in different household chores.
    They can use money wisely that's why the mother is always the manager of the family because a woman knows what's important..Men don't use money wisely they just use money in doing nonsense things.That's why let's all support woman in the world.

  • Women make men happy

    If women were to disappear today men would be in a panic. They wouldn't get up o time they wouldn't match their clothing, their house wouldn't be clean and their life would be mess. Lets be honest if men disappeared all women would miss is sex. Which we can live without. There are sperm banks for a reason. So yeah woman are better than men

  • Women are better

    There are so many reasons why women are better than men. Even the wisest men make fools of themselves because of women, while even the most foolish women are wise about men. There are many ways this can be proven such as conducting a studies or taking a look at gender roles in government. It can even be proven that women are better than men when it comes to their physical and genetic makeup.

  • Women are just better

    Women usually want to have women around. Men want to have women around. It is only good to have men around when they are fulfilling a specific need. In the future women will be the leaders of society and the gender to whom society caters. Men will exist for reproduction and menial labor.

  • Isn't this obvious

    Women are obviously better, its just that men have been scared of women for ages and thats why they have done everything in their power to stop women from rising to the top. But women are strong and they fight! Step by step, men are being replaced by women in every way. One day the situation will be the other way around than what it is now...

  • Women are better than men

    I. A researcher named James Flynn, an IQ testing expert, conducted a study in which each country tested at least 500 women and 500 men ranging between the ages of 15 and 18. The results shows that women scored a half point to a point higher than the men. It can also be proven than women are smarter with the example of the government. Women in congress have delivered more federal projects and sponsor more legislation than men in congress. A study was published in The American Journal of Political Science that showed that because of the pressure of meeting political expectations women are forced to adapt and excel.

  • We are easily manipulated

    I am a man and I can say that women are better than men in everything. Women are smarter and thus manipulate men easily. Actually when I think about it, women rule the world and men are just the toys/puppets of intellectually and even physically superrior women. Note: physically superrior in the way that a woman can make a man mad with her appearance. Someday all men will realise that women are superrior...

  • Women are better

    This coming from a guy. Women are more responsible and men depend on them for most every household need. Men may be stronger physically, but women are usually smarter. Women are better at organizing things and have better class. They multi-task better as well. Men dive straight forward while women are more calculating.

  • Every man that says that women are less intelligent are wrong.

    According to a study of IQ tests from around the world, women have higher IQs than men. Researcher James Flynn checked out the IQs of people from the U.S., Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Argentine, and Estonia, and found that women came out on top. Score.
    Plus for those of you that say "well men invented more stuff sooo were smarter!!!" Nope. That's where you are wrong again. See, We'll probably never know how many women inventors there were. That's because in the early years of the United States, a woman could not get a patent in her own name. A patent is considered a kind of property, and until the late 1800s laws forbade women in most states from owning property or entering into legal agreements in their own names. Instead, a woman's property would be in the name of her father or husband.

    For example, many people believe that Sybilla Masters was the first American woman inventor. In 1712 she developed a new corn mill, but was denied a patent because she was a woman. Three years later the patent was filed successfully in her husband's name.
    Women invented:
    Alphabet blocks
    Apgar tests, which evaluate a baby’s health upon birth
    Chocolate-chip cookies
    Circular saw
    Disposable diaper
    Electric hot water heater
    Elevated railway
    Engine muffler
    Fire escape
    Ironing board
    Kevlar, a steel-like fiber used in radial tires, crash helmets, and bulletproof vests
    Life raft
    Liquid Paper®, a quick-drying liquid used to correct mistakes printed on paper
    Locomotive chimney
    Medical syringe
    Paper-bag-making machine
    Rolling pin
    Rotary engine
    Scotchgard™ fabric protector
    Snugli® baby carrier
    Street-cleaning machine
    Submarine lamp and telescope
    Windshield wiper

  • Women are better than men

    There are more women doctors, teachers, etc. Than men plus it is a known fact that women are better drivers than men. But the bad thing is that people give men all the credit that the women should get without even doing any of the work. And that is why women are better than men.

