Are you surprised that Bill Murray Got Busted with $20,000 worth of pot?

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  • No, I am not suprised that Bill Murray got busted.

    Many people use recreational marijuana, so it is no surprise when someone is caught with it. Lots of celebrities have been busted for drugs much worse than pot. However, $20,000 worth of pot does sound like a lot for someone. It would be surprising if it turns out he was a dealer, but no, it is not surprising that he was busted with it.

  • No, he is a stoner

    That shouldn't really surprise anybody. He acts like he is stoned most of the time anyways. Any longtime actor is going to be using something, it is probably better than what he has used in the past. I just hope it was worth it to have to drop out of college.

  • No, I am not surprised in the least.

    With the rise of legalized marijuana in several states in the US, I think it's ridiculous that having marijuana is criminalized in those states where it's not legal (yet). It's only a matter of time before sweeping legalization is found across the United States, and I suspect there are already a LOT of citizens that don't mind a hit every now and then.

  • I'm not surprised Bill Murray was busted with marijuana

    Especially now that marijuana is becoming legal in the country, it does not surprise me at all when people are caught with large amounts of it. Being a celebrity does not change my opinion. If the government is legalizing the drug in states, they are beginning to show their approval for the drug. Because of this, more and more people will feel they are allowed to possess it.

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