• In some areas yes.

    Women are a lot more likely to make less than a man for the same amount of work. Women are also sometimes seen as the weaker sense and not good in the workplace because they are social and gossipy. This of course is not accurate, but it is a bad perception of women.

  • Women Less Privileged Than Men in Many Ways

    In general, women are less privileged than men when considering the entire world. Women have little to no rights in many countries, and not all of these countries are underdeveloped. Women need more rights around the world because such inequality is hurting society in more ways than one. Plus, women are just as capable as men.

  • Women are less privilidged than men.

    Women are less privilidged than men in more of the world than they are equally as privilidged or even more priviliged than men. This is because in most societies men are valued more than women for their skill, intellect, and ability. Since this is the case in more of the world than it is not, women are less privilidged than men.

  • Yes, women are less privileged than men.

    In many respects, women do have less rights than men do. For example, women may be forced into marriages. In some countries, they are denied the basics of even a lower education. Rape is epidemic in some countries; women may also be forced into sex slavery. In the United States, where there have been advances in women's rights, women are seen as people who need to have it all--with the pressure of raising a family and having a full-time job. Women are also under a lot of stress as to physical appearance, which men are typically not subject to. While women's rights have progressed a lot, there is still a long way to go to make women and men have equal rights around the world.

  • Yes, in some areas.

    In many areas of the world women are given little to no rights and the men get all the say. In the US women are treated more equally and tend to be treated with the same level of respect a man gets, but there is still places and people who do not uphold that. The change is taking time, but hopefully it will eventually happen all the way.

  • Men have an advantage over women

    Yes, I agree that women are less privileged than men. Women have the same rights, but those rights are sometimes not respected due being a woman. Women have to prove themselves in areas that men are already assumed to be good. In the end, to gain the respect of men they must jump through many hoops and sometime endure a lot of boundaries that men do not face.

  • Woman are more privileged

    Woman in many areas can use their body for lotta stuff. Rape is used as a weapon by women to show that men are bad. But look at the areas which have equal women representation ., Sweden , Finland , Norway and so on there the rape is in large numbers . Meanwhile countries like India where the Woman rights are imposed at a certain level , the rape stats are less .Https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Rape_statistics#/media/File:Rape_rate_per_100,000_-_country_comparison_-_United_Nations_2012.Png

  • I have never felt it

    As a woman i have never felt unpriviledged compared to a man. There are many times in my life when i have actually benefitted from priviledges specific to women, which allowed me to live very interesting travels and adventures.

    1. When i started out decining to try out living on the street, and i would try to ask people for money, i would make way more than my male friends.

    2. Sometimes i'd jump the metro, and when i got caught use a little bit of charm or play naive, and i never got any contravention.

    3. Hitchiking is easy for me. 10 minutes on average to get a ride. My male friends average 1 hour or more.

    4. Easier to find places for couchsurfing. Also easier to find roommates. Many people are looking for specifically women.

    5. In two physical jobs i did, sometimes i'd have to ask help from men... And they helped me with enthusiasm... But still we'd make the same pay, but they did more work.

    6. I have been hired in a job with a lower score on the test than a man... But they were looking to hire a woman to keep the sex balance in a traditionnally male dominated field of employment.

    7. In general, men eat more than women. Their different build asks for more food. And the diva cup that i have to buy don't make up for the budget gap here.

    8. If i want sex, i can have it any time i want, fairly easy, even if i am shy or not amazingly beautiful. I know it is not the same for men.

    So... These are some priviledges i have experienced. And never felt un-priviledged as a woman.

  • Women are more privileged than men.

    Women will spend less time in prison for committing the exact same crime as a man. If a woman rapes an underage male, she may be able to sue for child support if she got pregnant while raping him. Women are more likely to be given social support than men, and are not encouraged to hide their emotions and “man up”.

  • Women have always been privileged.

    In every society and civilization throughout human history women have only had to comply with social norms. Men however, have had to comply with social, economic, militaristic, legal, and religious norm, rule, and regulation where women can (especially nowadays) ignore every norm, rule, and regulation with minimal backlash or punishment, if any at all. And to top it all off, they can rule the world without ever lifting a finger, they need only manipulate the right people, which they have always done.

