• There are captive animals...

    Imagine... You are captured from the wild and forced into a cell. The cell is much tinier than your natural habitat. There is no escape even though you would rather be with your mother. Days pass and everyday, people stare at you as you sit there, bored. And as years pass, nothing happens. You were forced into captivity just because you were the last of your kind. Sometimes the only way to pass time is to self-mutilate... You get the point. (and yes, self-mutilation is a trait exhibited by zoo animals)

  • How would you feel?

    These animals are poked and prodded every day. They are neglected and depressed. Being taken from their natural home is not a good thing. Zoos need to be shut down for good after this generation of their animals die off. I say this because unfortunately there is little we can do about the animals currently in zoos. Because of these prisons these wild animals have lost some of their genetic skills and instincts. Throwing them back out into the wild would be almost as inhumane as keeping them in the zoos. The monsters who created zoos were obviously not thinking about the animals.

  • Animals have absolutely no freedom in zoos.

    Animals are the same as us in the way that we need freedom.
    In the wild, they have free food, and they can eat when they want.
    They don't get fed, they feed themselves.
    They use the knowledge they get from their parents, and get the good hunting spots. They are to lazy in zoos. Thank You.

  • Have you seen how the zoo staff treat the animals?

    Found on TV apes are let out to play in a little playground but during the night they are forced to go into cages like a giant prison block. If the animals fail to comply they are blasted by a shot of freezing water. How would you feel if you were treated like that? Terrible eh? Even worse the monkey would be hit if the apes are acting up in there cage. This makes no sense and if this is just the apes imagine what the zoo would do other animals! Give poison flesh to mad tigers, inject medicine to dispose of old animals. This stuff all happens in zoos. Think about it. Is this fair????

  • Yes the zoos in the city with sleepy animals that is.

    Those animals are not meant to be trapped. We should go to our local zoo and free all of the wild animals to restore their dignity! Wild cats need to be interacting with other zebras and giraffes should be smashing each others heads during mating season. Animals are too miserable in their confinements.

  • In a way, yes.

    Even though I have never had any issues with the zoo, when I stop think about this question, I do kind of feel the zoo is a prison for wild animals. Even though they are being taken care of, they are still forced to maintain in their small area for a very long time.

  • Yes a little

    I think that in the end, zoos really are bleak prisons for wild animals. In the end, it comes down to the animal's freedom, and if they are in the zoos, then they are not free. Just like prisoners, the animals are on a strict schedule and cannot do what they please.

  • Yes, zoos are prisons

    They are not educational, they are not helping the population of wild animals. They only exist for amusement and profit. Many animals die from diseases that are only found in captivity and most of the animals in zoos show signs of zoochosis. Swaying, head bobbing, rocking, pacing, circling, screaming, self harming, bar biting, licking walls and gates and even commiting suicide. They are taken out of the wild and ripped away from parents. Marine parks pay the Japanese in Taiji to collect baby dolphins then kill the rest of the pod. Zoos almost never release animals into the wild. What can we learn from a depressed or lonely being behind glass. NOTHING. Go read a book, go watch a documentary, GO WATCH THEM IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT.

  • Zoos make animals depressed

    If you go to any site and you read you will find out that animals die faster in zoos than in the wild .They are forced to starve to death they run them on anti depressent tablets. In addition they cram them in their enclosure no matter hoe much space they have . This normal makes their lives very monotonous

  • Hiihihihih HI hi

    You need to know that zoos are from RESCUED animals in where they need the help of the zoo or they would die.You need to know that zoos are from RESCUED animals in where they need the help of the zoo or they would die.You need to know that zoos are from RESCUED animals in where they need the help of the zoo or they would die.

  • Some yes, but most NO!

    I bet all the people in the yes section haven't been or heard of an AZA zoo. For those people who haven't it is an association that makes sure all their members are giving their animals advanced care. But their are some roadside zoos that do seem like prisons. OH AND TO ALL YOU DUMBASSES WHO THINK ZOOS GET THEIR ANIMALS FROM THE WILD YOUR WRONG THEY GET THEM FROM OTHER ZOOS THEIR ANCESTORS WERE TAKEN AWAY BUT THAT WAS OVER 300 YEARS AGO!!! GO GET SOME EDUCATION!!!

  • No they are not.

    Zoos are not simply prisons for wild animals, if that was the case would that not mean our pets are in prison as well? Zoos are there to help the animals get healthy and better because they didn't make it in the wild and are there to help understand them.

  • That's now what zoos are like.

    Please do not conflate roadside attractions and amusement parks with legitimate zoos. A legitimate zoo is a place of conservation, running breeding programs to reintroduce threatened species back into their natural wild habitats. They're also educational centers, teaching people about the destruction humans have caused to animal habitats, and tend to make sure the animals in their care are very comfortable.

  • No they are not.

    I do not believe that zoos are simply bleak prisons for wild animals. Most of the animals that are in zoos are rescued animals. Many of them would not be able to survive outside of the zoo. As long as the zoo treats the animals well they can be quite happy.

  • They aren't bad

    Zoos make huge contribution to animal conservation; donating 350 million dollars each year. In addition some species would not be alive if it weren't for zoos. Take the mountain chicken for example. Zoos can also inspire young people to support animal conservation, because zoos are great for educating young children.

  • Because i say so

    Because it is not a prison look at the first example and that should answer your question you should know that already because it is obviously obvious and it is not a prison because they are healed and rescued no i am not a zookeeper and zoos are wonderfully wonderfull

  • They are a little bit but mostly NO

    Zoos are educational and can teach children about animals. They protect endangered animals from extinction and stop hunters from killing them in the wild. If they are well fed and are happy then it is fine. Zoos are very popular and lots of tourists go there. If the zoo keepers don't harm the animals, then the animals will be alright.

  • Animals belong in the wild .

    Do polar bears belong in Florida? Or Asian elephants in Canada? Nope. Zoos claim to be educational places for kids—but reading signs that describe what animals would do in the wild or what their homes in nature would look like while gawking at them through bars or glass in an environment that's pretty much the opposite is like a cruel joke. I mean, who are they kidding?! Zoos are nothing but prisons where animals are denied everything that's natural and important to them.

  • Need to keep an open mind

    Proper zoos are for conservation and education, not some circus show. I believe those that are against (even some of those that are for) should always keep an open mind about how our society views these. If we lose proper sight of the bigger picture about our co-existence, then that would be the greater issue here.

  • Zoos are bad!!!!!!

    About a year ago, a gorilla got lose from an "award winning" zoo. If it was such "award winning", how come the gorilla got lose? And why did it break out? I know, because zoos are prisons. Its like a "concrete jungle" in there. How would you feel after you were captured? After you were taken away from your home? Put in a prison? And get killed when your "out of use"?

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