  • Women are better

    Women are capable of doing everything that men do and even more. We naturally have a higher pain tolerance because we can handle menstruation and child birth, a better understanding of emotions, our brains are designed for speed so we react and adapt more quickly, and we live longer because we are less likely to do stupid and risky things. What I have listed are only a few things that women have against men.

  • Women are the master sex

    Behind the scenes, women rule the world by manipulating the inferrior men. Men are just puppets. At the moment women in western societies are kept down by ridiculous rules etc. It should be the other way around. Women should dictate everything, men should be trained from primary school to high school that obedience and self-control is key. They should learn to respect and serve the superrior sex; women so that our societies would actually start developing...

  • Everyone is equal

    Everyone is equal, thus meaning men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. Everyone is equal, thus meaning men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. People would learn a lot if they understood and accepted one another. There would be significantly less wars if there was no discrimination.

  • Yes, but not in the ways you think.

    When I say women are better, I simply mean in the dating world. There are far more women who actually possess the qualities they want in a partner, but are blamed for having high standards. Her standards are not high, they are simply at the level of what she, the woman, herself possesses. If a woman wants a man with a great body, great attitude, good income and good heart, that's because she herself possesses these things. Therefore, she is single most of the time.

    Women who have "high standards" but are always dating, are women who want a man who has all the good qualities she does not, for if she can find a man to date and be satisfied with him, then her standards aren't high, she's just being unrealistic.

  • Women are better in different ways

    Women are better in whatever field they choose to be in. Women tend to put more effort in their work and their relations generally. Women tend to be the better parent mainly due to nature rather than environment. Women are most likely to be more tolerant and compassionate that s both due to nature and environment. Women do excel in medicine, law and teaching because they are a people s person. Men are too egotistical and self-centered to be as great as women.
    This planet lucks of balance between the sexes.

  • Equal but different. Equal but separate

    Women are better than men. This whole thing reminds me of slavery and racist.

    1. Men say women are too emotional. Unlike them. Well if men were more intune with their emotions slavery of all kinds would have been over.
    2.And this equal but different thing reminds me of the equal but separate thing in the 1960. It's not equality.

    3. Humans are power-hungry. But men are more so than women. You guys always go to war for this or that. Diamonds, oil, gold. Each guy just wants control to please themselves.

    4. Women have invented and discovered lots of significant things but men always take the credit.And also what did you expect women to build when you don't give them the chance. Not sending them to school and so forth.

    5.Women are insecure because they like to think. They think of the consequence, results eventually they begin to doubt. Unlike men who don't care how their actions affect others. Just as long as they benifit.

    6. Women have bent to the will of men since Adam and Eve. So we have a little more self respect and self worth now and see that we deserve better.

    7. You say women are dishonest. Well it's been researched and discovered that men lie twice as much as women a day.

    8. Women don't lack a sense of justice that's why we have all those protest. It's men that have no sense of justice. Or a warped sense of justice. Ie; Hitler, Talat Pasha,Josef Mengele, Osama bin Laden, Heinrich Himmler, Emperor Hirohito, Nero, Caligula, Genghis Khan, Leopold II of Belgium(greedy). Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, Vlad Dracula.

    9. Yes women really on their intuition a lot. But that's because the majority of the time it's right. Women's intuition have saved lives.

    10. When men don't understand somthing they fear it and want to control it. To show that their better and prove to their giant egos their better. To prove a point.

    A lot of this was to Ziggystardust.

    Women are smarter the school ratings say show around to world. Except when you reach higher levels of education because women are discouraged from pursuing science or mathematic related fields by men.

    Also more women are joining those mathematic and scientific field. Like me for example. I just finished one year in the engineering Course at my school. And I have already thought of terrific new inventions that will better society.

    By me a single black 15 year old female.

  • Women are better at multitasking

    Women can manage homes and offices efficiently. Not just that, they can iron your shirt, help a child with homework, cook dinner, prepare a business presentation and listen to their family’s problems, all at the same time. While men can only think about managing either their home or their office, one at time. Women are less distracted by things and so they can use their better concentration and memory for multitasking.

  • No, of course not!

