Arrest Warrant Withdrawn for Josh Gordon after DNA Test: Should Gordon be suspended for entirety of 2016 NFL Season?

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  • No, it is his personal life

    No, why should anyone be punished in his professional life for something which is his personal life? Those two fields of a person's life should not be mixed. He didn't kill anyone, it is just his paternity suit. This could happen to anyone in the world and just because he is famous we know about this matter.

  • Josh Gordon shouldn't be excluded for DNA test

    Football player Josh Gordon was embroiled in a paternity lawsuit. Now, Gordon has finally agreed to a DNA test and has submitted the results, which are currently pending. If the results hold, Gordon will be forced to pay child support. While Gordon was suspended because of the case, the fact that he has submitted a DNA test shows that he is looking to close the case and move forward, a desire that should be honored with a return to the NFL.

  • No, because there were no charges filed

    Josh Gordon should not be suspended for the entire NFL season considering the fact that the arrest warrant was dropped. If a DNA test proved to the police that he was not the offender then who is the NFL to say he was. In America you are innocent until proven guilty, and in this case Gordon was not proven guilty.

  • No, he should not.

    If Gordon is innocent and the DNA test proves this, rather than the arrest warrent being withdrawn for lack of evidence, he needs to be reinstated. He should not be targeted simply because someone accused him of a crime that he did not commit. That is the point of the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

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