• Yes, I am

    Of course I am in favor of Scottish independence. But this is a viewpoint of an American, looking in from the outside. If Scotland wants to be free of England and Britain as a whole, they should be. If I were a Scot, I certainly would want to sever ties to England.

  • Yes, it is time for the Scottish to rule themselves.

    The Scottish have been under the power of the UK for far to long. The Scottish people deserve to be able to democratically make decisions for themselves. If the people wish to get ride of the nuclear program on their Northern shores they should be able to. Scotland is in more than an ideal situation to have a successful succession from the UK and if the people want it they should have it.

  • They are better unified.

    No, I am not in favor of Scottish independence, because the Scottish people have a stronger defense system if they are part of the United Kingdom. Also, the pound is a very strong currecy. The Scottish people still have their own identity, but they get to piggy back on the good things about the United Kingdom.

  • The UK will decimate their cash and resources before leaving.

    I think that Scottish independence will ultimately be a big mistake. The Scots seem to believe that they have the industry and cash reserves to go it alone. After all, what about all that oil? But what they seem to forget is that once they're no longer a part of the UK, a lot of that money and industry will head south. I mean, you seriously don't think they're just going to hand it all over, do you?

  • Scotland should not seek independence

    While Scotland has a rich history and a long tradition of wanting to be free from England, sometimes fighting bloody wars to reach this goal, it would not be in Scotland's best interests to be independent from England. The two countries are tied together on the same small island and have too many economic interests in common.

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