    No, no, of course not! In my opinion, I strongly believe that women are equal to men, or at least we should all be equal. Nobody should be above, or below the other. I feel that both genders are intelligent, it just depends on the individual. You can't judge a large group of people and say they are all the same in an aspect.

  • We continue life

    Only women can bare children and with new technologies, women can produce female sperm thanks to stem cell research. This makes men redundant. Women are notoriously more complex and I argue this is a good thing- women can read people an d situations more clearly. Men have lived to serve women and have adapted accordingly, like strength (protection) and being a good worker (resources). These characteristics serve to attract female partners.

  • We are smarter

    More women have graduated collage and women also have a higher IQ. They can multitask and have to work more for a job or something like that then men. Women are better care takers they have to take care of their baby and have more responsibility then a father has.

  • Women are better than than men

    With out women, the world will go extinct. People say that most famous people are men like footballers and stuff. Yes footballers entertain us but think about people who have made a difference. Mary Slessor stopped the killing of twins and if she didn’t, they will still be killing twins today. Mother Teresa: Small of stature, rocklike in faith, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was entrusted with the mission of proclaiming God’s thirsting love for humanity, especially for the poorest of the poor. Gisella Perl: She was deported with her family to Auschwitz; where she lost her husband, only son, her extended family & parents. Given the task of working as a doctor, helping the inmates through their disease & discomfort, the bare necessities: antiseptic, clean wipes, even running water. She is MOST FAMOUS, however, for saving the lives of hundreds of mothers by aborting their pregnancies, as pregnant mothers were often beaten or killed.

  • Women are insecure little power hungry insects

    If the entire male population wanted to, all females would be eradicated at their will.
    But, as we males are the only side to have any morale and intelligence in this area it seems, we spare your petty little lives. And I am speaking to all the feminists and misandrists out there. All other women are fine, I take my hat off to those courageous women who put up with these black sheep of the female population.

    For the hags out there, go back into your little dugout and rethink your pitiful lives.

    Also, I must note that as I was writing this response, I was disgusted to notice that the word misandrist was not in this site's vocabulary. Women have been given a bone and are running with it. I say strip them of their excess rights and make them equal to men, not above.

  • Man is man

    Every single stuff you use is designed by men and will be designed and manufactured by men. Your hair dryer, hot shower, shampoo, kitchen utensils, so on. Men bring it all together and put them on place and make a kitchen room out of it only after than you use it. Men do and will always be doing all the designing and progress of our society and women will just enjoy the benefits. Women will just follow men from behind in making human development. Men are designed by nature to lead and you can not deny nature's intelligence

  • We are equal

    This is absurd! No one is BETTER than anyone! My goodness..We're all different, and should be all accepted regardless of gender. Most people answering the question saying yes probably have serious insecurities involving men because of past problems, but it's not right to generalize an entire gender because of your own issues.

  • Actually, they are much worse than men.

    Women say that they are better than men to stroke their egos, but even those women know the truth.

    1. Women are extremely insecure. This might be due to biology, but they use it as an excuse to treat others poorly and avoid responsibility for their actions.

    2. Women lack self-criticism. They get super-defensive and hostile when someone points out that their behavior is detrimental to themselves and inconsiderate of others.

    3. Women have a sense of entitlement. Perhaps this is consequence of #1 and definitely follows from #2. They think the world, and particularly the men in this world, should adapt to them and cannot be bothered to make an effort to make changes in their own habits to adapt to their surroundings. A good example is women who cheats on her husband because she gives in to her temptation but tries to claim that it was something her husband did to make her stray.

    4. Women are dishonest. Men are also dishonest but women tend to be so with those who are close to them and often turn a blind eye to those who are hurt by their behavior.

    5. Women lack a sense of justice. They perceive themselves as vulnerable, underestimate their own strengths, and rationalize their behavior by playing the victim and assert that they are acting in self-defense.

    6. Women rely on intuition and emotion when it comes to decision making. They are capable of ratiocination just like men but prefer to trust their instincts instead of learning how to set boundaries with other people. They also believe their intuition is foolproof despite evidence to the contrary.

