• Pit Bulls account for 90% of fatal maulings EVERY year for the past 20 years.

    This is not about fluffy dogs or discrimination or the owners. The US takes a stand against KILLER BEES, not all Bees. We watch out for black widow spiders in particular. The statistics PROVE that pit bulls are very dangerous even when they show great behavior with their owners. Read the news and open your eyes. Pit bulls kill without provocation many times to complete surprise by their owners. Don't get fooled by the words that try to make this sound unfair. Any animal that is exceptionally dangerous by nature needs to be regulated.

  • Where it is necessary.

    Yes, I am in favor of breed-specific legislation, because there are some breeds of animals that need regulation and some that don't. Pit bulls need regulation, but cute little white fluffy dogs probably do not. There is no sense in regulating a breed that doesn't need regulating, just because that is somehow more fair.

  • Owners are at fault

    In my opinion, the research that he been done into this area show that in almost all cases, the owner is more responsible for the behavior of a pet than the actual breed of the dog. While some concern should be given to having certain breeds with more ill-tempered reputations in certain high population areas just to limit risk, outright bans over entire countries or territories of certain breeds is not necessary. Owners need to be more educated about properly raising a dog to prevent a fair number of more violent incidents.

  • No, bad owners create vicious animals

    No, I am not in favor of breed-specific legislation because bad owners are to blame for the poor reputations of certain breeds. No breed of dog or specific animal is born "bad" or dangerous, and it is poor ownership and training on the part of the human that results in attacks and other tragic situations.

  • No, I Do Not

    I am not in support of breed-specific legislation. These laws are generally targeted towards to pit bulls and they often make it sound as though this breed in inherently dangerous. As an owner of a pit bull I can assure you they are not inherently mean. I have had my dog since she was 8 weeks old and she's simply a huge baby. She is two now with zero signs of being aggressive or mean.

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