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  • I do not suffer from arachnophobia.

    I have never had a fear of spiders or their webs. As a child I would play with granddaddy long-leg spiders that I found. I have no issues with most spiders and when I find a particularly large spider, meaning at least as big as the palm of my hand, I simply do not mess with it.

  • No, I am not afraid of spiders and their webs.

    No, I am not afraid of spiders and the webs they cast. Without spiders and their webs, other insects that actually affect humans, such as mosquitoes, would be able to live on in households without being caught and later killed by spiders via their webs. Personally, I have no problem with spiders or their actions.

  • No, spiders are nothing to worry about.

    Most spiders do not even have the ability to bite humans. They are generally not interested in harming people. Instead, they help keep our homes and gardens free of bugs that would invade. Walking into a spider web does not feel pleasant, but it is not harmful in any way.

  • No, I'm not afraid of spiders and the webs they cast.

    No, I'm not afraid of spiders and spiderwebs. Spiders are essential predators within the natural food chain. Living among them is natural and should be accepted as a normal part of life. Being afraid of such things stems from the distance someone has to their natural environment. Appreciating them makes far more sense than having a fear of them.

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