    7. Women are intolerant. They view those with behaviors that they don't understand or don't recognize as a threat and lack the curiosity that men have to understand the world around them and investigate things that are unknown. Male curiosity and creativity is the mother of invention. That's why >90% of important scientists, inventors, and artists of all types are men. The fact that men cannot bear children inspires them to create things.

  • No, of course not.

    No, no, of course not! Women are equal to men, or at least we should all be equal. Nobody should be above, or below the other. I feel that both genders are intelligent, it just depends on the individual. You can't judge a large group of people and say they are all the same in an aspect.

  • No, of course not!

    No, no, of course not! In my opinion, I strongly believe that women are equal to men, or at least we should all be equal. Nobody should be above, or below the other. I feel that both genders are intelligent, it just depends on the individual. You can't judge a large group of people and say they are all the same in an aspect.

  • Equality all the way

    Everyone is equal No one is better than the other. Men are stronger physically, like being faster. Women are better at handling conflict and are smarter. This doesn't mean everyone human is like that. Its just in general. Everyone is different so we should accept and imbrace that. And if everyone is different and has their own streaghths and weaknesses no one would really be better.

  • Equal and Different

    Men have strengths and weaknesses of their own, women have strengths and weaknesses of their own. Women have greater emotional acumen than men, men are more emotionally resilient than women. But there are men and women who defy these trends. People are different. No sex is better than the other.

  • Note the Opposition's Headlines

    Those who favor sexism show it, with their self-gratifying titles and egotistical arguments. Any who would claim one gender is above the other is, in short, a weak minded, obsolete, sexist, malcontent who merely desires to extend their own power in the world. Women are not superior to men as the sexes maintain psychological properties roughly equal to one another, with iq results generally equivalent to one another and strengths in similarly numbered but different categories, with women being more adept at maneuvering social waters but men harbouring greater skills in vocabulary and mathematics. When the day comes that feminism wishes to wash over the world like a dark tide to bring hate and violence upon the world, let humanity, men and women alike who value each other's rights and lives, weather the storm of wrathful, unrighteous vengeance.

  • Note the Opposition's Headlines

    Those who favor sexism show it, with their self-gratifying titles and egotistical arguments. Any who would claim one gender is above the other is, in short, a weak minded, obsolete, sexist, malcontent who merely desires to extend their own power in the world. Women are not superior to men as the sexes maintain psychological properties roughly equal to one another, with iq results generally equivalent to one another and strengths in similarly numbered but different categories, with women being more adept at maneuvering social waters but men harbouring greater skills in vocabulary and mathematics. When the day comes that feminism wishes to wash over the world like a dark tide to bring hate and violence upon the world, let humanity, men and women alike who value each other's rights and lives, weather the storm of wrathful, unrighteous vengeance.

  • Typical bigoted feminists

    Men & Women are different, simple as that. However, feminism has based itself on hatred & jealousy of men - not attaining equality, as stated. It is men who have built society, not for men's benefit alone but for everyone's benefit (men, women, children, elderly, disabled, etc.) - feminism builds for women alone and no one else. If ever there was a proof of female inferiority - feminism IS that.

  • Men build societies

    That's pretty much it. The foundations of societies have always been built by men. Men and women have both destroyed societies and both have a propensity for evil and good. Without men, the government and engineering feats of the world go down significantly. I say this with a a margin of sarcasm, because we were made to work together, and societies do best when men and women balance the masculine and feminine in society. Ours society today is trying to erase the differences, and this will lead to the downfall of society.

  • Of course women like to "think" they are better than men.

    With all of the government "help" for women,how can women even think they are better?When no matter what they do,they need a hand up with never-ending government funding to get them there. The government treats women like children that are incapable at almost every thing they do.Women don't compete for the top job's so there has to be a forced gender hiring campaign.If women were so much better then why do they need government help and support for practically everything?

  • Neither is inferior!

