• I'll write a headline later.

    I'll pick a side later. (Oh, I already have) I'll write a supporting arguement later. I'll correct that spelling mistake later. Ill put an apostrophe there later I'll put a period at the end of that last sentence later. I'll press the submit button later. I'll stop saying "later" later.

    Fine, I'll press the submit button.

  • Hmm . . .

    Am I procrastinating? Well that's a difficult question to answer. I need some time to think about this. Maybe I'll let you know tomorrow. No, wait, it's 7:00 p.M. And I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I should go to sleep at 10:00, which is about 3 hours, plus about eight hours of sleep . . . Yeah, I think I can tell you the day AFTER tomorrow. No, wait, I'll be at work all day tomorrow, and then I'm going out of town for a week, so . . . I guess I'll tell you in a week and two days. Oh, but my brother-in-law is visiting then for four days, so I'll let you know in a week and six days. Shoot, I forgot - my daughter's birthday is the week after that, and I'll be planning for that so I can tell you in two weeks and six days. Aw, man, I just remembered that I have to spend all the rest of my life "forgetting" to answer the question and not really caring, so I'll let you know . . . Never.

    But I'm sure you can figure it out.

  • I am procrastinating right now.

    I have both aff and neg cases for an actual high school level debate due in two days and I have four hours of homework plus the homework I have to re do because I wrote in blue ink. I really shouldn't procrastinate but now I think I'm gonna watch videos of cars and cucumbers. Bye

  • Yeah i am procrastinating.

    Yeah, maybe should do what i need but idk. This is a lil more fun. Man i need 26 more words after this sentence. Um procrastination level to the max i am literally typing non sense 11 more words. More words needed almost there and I'm really really close


  • I dislike the word procrastinating.

    I prefer the word Awesome.I am awesome as I have 70 million things to do yet I am using my time to do much much more interesting things...22 more words?I have better things to do you know!So I'll resort to nonsense...Jhjkjhlhj jhljkhjhjhl jhljhjhjhljh jljkjkj;jkjk kjkjkjkjkjkj jkljkjlkjlj jkl;jlklkjk sdfdgsdsf hjhjkhjkhjkl hjhjlkhjkhjhjhj

  • Totally not procrastinating. At all...

    Why? I am on debate.Org, but it's not as if I have homework and chores or anything....Totally. I'm just browsing DDO because I have free time. *cough cough* no I don't *cough cough* See, you procrastinators are disappointing. I'm not procrastinating at all....Yeah.
    I'll finish the other reasons later. Bye! XD

  • I play minecraft.

    Minecraft is an extremely educational game and therefore is not considered procrastination. Minecraft has become a huge part of my life and I even have my own server. I find it pathetic that I am the only one that has answered no to this debate, you guys should learn something from me and start playing minecraft.

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