• Kpop is good for you

    Kpop is a phenomenon and it is taking over the world by storm.
    A lot of people like it and it is rude to just put down people that respect their language and music. We have the right to our own opinions and freedom, so anti-kpop?, just go away and listen to your own music.

  • You have to try Kpop

    Kpop has two sides. There is outside where Kpop exists as weird global phenomena. It may look really awkward and strange since the music and entertainment culture is very different from the one many people are used to - western.
    But there is inside. It is unavoidably absorbing thing. Kpop changes your taste in music, fashion, films even behaviour. And I am not talking about Koreaboos. No, it is simply that in some ways you open up for different culture and understanding how the world works.
    You don't consider male acting cutely as a sign of childishness or weakness. You learn that music can be enjoyed even in foreign languages ect.

    Those who were praised by some circumstances in their lives to actually become a part of Kpop culture, in my opinion, are blessed. Because they got a chance to decide whether they are going to like this culture or not.

    But it is not about Kpopers. Saddest thing is to understand how many people miss a chance to like Kpop because of stereotypes and certain public rules or labels.

  • I am a Koreaboo. LMAO

    I love Kpop! Most groups try so hard to make their fans' day great and that just makes me feel love them. Not only that, they practice so hard. Although some of their personalities may be superficial, I do know that a lot of them love their fans. Kpop has even influenced me to learn Korean so that I could try talking to my Korean friends in their language. (I'm Japanese) And so far, I've gotten two of my friends to love kpop! One of them is my Chinese friend who started with EXO and is currently just stuck with BTS. Lol She started with EXO cuz they speak Chinese but then she went to BTS because EXO's Chinese accent annoyed her. TuT The other friend was my Jpop friend. She loved Arashi but after showing her songs of EXO and Infinite, she just jumped right in. >< I don't know why I'm going into details. Lol

  • Yeah. Im Proud.

    I am a kpop fan because they are one of the nicest artist ever. I respect many of them because many of them had went through so much to be where they are today. Some of them trained for many years. I am a SONE, Girls Generation is the best!

  • Yes, a fan.

    There is this one group named "BTS". They basically changed my life. They make good songs. Most of the songs are relatable and motivates me, and many more people. Kpop is not just about good looking faces, most people became a fan coz the artists are charming, talented and produces quality musics

  • There are Many Reasons to Love Kpop.

    They are exquisite artist. Language is not a basis to judge them besides Music is a Universal language. They are really good dancers. They are skillful dancers. They are brilliant Composers. (Try to search for english translations of kpop songs)Sometimes they made me cry without even knowing and understanding the lyrics. My heart just feel their songs.

  • I like Kpop

    As much as i have enjoyed kpop, I don't know if I could consider myself a "fan". I enjoy some, I don't others. The songs really DONT range in many genres and the only thing tying them together isn't that they're Korean. There is many other genres in the Korean music genre, quite actually. I do listen to some groups and idols (artists) more then others. I've enjoyed Big Bang's music for a long time. I've enjoyed the singers as much as I've enjoyed the music. Although some don't like it for the music but just for the people....Which I'm somewhat against. I haven't listened to Sm groups and artists in a long time, I feel the company is much more of a training company. They create idols. I'm not against this as it was the idols choice in the first place...Tin he music sense, I haven't ever really gotten into Sm's style of music. Nor have I really enjoyed Exos performances, but my opinion, I guess. Jyp has always focused on great dancing and more upbeat type song, recently releasing Day6, which was a big change. Yo had always been my favorite of the three, in music and training proportions for the idol. But I feel that kpop can also be a very diverse and I really can't say I'm a fan of Kpop but I have enjoyed some Kpop, I can't say I like Kpop just because it's Kpop.

  • Of course I am

    I actually love Kpop well I am Korean, but they are really nice and it doesn't have bad words in the lyrics as much as English song does. I also like English songs but I think Kpop is amazing and very talented. Also Kpop is popular in the world now!!!!!!!

  • Yes and no

    I am a fan of certain groups. I mostly do not care for most k-pop groups because there are so many of them and most of them recycle concepts instead of being original. I mostly listen to SM groups, especially their girl groups. My favorite k-pop group is Girls' Generation. They are, undoubtedly, the best k-pop group in the world right now. I personally feel that they are the most talent group out there which is why they dominate the charts all over the world, not many Korean pop groups can compete with the Western world but they definitely can. Aside from this, I admire how hard working k-pop stars are, they went through years of training in music, choreography, vocals and language before debuting.

  • Yes yes yes babe

    I love k pop im willing to die for EXO. They are so handsome, cute, pretty, omg u will just literally die if u meet them face to face. So wat even if they rly had plastic surgery? At least they make the effort to look good, so tat fans will adore them, splurge money for them, etc. unlike some idols (im referring to other countries oops no offence) tat don care their appearances, they a little bit (u get wat I mean) one leh unless their cai hua damn good lar. SRY NO OFFENCE TIS IS JUST WAT IM TRYING TO SAY

  • No, I am not a fan of Kpop.

    I cannot respect anything with the name of Kpop. It seems like it should be the name of some kids of foolish children's cereal. I can't tolerate the trend of things getting stupid names these days. Kpop makes the world a little bit of a sadder place for me to live in.

  • I don't condone with slavery

    It's before rumored and now widely known that the great corporations of sound industry treat your employees like garbage and control their lives like puppets. But, it seems it's freaking worse in the korean scenery! It's been reported numerous cases of situations similar to slavery with their artists and many abusive treatments to them. I can't stand consuming a product that is made by the cost of destroying lives! And this type of "canned art" is overshadowing people that is very talented in the South Korea. Well, that's my position.

  • Not anymore sadly

    I used to be but dumbass armies came and started stanning BTS in 2015 and now it is PLAGUED.
    I can't watch any of my (ex) ult groups without seeing they take insp from BTS or an army is there to support them.
    This is why I only listen to K-rnb, K-hiphop, and K-indie.

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