    I swear, this debate always bugs me. I have had 5 girlfriends in my entire life, and each time they cheated on me because the other man was more attractive. ANY excuse to cheat on a someone isn't an actual excuse, so cheating for "revenge" is not better than cheating for lust. If you don't like the way you are treated, talk to the man and if he does not listen then leave him! I treat women with RESPECT and I am not controlled by lust like you claim. As for whether or not woman are smarter, I beg to differ. The average iqs of all women are usually around the same number. However, men's iqs are all over, from the lowest iq to the highest iq (212, which is the world record). You also claim that woman are emotionally stronger then men. The U.S. military recently LOWERED the standard for emotional sustainability because women could not handle the emotional stress of being shot at. Otherwise, men and women are the same in emotional strength. And how dare you say that I would leave my children to fend for themselves! I would NEVER and I am a MAN. Also, the fact that woman can give birth does not make men "indebted" to you. Without men, you would not be able to give birth in the first place. Furthermore, I would never spend my money on a strip club or on anything of that sort of thing. I would also like to see you prove that women are better listeners, because so far from personal experience I am a better listener than my partner. Again, woman are only more attractive to men, and men more attractive to women. Judging by the vicious stereotyping in your argument, I assume you are just quite angry at all men because some dirt-bag/jerk broke your heart (which I am sorry to learn about). Maybe women (as well as men) should stop looking at the worst of each other and then stereotyping. God created us equal, but apparently you either don't believe that or you don't care.

  • Men are infinitely superior

    Men pee standing up, women can't. Men are naturally stronger than women. No one wants a female president. Eve was created from Adam's rib because he was bored. The people saying that women are better are most likely Tumblr girls with daddy issues that have nothing better to do. Case closed.

  • Emotion Physical Natural

    1. I'm not say we have had every man and every women do an emotional test, but the overall majority shows that men are emotionally more stable than women, and that is not just a "chick flick" and romantic movie stereotype
    2.By physically I mean that women are ( if you were to do an average) not stronger than men, the average man is even bigger then the average women.
    3. This is more of an opinion, but I think that having a period and having boobs would be a big inconvenience to me at least, and childbirth is painful also.

  • No one sex is better than the other.

    No, obviously not. And men are not better than women. We're all human beings; we started out the same way, we should be seen as equals as we grow. Just because of what genitalia you have or what gender you identify with doesn't make you superior or inferior. It's called human equality, and it's something we should have this far into our history.

  • Open your eyes

    When women group together to actually create something worthwhile for society then I would offer more respect. Men are losing there respect for women. You only need to look at the MGTOW growth to realise that men are opting out of a world with women. Turns out we don't really need them.

  • Men and women are equal

    No matter how we were born, male or female, we are all people! We are each capable of making the same types of choices in our lives. Women gossip too much? Men can't show their emotions easily? These are all stereotypes and everyone knows it. Putting women above men is just as bad as putting men above women.

  • True feminists want equality, NOT superiority.

    I am a die-hard feminist, and being on the same "side" as some of these misogynistic and rather disgusting posters makes me cringe (like seriously...Men could wipe women out if they wanted to?? Please.). But seriously. Feminism isn't about proving that women are better than men. That would also be sexist and would be just as bad as all the sexism that women have to go through. Look, men and women are equal. Even if the majority of one gender is better than the majority of another gender at doing something (i.E. Physical strength), that in no way concludes that ALL of that gender is better than ALL of the other gender at that subject. With the high level of diversity and variety in our society, generalizing like that is completely illogical. Even if you have never experienced it in your lifetime, that in no way proves that no one like that exists. Out of the 7 billion people on the face of the planet, the average person meets...What, a couple hundred? (Including brief acquaintances). Stereotypes don't help our case. Not all men are power-hungry, aggressive, arrogant, emotionally stunted rapists. Similarly, not all women are vain, insecure, weak, illogical whiners. If every person you have ever met fits the stereotype on their gender, then you need to seriously evaluate your relationships.

  • We are all the same no one is better than anyone

    We are all the same... No one is better than anyone it is not the fact of being man or women which makes you a better person,it is instead the actions you do to help this world and the desire you have to achieve goals in life.... Personally we think women are just as intelligent as men........ It is not the gender that makes you better.... We think and act in different way, however we are all aiming for the same goal at the end.... However women are more mature than men..... And men are physically stronger.... It is your essence whick makes you who you are...... So why comparing genders this question is so stupid and pointless...

