Are you allowed to carry smartphones at school?

Asked by: athar13
  • We need it

    Because if there is a bad problem in the middle of shool and there is no other phone around the suchool. So we need to have our skartphones around school. For safty reasons like someone comes in to to kill the student ur gang need a phone to call like the cops and theres not gang be a feaken phone around everyorner in the suchools so that is some of the reasons why i think students need to carry there smartphones

  • Smartphones are allowed in phone

    I used to attend a public school where smartphones are allowed. Teachers would notice if a student were constantly looking down into their lap silently laughing at something that was obviously not the lesson and take their phone away. If this happened often they would contact their parents. Plus phones are needed in case of an emergency at school. If someone were to call threatening that they would blow up the school, and everyone was forced to evacuate, students should be able to contact their parents and loved ones to let them know of the situation and let them know that they're all right. Trying to get a classroom full of students to use the one phone that the teacher has at their desk in a situation like this would yield horrible results, especially if the bomb threat was real.

  • Why on earth!?

    Considering the fact that so many kids are addicted to there phones, they prettey much destroy the whole concept of school. Your suppost to learn, not take 50 selfies.
    If schools allowed phones, literally everyone would receive F, this is a another huge reason why I attend a private school.

  • Yes and no

    Yes and no. As a student, i say phones should not be allowed in school because kids are distracted from studies nowadays because these gadgets contain highly addictive games, apps, etc. that urge them to use these phones, but, to some extent you are allowed to take phones to school, esp. In cases of emergency.

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