Are women unqualified to become presidents because they lack mental and physical strength?

Asked by: Arnold_Benjaman
  • Hillary Clinton is a great example

    Hillary Clinton is a great example of why women are incompetent to become president. First of all there is no leader of any great country that I know of has a women as a leader, and even if they do, most of it's parliament and government is run by men. I do not understand why politicians such as Hillary are playing the sex card to get other lower-sex people to cast their vote for her. Why can't the race just be a group of men like it has for the last 200 years? We already have muslims trying to destroy the world and black monkey's destroying our infrastructure, we do not need women to ruin our political system as well.

  • Women can become President

    Studies have shown that men and woman are equally strong mentally. Studies have also shown that men are more physically stronger than women. However, in this century, you don't need physical strength to get to the top of our social hierarchy. Why does it matter if a president has muscle? It's not like they are going to fight a hand to hand battle against another country, the military does that. To become president, you NEED mental strength, something both genders have. I feel like society mixes mental strength with physical strength. There have been many great but physically fat MALE presidents, they were mentally strong and that is what made people respect them.

  • Egalitarian Here. Women would do just fine

    I believe women would do just fine running a nation. We have women in out Supreme Court, in Congress, serving in the army, helping this nation grow, so why can't a woman run the nation? I don't believe that all women are physically and mentally weaker to believe that it would be a sexist claim putting all women in one group and saying they are all the same in that regards. There have been intelligent women who would be great presidents and there are terrible men who should never be president, there are great men that should be president and there are terrible women who should not be president. Gender shouldn't be the deciding factor. (Although I don't think Hillary should be President)

  • Women are fine, just like men

    Men and women can both run a country, except maybe a man runs it better. Most countries are ruled by men for a reason, because they are physically tougher and mentally stronger, as in the title of the question, but there is the occasional country (like Nazi Germany) that is run by women.

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