• Society is more sexist to men

    Women have got too much these days, more than men, their "rights" in terms of divorce and custody are absurd, as is them being able to accuse anyone they like of rape with little evidence.

    Everything just seems to be about women these days, as if men no longer matter, everyone is only worried about the women, there is no equality. The double standards that exist, a woman can hit a man and people will just laugh and call him a wimp, but if its the other way round he's a brutal, oppressive caveman, so why the big difference? Is it because men are stronger? So that means they arent identical and equal?

    Even in other matters such as appearance, there is so much focus on unrealistic standards for women yet for men, it is fine to criticse them if they too short or too fat or not upto the girls standards, whilst a guy is narrow minded and sad if he doesnt like a girl because of her appearance.

    In a nutshell:


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