As sports fans, do we have the right to say "we" when talking about our favorite team?

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  • Fans are a part of the team.

    Absolutely! As a fan, you are part of the team. So saying “we need to block the kick” or “we won!” is right. Fans help help the players by cheering them on, so therefore, they are part of the team. Have you ever heard of "The Twelfth Man"? It's a football term. In football only eleven players are allowed to be on the field. The fans are the twelfth man as they cheer them on.

  • The clubs believe it as well

    The clubs that we support enourage us fans to say "we". They make us feel like we are part of the team and fruequently agree with people who say "we". So stfu and stop coming up with examples that are completley different from saying "we" as supporters of a team.

  • Fans are Important

    Fans are just as much a part of their favorite teams as the players who play for it or the people who run it. If the fans weren't there to watch games there wouldn't even be a point of sports teams existing. So saying "we" is justified in that sense.

  • Absolutely, that's part of taking your fanhood seriously.

    When you have a favorite sports team you don't look at them as just another team, another organization (For Pros) or another University (For NCAA) You see your team as part of who you are. That's how any die hard fan would or at least "should" look at their team. Whith that being said they should be more than welcome to refer to their team as "we"

    Now I could understand why a casual fan wouldn't say "we" because they just don't take their fanhood that seriously, they just wanna watch and enjoy the team and hope their team wins.

  • I believe that sports fans have the right to say "we" when talking about their favorite team.

    I believe that sports fans have the right to say
    "we" when talking about their favorite team. Sports fans identify with their favorite
    team. They truly believe that they are
    part of the team. This is not as crazy
    as it sounds, because sports players need fans in order to stay motivated.

  • Yes we do

    I CONTRIBUTE MY DAMN MONEY. And I have a profound (misplaced?) love of my San Francisco Giants. If you follow sports, and spend the time to do it, you are invested and they are indeed yours. If not the collective "we", then what the hell are we?


  • Simple, we support the team

    When a team wins, their fans win as well. The fans are the ones supporting our team. If it weren't for fans, sports teams would not exist. The supporters are as much part of a team's success as the coaches and players. Coaches and players come and go but fans, for the most part, are forever. While we don't take part of the action on the field, we definitely take part in why sports and sports franchises are so popular. We spend money on merchandise and tickets and we spend time watching the games and looking up statistics. We have every right to celebrate as if we were part of the team.

  • It takes away from the actual effort put in by the athletes

    This stuff even happened when i was playing Football in high school. We'd have a couple people from my school show up at a night game, and if we won they took pride in it and would say "we were awesome tonight!", and if we lost they would try to tell us what were doing wrong and how to play the game like a bunch of other sports fans in comment sections on facebook when their favourite team loses. It's absolutely annoying on the athletes' sides, so i can only imagine for the professional athletes how they must feel when they hear this nonsense. For the people saying "well we contribute our money, so were a part of the team" or my favourite " there wouldnt be a team without us". No, there wouldnt be all the advertisements because there would be noone to market to if the fans didnt exist. And your only contribution to the teams when you break it down financially is if the star player will be able to drive a new (insert name of brand new sports car here) this season. Think about that. We are all just dollar signs to these teams when you really think about it.

  • Die hard sports fans live in fairytale land

    These are the type of people that have nothing going on in their life or do not make an effort to make anything significant, so the only significance that they go for is to support a team of a sports league which is most likely rigged anyways so they can take your money. The ones that are living the life of significance are the ones that are working on their craft for hours and years and are getting paid from the money that you sheeple put into it. So instead of investing your time and energy into people that have absolutely no idea that you exist or even care about you, why not strive for success with your own life that way you don't need the distractions or escapes from the real world? Btw, these are not your teams, so stop it

  • Obviously they don't.

    It is actually one of the most pathetic things I hear on a day to day basis. Nothing more than insignificant people looking for some kind of validation by association. Sitting in front of a tv or even attending a match in person, you're contributing absolutely nothing to either team.

  • It is incorrect grammar

    When we use words such as "we", it is in reference to something that the speaker and others have collectively participated in together. As their favourite team that they support did all of the participation in terms of the game and the fans did not; it would be incorrect to say "we won". Instead they should be saying "they won" or "the team I support won". They can of course say something like "we were there when they won", but unless they were actually playing the game; I feel that it is incorrect to say "we" when referring to the team that they are not actually a part of.

  • It ain't you

    No. Most sport fans are not athletic, and have never excelled in them anywhere near the point of the professional athletes, so saying "we" makes them feel like they're a part of it, since they have no identity or personality of their own. If you played on your high school team, say we. If you're watching sports on tv it's THEM. Just because you like guitar, when you see me play at a bar and you like my music, you're not in my Band. Don't take credit for something you had nothing to do with

  • Stop saying we...

    It's the most annoying thing when I have to sit between two yuppies talking about "oh we won this" or "our offense was horrible last night." Just because you spend money on something, does it mean you're automatically a major investor? I own a PS4 but you don't hear me saying "oh wow, we did really good selling more consoles this quarter, our plan worked amazingly." Long story short, please STOP.

  • The actual athletes say "we" for the actual team; fans are not included.

    You may be possessive in saying "my team", as the same would go for saying "my favorite band", or "my city". It's not necessarily saying you own the specific object, but that it's your specific choice out of the object's ambiguity.

    You cannot on the other-hand say "we" as an inclusive statement. You are not an athlete, manager, cheerleader or even water-boy for the team. You contribute nothing to the team other than money. You know what else you contribute money to, musicians and bands. You wouldn't say "we had a great concert last night" if you weren't part of the band playing.

    Athletes themselves may say the "fans" are what make a great "team", but the "team" is not inclusive of "fans". They are two separate entities and must be referred to as such.

  • Stop living vicariously through athletes

    I don't know why this "we" thing has rubbed me wrong for so many years, even when I still followed one of my local baseball teams. As a sports fan, you're a spectator and nothing more. No amount of cheering, wearing sports gear that you paid for or buying tickets to games makes you an actual member of the team.

  • Ur not part of the team!!!

    While ur on the couch or at a bar stuffing ur face with wings and beer...The team is on the field actually playing! If ur not receiving a check from the organization, even as a trainer or waterboy...U have no right saying "WE"!!! No matter how much u cheer and care for a team...

  • Ur not part of the team!!!

    While ur on the couch or at a bar stuffing ur face with wings and beer...The team is on the field actually playing! If ur not receiving a check from the organization, even as a trainer or waterboy...U have no right saying "WE"!!! No matter how much u cheer and care for a team...

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