  • Nope. We are all in the same boat.

    Every person is born as an individual in their own right. There are some differences like: men being genetically designed stronger than women, or the fact that women live longer lives. These are facts that all must come to accept. Any personality is unique, mine is different from yours and the same likewise; it's just that sometimes we are born and raised with unique skills and abilities that define are very character. Both women and men can cheat, mismanage money, and improperly raise children; the fundamental difference is which individuals choose the higher path and live their lives as leading examples of what it means to be human. To be honest about who we are and who we love.

  • Don't believe hanna rosin.

    In, case you don't know who I'm talking about, hanna rosin is a disgusting bigot who has been pushing the superior sex crap for the last couple of years. If there's a superior sex, then there must logically be a superior race too. (And I should remind the audience that feminism is rooted in southern white racism). If that's not bigotry, then. I don't know what is.

  • Not historically accurate

    If women are better than men, then is it that society evolved in such a way that men became the dominant gender in the world, creating practically our entire world? One movement created in order romaine women equal to men which has created a group of people such as those who are my opponents who believe that women are better than men will not change eons ingrained, natural human behavior.

  • Sick of all the misandry

    We're all equal in God's and every rational person's eyes. Women are not smarter, better, superior, stronger or whatever you want to say than men and vice versa. There are many women these days with issues when it comes to men. Why we overlook this is beyond me although the awareness is starting to step up on misandry and the word is starting to get out which is good. I love everyone regardless of who you are and it's unconditional. So men, just know that you're loved regardless of what the female supremacists say about you. You have a lot to be proud of. You really do.

  • No, women suck.

    Women have weaker bodies, often work towards being partners with the best male they can find as opposed to doing things themselves. The average female is probably less knowledgable than her husband. A woman has more fragile emotions. All of this and then they go on the internet looking for ways to establish themselves superior whilst buying into online feminist blogs.

  • People are Equal

    Anyone that disagrees with this stance regardless of the their own is sexist, as such they are going against the laws of most "civilized" assuming such people come from these places which is highly likely they violating certain laws, infraction of laws is a crime, most criminals are ignorant, ignorant people should be ignored otherwise they just drag you down to their level, also many of the opposing view undermine themselves reinforcing my point about ignorance, while i am a massive advocated for feminism i refuse to tolerate sexism towards men.

  • To be honest,

    We are equal the problem with this site is apparently you should not state these things with EVERY man and woman, keep in mind EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT there is no such thing as people who live forever or people who do right to wrong. None of this list matters this list could very easily CHANGE in this case not every woman is less likely to die in a car accident not every woman is more immune to disease then men not every man is tougher than woman. My point is can't we just all get along?
    To those woman who think the human race will disappear without you. That statement is completely false, without men OR women the human race would have fell long ago. Sure scientist are seeking ways to keep it going without men. Lots of those scientist probably ARE men. Just saying in my opinion

  • Women and Men are equal

    Neither men nor women are better than each other. Men and women cannot live without each other. Each gender has it's own strengths and weaknesses but a lot of these vary depending on the personality of the person. People generalise too much in this issue. Everyone is different but everyone is equal.

  • Everyone is equal

    No one is better than the other. Men are stronger physically, like being faster. Women are better at handling conflict and are smarter. This doesn't mean everyone human is like that. Its just in general. Everyone is different so we should accept and imbrace that. And if everyone is different and has their own streaghths and weaknesses no one would really be better.

  • No no no

    We suffer together, we live together, we don't eat each other or anything, but we can't live without each other. Men have as much good things than being a woman. No gender should reign superior to another, as you are not any better than the grand lord of evil, if you think you are superior to gender, since genders is how we evolved/ are created; to be equal. Women live long because of men, Men live long because of women, why don't we just accept it.

  • All are equal

    All human beings are equal. There absolutely comes no point of discussing these at all.Both the gender
    must have mutual respect for each other and we all must thank god for giving us such a beautiful world.We must move together for peace and happiness and for a better cause .We must all be united irrespective of the gender we belong to.

