Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson claims he has been stopped "a dozen times" by police merely based on his race. Do you think racial profiling is a problem?

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson claims he has been stopped "a dozen times" by police merely based on his race. Do you think racial profiling is a problem?
  • Yes, a big problem.

    Racial profiling is a big problem and so its not a surprise that a prominent personality like Neil DeGrasee Tyson can come out and claim the same. There a big problem with our police force, how do you judge somebody because of his race? If its evil, you find it in all races.

  • Yes, racial profiling is a problem.

    I have seen police officers profiling people based on thier race, both in videos and in person. There was always some form of prejudice involved. This is still a serious problem in this country, and it has never gone away. Something needs to change and the profiling needs to stop.

  • Yes it is

    Racial profiling is absolutely a problem. Listen to Sen. Tim Scott and so many other people who have been racially profiled. If a GOP senator is actually speaking out about it, you know it has to be bad. I'm Asian American and have often been pulled over for basically being "not from around here". There has to be more than just race to stop someone.

  • Yes, racial profiling creates a combative environment

    If people of a certain race or religion feel that they are being targeted as criminals on the basis of their race or religion, those communities harbor resentment against the police department. This resentment leads to disrespect, uncooperative neighborhoods and unfortunately violence. Police should be a part of the community and racial profiling prevents their ability to do so.

  • Happened to me.

    Very similar things happen to everyone. Myself included. This town I lived by was well known to stop people over for such minor reasons. One time, I was just walking down the sidewalk to the local grocery store to do my shopping when I was stopped and had to answer a slew of question about who I was, were I lived, were I was going, and where I worked. Another time, a police car started following my car from the moment I entered the town just to pull me over at the other end. The reason the officer gave for pulling me over was that I touched the fog line (the white line on the right side of the road). Was it racial profiling? No. The officers were just overly vigilant in their duties.
    See, the thing is, when black people are told that police harass black people, they assume that it is fact so when they do get pulled over for other actual reasons, they assume it's for DWB. Seeing that they now think that they are victim of profiling, they continue the false claim.Sorry to burst your bubble but black people are not the only ones being pulled over for minor things. Just because you assume it is profiling, does not make it so.

  • Not as big as advertised.

    It's hard to claim that our country is so racist and bigoted when we have a black president who was elected two terms by popular vote, both times against "privileged" middle-upper class white males. Anecdotal evidence about people being stopped for DWB or pulled aside for wearing a hoodie at night and having their hands in their pockets doesn't help anything.

    Yes, by all means, let's raise the black youth of our country under the impression that they are under the unrelenting oppression of a nameless, and faceless entity that will forever bog them down based on nothing but the color of their skin. That's a great way to set them up for success. How can they ever succeed if that's what they grow up believing? How about we raise them with the understanding that people have all kinds of prejudices, and sometimes certain people will have issues with you that are based on nothing that you can control, but these people will be the MINORITY of people that you interact with in your life, not the majority.

    The fact is, we don't know what other factors may have contributed to Tyson's traffic stops, that's assuming that what he says is even accurate. The true "problem" is the belief that somehow putting on a police uniform automatically raises the likelihood that you will be a racist. How is demonizing an entire class of America's workforce based on the unjustified actions of a few knuckleheads any different than the fictional notion of cops pulling over black people just because a few other black people committed a crime?

    Honestly...Do you honestly honestly believe that the majority of cops wake up in the morning to the thought of how they are going to protect the world from the plague that is the black race?

    I don't blame you commentators on the left though, I blame the mainstream media. Can you name the last unarmed white person that was killed by cops without googling it? Probably not, but I'll bet you could probably name the last 5 blacks that were. Anyways, look up Joshua Grubb and Devon Guilford. Two unarmed whites killed by cops in the last week, both deaths were deemed as justified, both situations were more sketchy that of Castile or Sterling.

    Could it be possible that sometimes there are cops that over exert their authority which has ramifications for innocent victims, who sometimes happen to be black (and white, and asian, etc.)? Wake up people. This rhetoric provided by Tyson is adding to the problem, a scientist should know better than to cite one correlation as proof of causation.

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