• It's not fair for others.

    Important leaders cannot help it if one of their family leaders do something that they shouldn't have done. Even leaders cannot make sure that everyone follows the laws and do what they can and cannot do. It's just not fair for so many people who work hard and campaign for a spot in government.

  • I want to be hopeful.

    Just turning on the T.V to listen to the news has become a problem. So much death out there. And don't get me started on America and it's Political Correctness. America as a society is extremely split, and not just int halves..But multiple smaller sections that seem to divide forever. People making big deals out of nothing,no one talking about big events that are extremely important. As long as WW3 doesn't start in 10-15 years,I honestly will be fine.

    And for the love of God,why can't we just come together and annihilate ISIS?

  • Sorry to say, but no

    I hate to be a cynical, glass-half-empty kind of guy, but the world is on an a very bad trajectory. Economically, we're in the end stages of the Tytler Cycle, and collapsing into a despotic dictatorship is only a matter of time at this point. Evil forces like ISIS are running rampant because the sickness of political correctness has infected our culture to such a degree we prefer to die than risk hurting someone's feelings. I could go on and on about the alarming trends in modern society, but the bottom line is that the future will look a lot more like "Idiocracy" than "Star Trek"

    Posted by: SM29

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