As of May 2015, 2.3 Million Americans still subscribed to AOL Dial Up Internet. Should people be required to get faster Internet?

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  • People should not be required to get faster Internet.

    Internet is a matter of preference. Those that do no use it to a great extent may not feel the need for higher Internet. However, as companies gain technological advances, it is likely that the dial up method will become either non-existent or very hard to subscribe to from major companies.

  • No, they should not.

    People should not be required to get high-speed internet if they do not want it. As long as AOL still provides dial-up internet and there are customers willing to buy it, there is not reason to mandate that everyone get high-speed internet. Government mandates are not a good thing - choice is better.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Around 2015 I read an article that the profits from the dial-up sector were actually more than the total profit of AOL. Netflix is very similar on the mailing DVD sector of their business. Those DVD customers are exceptionally profitable compared to streaming customers. My friend was working for a company that provides satellite internet to people who can only get Dial up.

  • No, people should not be required to get faster Internet.

    I believe that people should be left alone to pick and choose the services that they would like to receive. Requiring people to buy expensive Internet is unfair as some people struggle to pay for the AOL dial-up that they buy. Moreover, some areas do not have faster Internet services.

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