Assange to be questioned inside Ecuadorian embassy in London: Should Assange be questioned over a rape allegation?

  • Alleged Sex Crimes Should be Included in Questioning of Assange

    There is no room in the world for a sex predator. Assange is not of a culture or religious belief that holds women as property to be used at men's whims. Ecuador embassy seems a safe enough location for beginning questioning of Assange that may lead to an indictment of his actions with reasonable cause.

  • Crimes should be punished

    Julian Assange should at least submit to questioning over any alleged crime, even it must be on his terms in the Ecuadorian embassy. The truth should be known, even if the alleged victim may never see justice administered. Crimes of any sort should not be hidden behind political skullduggery and vagaries of international law.

  • Yes, he should.

    Anyone who has been accused of rape should be questioned and detained. The problem with this question and our attitude towards rape in general is tht we do not take rape seriously until it happens to us or to someone close to us. He should not be treated differently than anyone else.

  • We need information.

    Sure, I believe that Assange should definitely be questioned if there has been a rape allegation against him. We need to support these victims and carefully investigate complaints. However, I also believe that he is innocent until proven guilty, and he deserves a fair chance to tell his story, too.

  • Well, my opinion on this is unpopular...

    No. He shouldn't be turned in to questioning for a rape allegation. If he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, he faces persecution from the U.S. Also, who's this rape victim? What are her claims? What exactly happened? Why didn't she report this earlier? Why now? Until these legitimate answers are brought forth, he doesn't have to do anything. As far as we all know, this man is wanted for exposing the most corrupted officials, and until we fully understand of what he's being accused of, he shouldn't have to do anything. This also might be unpopular, but in a civilized society, people have the right to defend themselves. I'm not for holding a court of public opinion to persecute this man. Yes, rape is bad. But I think it's only fair that Assange sees the details of this investigation before he has to do anything. Why? Because unfortunately, false rape is actually a thing.

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