• Yes, I am buying into the Zika virus hysteria.

    Call it hysteria if you choose but in my opinion, you will call it something much different if it happens to infect you or one of your loved ones. Disease is not something to be taken lightly. It is all to easy to make ourselves comfortable by assuming people are overreacting. I say better safe than sorry.

  • It's definitely an international problem, but much of the hysteria is overblown, especially in the U.S.

    Zika virus is a major international problem that is worthy of a lot of the concern about it. However, for most Americans it probably isn't too much of a concern. Most cases have been in other countries. Having said that, it has already spread to the United States in Miami and could definitely spread more, so most of the concern is warranted.

  • No, I'm not buying into a Zika hysteria because there is no hysteria

    By definition, hysteria means exaggerated emotion. The fact is that Zika is a deadly virus that is easily transmittable through mosquitoes. Educating the public about this disease and teaching people it also can be transmitted through sexual contact is the most responsible thing to do. The fact that it is not on the headlines of newspapers today and the fact that congress has failed to pass a bill to fight this disease is proof that not only there no hysteria about Zika but there is not an adequate amount of attention to it.

  • Zika virus poses little risk to most people

    According to the CDC, most people infected with the Zika virus have only mild, flu-like symptoms that last a few days. After that, they are immune to contracting the mosquito-borne illness again. Some people do not even realize they had the virus. It is a serious risk for expecting women, but not most people.

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