  • No, they really aren't (at least not more then men!),

    ...After all:

    Women now earn more degrees then men

    women have more rights when it comes to reproduction (from abbortion to getting the kids after a relationship goes south!)

    education in general being about women (even now that girls trump boys soundly, because school caters to them, it still is like this "women need help, let's give projects for women more funding", even if the truth is kind of different!)

    women getting lower standarts in the armed forces (and other uniformed services)

    women receiving reverse gender bias (note: BIAS AGAINST MEN - which seems ok...It's only bias if it's against women, is it? It's only sexist, if men do it, isn't it?)

    women being able to sue employers because of mal-treatment or sexual harassment

    then there is the domestic-violence thing (be honest: do you bat an eyelash, if a man gets beaten up by his girlfriend/wife? - no? Do you in fact either cheer her on ("he deserved it") or do you call him a weak whimp (even if it was drilled into his head all his live: "don't hit women")?)

    false rape accusations (the men's reputation is ruined for live (at least if he doesn't leave for a place where no one knows him)

    gender-pay-gap (yes, it does exist - but not in the way it is always shown: it is a statistic that does not take live-choices (flexible working hours, less working hours (compared to most men), less demanding jobs (men take to things like engineering, IT etc. while women often become teachers, child-care-workers, nurses etc. which are paid less (which in some cases is dead wrong, but that's not what we are debating here))

    women live longer (studies in monastaries show, that it's the livestyle in modern society that is doing this to us, because in monastaries - where people (both men and women) do not have many of the demands of modern society, the gap is small, almost non-existant and there's enough statistics, that show that men work more, work more dangerous, dirty and hard jobs (physical labour, for example in coal-mines or on oil-rigs!) and thus naturally shorten their lives (while women on the whole (there are some women who do those jobs of course, but not very man) do not want these jobs (in fact most would probably go on strike/riot if the had to work in conditions men accept without much fuss (like the mentioned oilrig!))

    I would say:

    Total equality is possible, but IMHO no one really wants it (last of all: the feminists - they want all the pros of being equal, without taking the attached cons (like say: needing to serve in the military or registering for the draft (for the US))...It is within our grasp:

    We just have to throw out the last of the prejudices against women (there's still some) and stop the pendulum from going the other way (bias against men, giving women free passes and less punishment for crimes for example etc.)

  • Fairly Equal Playing Field

    I feel, for the most part in America, women are not less privileged then men. I think each gender faces different struggles and I do not believe everyone receives the same "fair" chance in life, but I don't think these pitfalls are based solely on gender. I feel as though I am on a level playing field.

  • Women have extreme privilege over men

    When comparing like for like, life is very good being a woman. 80% of homeless people are men, 90% of people in prison are men, men pay 72% taxes, women earn more until 40 yrs old (until the point they decide to have children/go part time), women are approached, courted and given special treated by men traditionally, women earn more university degrees, 90% of divorce court cases go in favour of women, women almost always get child custody and the man is made to pay child support, women are hugely let off the hook when they commit crimes.... The list goes on. Feminism deserves ZERO respect for what it has done, which is effectively elevate women a few classes above men for absolutely no other reason than owning a vagina.

    Next time if you meet a feminist - ask her if she can give ONE example of where the state disadvantages women. Just ONE example. The truth is she won't be able to give one whereas there are endless examples of where the state discriminates against men in favour of women as a matter of policy, funded schemes, positive discrimination bla bla bla. Yet feminists continue to whine... And offer nothing of value to society themselves.

  • How can this even be a legit question.

    We do not need to look any further than items that are actually supported by legal hard copies. Meaning gender differences actually written on paper. Not misguided stat's.
    No where in western civilization will one find anything on paper that gives a man more privilege. There are only laws in place that less privilege men(draft), ministries that only privilege women, schooling privileges, child custody, etc. All written, supported, accepted with in our society. I believe one of the biggest hypocrisies of today's times are how a gender can totally turn a blind eye to such obvious discrimination. For that reasons feminism holds no value or merit.

    Posted by: zoo
  • No there not

    Heres a link to the reasons why.
    there are more but this is just some of them.
    To sum the link up it basically tells you the reasons why women are more privileged then men. Examples like custody,rape,social status...Etc.
    Hope you enjoy my opinion on why women are privileged

  • They have more priveleges

    They receive less jail time, are considered a protected class who should not be hit, are far less likely to be the victims of violent crime, are about as likely or a little more likely to commit domestic violence but are not considered to do so, they receive gender based quotas and scholarships and are valued over men on job applications, they have more shelters and benefits based on their gender in social programs, and they still get to be taken seriously when they claim to be oppressed.

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