  • Are you kidding?

    That fact that such ridiculous dribble is discussed in 2013 makes me fear my children's future. For anyone to base someones worth based on their gender is disgusting Misogyny is no better than chauvinists. This reminds me of a song that is to me a perfect satire of this entire discussion: Anything you can do, I can do better.

  • Women are just as strong as men.

    There are some things men are better at than women, and there are some things women are better at than men. It doesn't give this issue a fair shake to definitely say that one is superior to the other. Women may be undermined in some things compared to men, however.

  • Men and women are different but neither is superior to the other.

    Men and women are certainly biologically different but neither sex is superior to the other. Each sex has unique attributes and these sometimes allow each to excel at one thing or another more than the other, but overall the sexes each have their value. Furthermore, neither sex could live without the other.

  • People are essentially equal

    Women are not better than men based upon the idea of sex or socially constructed gender norms. All people, whether women or men or other, are essentially equally as human beings of the same species. No person is better than another merely based upon sex or gender although different societies may believe otherwise based upon these constructs.

  • No, of course not

    Women and men are essentially equal. While we may have different anatomy and physical appearances, men and women are very similar. One could compare a single man with a single woman and find some differences society might attribute to underlying sexual differences but this is just not true. In a large group of men, some will like more "feminine" things like cooking just like in a large group of women some will like these things.

  • No, this is a no-brainer.

    For all of the women on the opposite viewpoint, women aren't smarter than men; men just don't care anymore. Why care when women are going to run around like a chicken with their head cut off to keep things going; why do we need two people to do that when one is doing it, and claims they're doing it just fine? The fact that you do more or rather -think you do more- doesn't mean we CAN'T do more. The absence of action on mens' part isn't the absence of ability to act, it's more like the absence of care to act. Even with college, college means nothing as far as proving intellectual competence. I know some dumb people with Master's degrees and some high school dropouts that are genius. That's because education isn't intellect; education is your ability to retain information, which doesn't make you intellectually adept, it just means you have a good memory. In college, the teachers basically tell you the answers or give you everything you need to find them, all you have to do is remember what the teacher said, that's memory, not intellect. Intellect is in the person who discovers the information, puts one and one together from zero and pioneers a new area of study. Men have already set the foundation for the academic fields we have today; women are just in school learning what men have figured out.

    My next issue is that I keep hearing that women don't need men to reproduce because of stem cells, bone marrow, and sperm banks. Stem Cells and Bone Marrow can not impregnate a womant; it hasn't happened, and it won't. Go to Google Scholar, where almost every journal documented organizational research project is peer reviewed and published as "reputable" -if in fact it is actually reputable- and you will find, NOT ONE journal, test result spreadsheet or synopsis, or abstract about women reproducing within their sex. As for sperm banks, sperm banks don't make sperm (it's disturbing that I have to clarify that). Sperm is given, by men, to sperm banks; which means, you need men to reproduce. Seeing as it takes men to fertilize the egg, reproduction starts with men. For example, If you go to a soda machine(woman), it already has sodas in it(woman's eggs/child); however, to get the soda machine to produce a soda, you need a dollar(sperm). The soda machine(woman) will not produce a soda(egg/child) without the dollar(sperm). Reproduction starts with men.

    Lastly, If you were to cut the nonsense and just look around you'd almost everything we use today that is necessary and maybe even not necessary to life has been made by men. Which is funny because the women taking the opposing viewpoint are slandering men and saying men are not smart using a man-made computer. How can you use my intellectually complex invention to tell me I'm not intellectually complex? YOU, for that matter, are the one who's not very intellectually complex.

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Anonymous says2013-05-06T06:37:35.433
Womens are always better then men
kdubbleu11 says2014-01-15T06:50:02.807
Everyone is equal. But to the sexist pigs..YOU CAME FROM A WOMAN. If it weren't for women..You would be having butt sex with your male friend and then guess what? The human race will become extinct. Women could live on earth without men..We have sperm banks. Haha.ANYWAY..Women are smarter its a proven fact. Touche