• Yes you are

    Yes, you are safe when you stay in a hotel. As safe as anywhere else in the world where you might sleep. Of course there are people who burgle houses and break into people's rooms, but you will get that everywhere you go. We should not be living in fear.

  • Yes, I am safe when staying in a hotel.

    Most are safe when staying in hotels. There are, however, a few simple precautions that one can take to increase the safety of staying in a hotel. First, research the hotel ahead of time: Check ratings and reviews online. Secondly, research the location of the hotel to ensure that its not in a dangerous location. Finally, use common sense when staying at a hotel: Do not open the door for a stranger; do not leave valuables in the room.

  • Yes, people are safe when they stay in hotels.

    Yes, people are safe when they stay in hotels as long as the hotel is a quality hotel. If the hotel has adequate security, there is no reason to believe that people that are staying in the hotel will not be safe. Hotels are just as safe as other places in this country.

  • Never and no one will ever convince me.

    As long as there are bad people out there, which there are a lot, then I will not feel safe. Adding the fact that they are room keepers that can enter my room without my knowledge when I'm out, I will freak out every time I leave anything visibly lying around the room. There could also be a possibility of my bed, my bathtub, or even my soap spiked with poison. They are million tricks left to explore and I'm trying my best to never fall into any of those traps.

  • No i am not always safe.

    While much will depend on factors such as hotel brand, quality and location, i generally do not feel that I am safe at hotels. Too many variable factors from employees having access to my room, to hotel officials having my credit card information and Identification makes it impossible for me to feel completely safe.

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